How A Full Stack Framework Can Make An Impact In Your Business

It's been a year since the exhibition of QCObjects in the Web Summit and now a lot of people and companies are interested in placing QCObjects at the very core of its enterprise software solution. But why is it?

School Management System using Django Framework | Source Code & Projects

The school management system web application is a Django and sqlite3 based application which provides features such as registering students to the database, monitoring their attendance, their results as well as their related information.

A deep dive into Conversational AI with Microsoft Bot Framework

In this session, you will learn everything about building bots using improved Microsoft Bot Framework from design to publishing it to multiple channels such as Microsoft Teams, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and much more.

10 Amazing and Retro CSS Kits

ant to discover atypical CSS designs that you can use in your next project? Well, here are some of my favorites. Thank you to all the incredible creators who put these designs together! Atypical hand-drawn, gaming, and retro CSS kits to use in your next project. 10 Amazing and Retro CSS Kits

7 Advantages of Using VueJS

Are you wondering if VueJS is the best choice of javascript framework? This article details some of the key advantages of using VueJS.

Which One Is the Best Node.js Framework: Choosing Among 10 Tools

Development frameworks are used to organize the development progress. Developers get the ready structure for their code base, can apply reusable elements, and increase product speed

Neural Network in C++ From Scratch and Backprop-Free Optimizers

In this article I’ll present a beginner-oriented framework implementing neural networks in C++. The main goal of this code is to understand the root of neural networks for beginners, it also allows multiple modifications which are usually hard to implement in classical high-level framework (Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras etc..).

How To Learn Ruby on Rails

How to get around in your first Rails projects? Codecademy's Learn Ruby on Rails course is designed for beginner programmers. Codecademy is a platform for learning skills that you can apply in real-life ...

Web Application Development Frameworks For 2020

Nearly 65,000 took this comprehensive, annual survey of people who code. Demographics. Most loved, dreaded and wanted technologies. Salary and careers.

What is Laravel Framework and Why is it so Popular?

Its architectural patterns are majorly based on Symfony. This framework gained more popularity after the release of version 3, which included features like Command Line Interface called Artisan, Support for the Database system and migrations. It also introduced a packaging system called bundles.

Google Rolls Out Fixes for High-Severity Android System Flaws

Google has released patches addressing high-severity flaws in its System component. The flaws could be remotely exploited to gain access to additional permissions. Overall, 50 flaws were patched as part of Google's October security update for the Android operating system, released on Monday.

Learn Dojo Toolkit

Dojo toolkit is another JavaScript framework that helps us to create web applications in a fast and easy way with a lot of functionality inside ready to use in any type of application, you can create a simple ToDo list or a complete enterprise application like IBM Content Navigator.

How to create stunning UI in WinForms with Bunifu Framework

Today I will talk about Bunifu Framework and we will create together a basic weather application to test some controls of this powerful library.

How to deploy your first Machine learning models

How to deploy your first Machine learning models. Develop customized ML pipelines from describing the business problem to deployment. This extensive guide includes Docker and packaging configurations.

How To Use Nightwatch.js Framework For Test Automation

In this blog post, we will deep dive into a step by step Nightwatch JS tutorial to perform testing with Selenium and JavaScript for automated browser testing.

Top 10 Amazing JavaScript Frameworks for every front-end development company - Mobinius

Here in this blog you will get to know about 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks to use for Frontend Development.Hire React and Vue Developers.

How To Code on PHP7 Without using a Framework

Since the introduction of Composer package manager and the PHP standards, writing PHP became easier and more manageable, whereas in the past you were almost forced to use a framework to maintain your project in a professional matter, nowadays this is not necessary, and today I will show you how to glue together a small API project with basic routing, third party packages, and testing without a framework.

How can we build explainable AI?

How to think about explainability in your machine learning models? A step-by-step guide to understanding model behaviour, explaining predictions, and building trustworthy models

Top 10 Java Testing Frameworks For 2020

Well, here are the best Java testing frameworks that are likely to make a great difference in 2020.

Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Vessel Framework

Vessel is a fast, open source, high-level, web crawling and scraping framework for Ruby, built on top of Ferrum — a minimal-dependency pure-Ruby driver for running headless Google Chrome instances.