Categorizing Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions

Experimenting with various classifier models and a deeper dive into XG Boost. Check out the Github Repository for all of the code behind the project.

Czech programmers wrote a website worth 16 million euros for free?

The effects of indica vs sativa strains can feel quite different to some, yet others claim more subtle differences. Learn the differences between indica and sativa and how they are going to impact you.

Intentional Harm: Preparing for an Onslaught of AI-Enabled Crime

Intentional Harm: Prepare for an Onslaught of AI-Enabled Crime

Experts Weigh in on E-Commerce Security Amid Snowballing Threats

Experts Weigh in on E-Commerce Security Amid Snowballing Threats. How a retail sector reeling from COVID-19 can lock down their online systems to prevent fraud during the upcoming holiday shopping spike. ... But experts are warning retailers not to focus only on one threat or on protecting one particular system.

How Anomaly Detection & Behavior Analytics Is Used In Payments Fraud Risk Management

Analytics and data science are now being explored to catch these fraud trends and prevent bad actors from stealing money.

Slow the Spread of CARES Act Fraud with the Right Tools

Slow the Spread of CARES Act Fraud with the Right Tools. Times of crisis and uncertainty create desperation, so it's no surprise that fraud has run rampant with the introduction of the CARES Act.

Analyze Enron’s Accounting Scandal With Natural Language Processing

Detecting fraud from the text of Enron’s earnings call. Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been gaining tractions in recent years, allowing us to understand unstructured text data in a way that was never possible before.

Phishers Capitalize on Headlines with Breakneck Speed

Marking a pivot from COVID-19 scams, researchers track a single threat actor through the evolution from the pandemic to PayPal, and on to more timely voter scams — all with the same infrastructure.

FIFA 21 Blockbuster Release Gives Fraudsters an Open Field for Theft

In-game features of the just-released FIFA 21 title give scammers easy access its vast audience. FIFA 21 Blockbuster Release Gives Fraudsters an Open Field for Theft. In-game features of the just-released FIFA 21 title give scammers easy access its vast audience.

Barnes & Noble Hack: A Reading List for Phishers and Crooks

Customers' lists of book purchases along with email addresses and more could have been exposed during a (ransomware?) attack — and that's a problem. Barnes & Noble is warning that it has been hacked, potentially exposing personal data for shoppers – and offering phishers an early holiday gift.

How to Find “Money Mules” with Machine Learning Fraud Detection Software

In response, financial institutions should explore the advantages of machine learning fraud detection software that can help identify potential money mule activity.

Account Takeover Fraud Losses Total Billions Across Online Retailers

Account takeover (ATO) attacks are on the rise, and in fact have become a go-to attack of choice cybercriminals of all stripes. In fact, in 2019 alone, ATO attacks cost consumers and e-commerce retailers a whopping $16.9 billion in losses.

Top 2 Challenges for Adoption of AI Fraud Detection Technology

AI is being increasingly developed to detect and prevent fraud, ideally before fraudulent activities occur. However, two key challenges prevent many companies from adopting advanced AI fraud detection technology.

Razer Gaming Fans Caught Up in Data Leak

A cloud misconfiguration at the gaming-gear merchant potentially exposed 100,000 customers to phishing and fraud.

The Top Fraud Analytics Firms In India

Fraud and abuse are constant challenges for online businesses. The digital explosion has brought many complex and cross channel risks to business than ever before. Typically, fraudsters attempt to get past various cross-channel and security protocols with stolen data and credentials obtained through sim swaps, man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing keylogging or password guessing attacks. They can…

Fraudulent Ads Exploit COVID-19 Fears on Disney’s ESPN.Com

Scam advertisements across major media outlets originate from DoubleClick and Xandr/AppNexus

Adversarial Machine Learning

Deploying machine learning for real systems, necessitates the need for robustness and reliability. Although many notions of robustness and reliability exists, topic of adversarial robustness is of great interest, as in recent times many adversarial examples are discovered in machine learning applications, causing public concerns about safety of AI applications.

Focus On Growing Your Good Customer Base While Keeping Bad Actors Out

Discover why choosing a Fraud and Risk Management Platform that can deliver complete protection for the entire customer lifecycle is the right decision for your enterprise.

Alarms, Alerts, and Advice: Cautionary Tales for Crisis Times

This week in fraud trends, we cover new threats associated with the ongoing pandemic and a range of cautions about what to expect next.

DMARC Adoption Spikes, Higher Ed Remains Behind

As colleges and universities prepare for the fall semester, email protections against surging threats like BEC and phishing are lagging.