A function (also called a procedure, method, subroutine, or routine) is a portion of code intended to carry out a single, specific task. Use this topic for questions which specifically involve creating or calling functions.

FizzBuzz in BigQuery

FizzBuzz in BigQuery, not Java or Python, in BigQuery. Using SQL, cause why not?The challenge is the following: Write a function or procedure that prints the numbers from 1 to 100, but if the number is divisible by 3 print Fizz, if the number is divisible by 5 print Buzz, and if it’s divisible by both 3 and 5 print FizzBuzz.

【AWS】使用 API Gateway Authorizer 做使用者驗證 feat. Serverless

前言在 AWS 的 API gateway 上就有一個項目(Authorizer)是支援 Cognito 以及客制認證的方法,好處就是在進我們寫的 API 之前有個可以做身份確認的 Lambda Function 幫我們好前處理,而本篇則會介紹如何在 Serverless framework 上設定 API gateway 的 Authorizer 以及成功讓 API 回應,串接 Cognito

Demystifying JavaScript’s ‘This’

One of the most enigmatic and confusing concepts to beginners in JavaScript (JS) is the keyword ‘this’. What makes it so confusing is the fact that it behaves differently depending on the context in which it is used.

SQL- Cloud Firestore : Fetching documents with a callable function

<span style="background-color: rgb(249, 249, 249); color: rgb(3, 3, 3);">In this fifth episode of our Firebase Semi-live series, we fetch all of the restaurants from a user's favorite list. Then we turn our function into a callable function so...

Tapped Function | Flutter GAME Tutorial | Tic Tac Toe #3

Tapped Function | Flutter GAME Tutorial | Tic Tac Toe

["firebase"].storage is not a function. **。そんなバカなありえない(Nuxt.js)|teratail

["firebase"].storage is not a function. **。そんなバカなありえない(Nuxt.js)

Functions at Last

Functions at Last - We discuss functions -all the different signatures they can have, and the different ways they can be invoked.

To Functions, and Beyond!

To Functions, and Beyond! We consider functions as objects — and develop the decorator design pattern on top of that, in all its glory.

Function Internals 1

Function Internals 1- This time, we delve into the function’s less familiar features—and even disassemble it, and take a first look at its bytecode.

Python OOP Tutorials - Python Super Function

Python Tutorial for Beginners video I am going to show How to use super() Built in function in Python. Python super function Return a proxy object th...

Fibonacci series with user-defined functions in BigQuery

BigQuery has some neat functionality to support user-defined functions written in SQL and JavaScript so I thought I’d be fun to tackle a little a challenge with Fibonacci numbers.

The Art of Writing Small and Plain Functions

Messy code wastes your time & efforts. It poisons apps. Clean code is obligatory for a successful project: learn to write small and plain functions.

lec 6 how to use function in Rust

function in Rust #iot # rust #piaic

Swift 5.2がリリ callAsFunction、ォルトパラメータ付きサブスクリプトなどを

Callable valueは関数的な振る舞いを定義した値(value)で、関数コールの構文を使って呼び出すことができる。

Create Your Own Coefficient Plot Function in Python

Because why should R get to have all the fun?

10 Important String Functions in Tableau

In Tableau, strings or string data, are data made of text. String functions exist to help you manipulate your string data. There about twenty string functions in Tableau. In this article, I am going to introduce you to ten (10) important string...

Logging to DataDog from Azure Function via Serilog

This article will show you how easy it is to log something to DataDog from Azure Function using a standard ILogger interface from Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions NuGet package and Serilog logging library.

Why a Software Developer Should Blog? | Teknobu

Sofware Developer ; Keeping a blog is a mentally beneficial action for every person. People feel better by writing and sharing something. For example, travel blogs...

React Functional Components, Class Components and Pure Component

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

Polyfills for .forEach(), .map() and .filter() methods of javascript

In simple word, A polyfill is a piece of javascript code which provide native support to the older browsers who does not have the support of modern functionalities of javascript. In ECMAScript 2015, there are many new Array methods has been added...