Game Engine

A game engine is a software framework used in the development of video games.

Unreal Engine and Quixel: pushing the boundaries of 3D

In this webinar, Teddy Bergsman and Galen Davis demonstrate how Quixel Megascans, Bridge, and Mixer 2020—along with the power of Unreal Engine—are pushing the boundaries of what’s now possible with 3D.

Lua Game Development Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial teaches you how to install Lua, how to game development with Lua, and how to create graphical games using the LÖVE game engine.

Game Engine API Design

Game Engine API Design

Adding JavaScript to Minecraft

Adding JavaScript to Minecraft

Python Online Multiplayer Game Development Tutorial

This Python online game tutorial will show you how to code a scaleable multiplayer game with python using sockets/networking and pygame. You will learn how to deploy your game so that people anywhere around the world can play against each other.

Building Games with MonoGame

<strong>MonoGame is an Open Source implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework. It allows developers to create games for iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, Windows, Xbox and PlayStation.</strong>

TypeScript WebGL Game Engine Tutorial #01 - Intro and Basic Setup - YouTube

This is an extremely well prepared tutorial about creating WebGL Game Engine using TypeScript. If you are interested in game development I highly recommend checking it out.

2D cross-platform game engine for Android and iOS? [closed]

I've worked for some time with Unity3d and found it's 2D part with OnGUI() or GUITextures too clumsy. Also, even a smallest game done on Unity3d is at least 10MB download which is just too much for a 2D game.

C++ Sort enemies by life

I have a problem with my little game which I have programmed, with the help of a c++ book.