Functional One-Liners in Julia

Functional One-Liners in Julia. Practical everyday tricks to improve your functional programming skills in Julia. Julia makes is really elegant to work with functions such as map, filter and reduce.

Underrated Functional Python Functions

Incorporate these underrated functions in your daily workflow to make your Python code cleaner and more functional

Functional Programming Explained in Python, JavaScript, and Java

Learn about functional programming, regardless of your language background

map(), filter() and reduce() in JavaScript.

Make your code more functional using map(), filter() and reduce()

How to Write a Nested Recursive Function in Golang

The other day, I was solving a leetcode question. I was using Python, but somehow, I can not pass the OA, although it ran pretty fine in “run code against your own input”. Long story short: I decided to use Go to write the solution. While trying to write a helper function (a nested recursive function), I found some interesting things about functions in Go, which I think are worth sharing. Function type, value, literal, closure and scope in Go

Functions in Power BI — (Table.FindText)

I’ve used this Table.FindText function as a fraud detection exercise, It came in very handy because my tables were huge and I was just looking for one single individual.

What Is Functional Programming?

This article explores functional programming for beginners, using the highly popular JavaScript ES6 language for reference. Functional Programming defines another programming paradigm of the ‘declarative’ (as opposed to imperative) type of programming approaches defined within Computer Science.

The “_test” convention

The negative of this is that we’ll end up with more functions, but the positive is that these smaller functions are easier to read and test. Another benefit is that the smaller functions are easier to reuse in other contexts.

Stop arguing over the use of loops and side effects in your code

In web development — and programming in general — we have a severe problem with echo-chambers, blind parroting of lies, and taking otherwise good ideas and blowing them completely out of proportion to the point of doing more harm than good.

filterMap in JavaScript, efficiency for functional programming

All JavaScript developers are awesome and they deserve a brilliant way of filtering and mapping over an array with just one function with a linear complexity O(n) of one run through the array.

The State of Piping in JavaScript

How pipelines can improve readability of your code and where we stand on native pipeline support today

4 Ways You Can Get Rid of Dirty Side Effects for Cleaner Code in JavaScript

4 Ways You Can Get Rid of Dirty Side Effects for Cleaner Code in JavaScript. Bugs are born in many ways. Creating side effects is one of them. Some people say side effects are evil, some say they’re not.

Const and Identity Monads

Today I’m going to talk about my two favorite Monads — Identity and Const. These are basic Unit Monads, holding just a value. They’re probably the simplest Monads to understand, but they have powerful implications and uses.

The Monad Interface

Monads are all-the-rage these days in the JS world. I’d be surprised if any serious JS developer hadn’t heard of Monads. But just in case you haven’t, I like to describe a monad as a fancy box

Approaching Pure Functional Programming in Android Apps

Approaching Pure Functional Programming in Android Apps. Is it possible to write pure functional android apps?

Java Collectors and Its 20 Methods

Collectors is a final class that extends Object class. It provides reduction operations, such as accumulating elements into collections, summarizing elements according to various criteria, etc. Java Collectors class provides various methods to deal with elements.

Functional and Reactive Programming in Python with Cyclotron

Reactive Programming is really great to write event driven applications, data driven applications, and asynchronous applications. However it can be difficult to find a good way to structure the code. Fortunately for Javascript developers, there is cyclejs.

Object-Oriented vs Functional Programming with Typescript

Debating programming paradigms at this level is like debating art. There is always more than one way to solve a problem especially in Javascript and it’s great to debate these things but there are no absolutes.

JavaScript Data Structures: Option

I’ve written a good amount about the Option Data Structure in my articles relating to Monads. For this article we will forego all of the Monad talk and just understand Option for what it is.

Othello Kata: The Iterator Pattern in JavaScript/TypeScript Functional Programming

This article is part of a series about functional programming concepts demonstrated on well-known kata in TypeScript. See FizzBuzz Kata: An Exploration With Functors!