Web development stacks in 2020 – fullstack, frontend and backend trends

What are the most popular web development stacks in 2020? Let's delve deep into fullstacks such as MERN as well as frontend and backend stacks. Software developers and companies are always refining their web development stacks based on both market trends and their own experience in order to improve their software development processes and the final product – a web application. But what exactly are web development stacks? Why does choosing the right web development stack for your app matter so much? How to pick the right one? Let’s review web development stack trends in 2020.

Prevent useEffect’s Callback Firing During Initial Render

Prevent useEffect’s Callback Firing During Initial Render. React’s useEffect hook has indeed made life a lot easier. But there are times when you would most certainly miss the fine-grained control class-based components give you over a component’s lifecycle. One such time is when you want to perform a side effect when a component’s state changes.

JavaScript is The New Plastic

JavaScript is The New Plastic. JavaScript is an awesome language, it really is. Just like plastic was an awesome invention 100 years ago. But everything comes with consequences, whether it is environmental pollution or computing pollution alike.

61 CSS Animation Examples

Collection of free HTML and CSS animation code examples. Update of May 2019 collection. 22 new items.

When your dependencies break your software,wouldn’t you like them to fix it?

In this article we want to share how we at Allianz Global Digital Factory (GDF) use the tooling of Angular to keep our ecosystem in sync…

Understanding reusable CSS Style Sheets

Before reading, this not a tutorial. It’s a question to the developer community. I restructured the website, updated the components to no longer render hard coded resume information, made a data file for my components to conditionally render, and the end result looked pretty good.

The 3 masks of this.setState

A look into one of the most classic and useful React methods. Since the introduction of React Hooks on React 16.8 version the way we build features based on state management, prop drilling, event handling and a lot more has been changed. But doesn’t matter that all this new approaches came in a certain way to “replace” class based state management, a lot of open source, startup and business projects are still using the whole class based React environment and a lot of developers should actually maintain all this projects.

How to Loop Through jQuery Objects?

How to Loop Through jQuery Objects? - Learning to iterate over jQuery objects using .each() and ($this) is an integral skill for any front-end developer.

Meaningful unit testing on the Front-End

I can write them quickly, they are a proper safety net, and good enough so they don’t break easily. Let’s see how we can do that.

Creating a better state Manager.

As there is a lot of material to be covered the whole article is divided into several posts. This first post is an introduction, and more material and actual coding parts are included in the following posts.

Angular Size of the Bundle 7 Through 9

Angular Size of the Bundle 7 Through 9 - Does the new versions of Angular really reduce the bundle size and improve performance? Let's find out in this Angular version bundle size comparison.

Rendering Pages in Flask Using Jinja

Serve dynamic web pages in Flask by mastering Jinja: Flask’s built-in HTML templating engine.

Understanding React’s Error Boundaries

Learn how to create error boundary components and how to use them. In this post, you'll understanding React’s Error Boundaries

3 Ways to Write Better CSS

For UI development, it’s pretty easy for CSS files to grow as the design demands for your project evolve. If you’re working in an agile environment, one that is categorized by pivoting changes frequently and consistently,

Compiling and Serving Frontend Assets in Flask

Create and compile LESS, SASS, and JS files for your Flask app’s frontend using Flask-Assets.

Storybook JS – Benefits and Component Reusability With Examples.

Storybook JS is a great open-source tool with tons of benefits for frontend, React, Angular and Vue developers. Learn more.

Bundling your Webpack based build processes & performance improvements

Bundling your Webpack based build processes & performance improvements. Package.json

5 lessons I learned coding my own UX

5 lessons I learned coding my own UX . Since I started learning UX, I have been reading articles that end up in the same question: “Should UX designers learn to code?”

Learn about TypeScript Types in Programming

Basic TypeScript types that developers need to know when working with TypeScript. In this post, we'll Learn about TypeScript Types in Programming

Angular Forms: Useful Tips

This article gives you a number of useful tips when working with Angular forms.