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Top 7 Features of Board Game Development

Board games are the most played traditional games and with the advent of technology it has become easier to play, even you can play them with friends and family anywhere and anytime with the help of a smartphone. 

There are a lot of board games that are widely accepted and people enjoy them a lot, but few of them are ruling the gaming market due to their innovative features and unique concepts. Gaming entrepreneurs are also showing their interest in it and making more investments in board games. But always keep in mind only unique features and functions can help you to reach global users and generate high revenue. So, in this article, we will discuss the must-have features of board game development and try to incorporate these features into your gaming app to make it successful. And for that, you can also take the help of a board game development company. 

Before diving in, let’s know the popular board games.

Top 10 Popular Board Games 

Here are the board games that are very popular and in high demand.

  • Chess
  • Monopoly
  • Carrom
  • Snake and ladders
  • Checkers
  • Scrabble
  • Blocks
  • Go
  • Risk
  • Sequence

Now, let’s know about the popular features of board games that are making them so much popular and widely accepted. 

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Features of Board Game Development

There are numerous board games that are available in the market to entertain you. Each game has unique ways or features to entertain, enchant and support players. But there must be a few features that should be included while you are going for board game development. Features and functionalities of games are playing a vital role in their success. 

Here are the features of Board Game Development

  • User-friendly Interface 

If you want to attract players to your gaming platform and want to engage them for a prolonged period of time, then it is vital to create a user-friendly interface where users can easily access and navigate your gaming app. The easier the interface, the more users will show their interest in your game platform. The game interface should be designed and developed in a manner where all features and functions should be used without facing any issues. Always focus on creating a simple and rich feature-oriented interface where users can enchant themselves by playing games. 

  • Payment Integration 

Players always look for a board game where they can make their payments easily and safely. A reliable and safe game platform is always demanded by users. That’s why always make proper research before you are going to implement payment methods, make sure what kinds of payment methods are used by your target audience, and according to that implement payment methods that are widely accepted and appreciated. 

You can also take the help of a board game development company to implement payment methods in your board game platform. 

  • Refer and Earn 

Refer and earn feature is beneficial for both players and owners because this feature allows users to share board game applications with their friends and family to join them to play and earn rewards. In this, players get various kinds of rewards and in-game rewards points that help them to be superior in the game and they can also buy gaming assets in the game, and on the other hand, game owners get more users to their platforms. This has become the best way to attract new players to their board game platform. 

  • Live Chat 

Live chat is the latest trending feature that allows players to communicate with their opponents and team members in real time. With the help of this feature, they can discuss games, can share their game-winning strategies with their team members, and even can contact their opponents. After contacting each other, players can make a better decision that leads them to win the game, and interact with each other while playing games. If any players face any issues, they can be solved in real-time. 

  • RNG System

RNG is referred to as Random Number Generator and plays a significant role in the board game. The RNG system is used to generate random outcomes based on algorithms. This feature makes your platform more genuine and removes the game manipulations and biases that may occur during the game. It not only improves the game but also creates trust among players for the game platform. 

RNG has become a must-have feature in board games due to its specifications. You can also incorporate the RNG system into your game platform with the help of a game app development company

  • Customer Support

This feature helps players stay engaged with the game platform for a long time period. So, always make special attention to customer support features. If a player faces any kind of difficulty or issues while playing games, then it should be solved at the same time. So, your customer support team should be technically sound and they must be able to remove all issues at the same time. 

The more you focus on customer support services the more you will be able to make an impression on your players and that will help players to take more interest in your game platform. 

  • Cross-platform compatibility

To target all kinds of users at the same time your board game app must be compatible with all platforms. If you opt for a single platform, then you would have a limited scope because you will be able to target particular genre users. But if your game app has the feature of cross-platform compatibility, then you can target all platform-based players at the same time.

Cost Deciding Factors of Board Game

The more features, the more will cost. Apart from the above-discussed features also count the below-given features that decide the cost of a board game. 

  • UI/UX
  • Location of the development team
  • Technology Stack
  • Availability of emoji and sticker
  • Features of the Application
  • Marketing Cost
  • Testing

Advantages of Starting a Board Game Business

If you are going to invest in board games, then here are the benefits:

Final Word

To make a successful online board game you should be aware of its features and functions like what is trending in the market and how we can fill this gap. Your game app should introduce something innovative that does not exist in the market and that is new to the users. Because users always crave for new features and functions-oriented gaming platforms where they can enchant themselves by playing games with the latest tech stack and trending features. 

You can also take the help of a Ludo game app development company to make your game platform more feature rich.


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Top 7 Features of Board Game Development

How To Make Your Own Quiz Game App?

Create Your Own Quiz Game App | Build Quiz Mobile Game - BR Softech is a complete quiz app design and development solution for your quiz game. Creating quiz game apps can also raise global learning levels by making learning fun. A human being is more likely to learn when he or she uses technology rather than reads conventional books.+16507276690

Read Blog:

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How To Make Your Own Quiz Game App?
App Tech Blog

App Tech Blog


What is The Cost of Developing Education Games

Designed mainly for educational purposes, educational games help people to develop and improve their problem-solving skills, enhance their knowledge on various topics, and learn different concepts in an easy way. People of all age groups love to play these education gaming applications, which is ultimately raising their demand.

If you want to enter this fastest-growing industry with an education game, then the first thing you must be thinking about is the cost of the education app development. Here are the factors that affect the same:

  1.   Type of education apps
  2.   Complexity and features of the app
  3.   Tools and technologies used to develop the app
  4.   Size and location of the development company
  5.   Experience of the developers

After you list down your specific app requirements, depending on the factors given above, you can reach out to a reliable education game app development company such as Quytech. An alternate to this is to hire education app developers from a freelance website or a firm that offers such a service.
Please note that the estimated cost of an education app development can be calculated only if you have your requirements ready. However, you might need to pay somewhere between US $20,000 to US $45,000.

Here are some of the popular education game applications:

  • Charades
  • Bingo
  • Pictionary
  • Quizalize
    Get an education game app developed today!

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What is The Cost of Developing Education Games

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Ludo Game Software & App Development Company USA | Hire Ludo King Developer

Ludo is a popular game that has been prevailing for a long time now. However, the classic board game has undergone significant improvisation with a touch of digital experience. Ludo Game App lets the user connect with each other in a matter of a few seconds. All that is required is a smartphone and a high-speed internet connection.

Playing board games like ludo with the family has many advantages. Not only is it a perfect time killer, but it also helps you make better connections with family.
This is image title

Facts that make Ludo a perfect time killer!

The famous board game, Ludo, has made its way into smartphones. There are many aspects that make it popular amongst the gaming enthusiasts be it of any age.

Attractive graphics

One of the major reasons behind the revival of old memories linked with Ludo is the immersive graphics that appeal to the taste of the audience of every age.

Easy controls

Dicing the outcome and moving tokens is as easy in the Ludo Game App as simple taps. Moreover, there are added functionalities like an auto mode that eliminates the manual need and instead automates rolling dice and moving tokens.

Connecting friends and family

Ludo Game Development Company did not leave your loved ones behind, and this is seen by the multiplayer option that they offer. The user just needs to create a private room and send the invitation code to its friends and family in a fun ludo playing session.

In-app chat options

The in-app chat option is yet another effective way that a ludo game app offers. It lets the user interact and exchange emoticons, eventually enhancing the experience of the players participating in the game.

Sharing scores

The ludo game app also allows the players to share their scores on social networking platforms. It encourages friends and family to challenge each other in an exciting game session.

Favourite pastime

Ludo has always been an all-time favourite board game and the fact remains unchanged with the Ludo Game Development. Since its launch, the game has already broken the records beating up other game genres trending during the time.

Universal game

By universal, it means that the game is suited for people of every age, be it younger or older. Moreover, the game not only engages the users in the game but also polishes their mind skills.
All the facts that are mentioned above make Ludo Game App a big hit amongst friends and family.


This article must have inspired you to create a ludo game app. However, if you are still in doubt, then we suggest that you consult an experienced app development company and know the merits of investing in such a highly profitable business venture.

The demand for classic board game apps has surged in the recent past, especially in the COVID phase. You can also reap the advantages and earn high profits by investing in Ludo Game App development by an experienced game software development company.

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Future Trends in Teen Patti Game App

Teen Patti is one of the most entertaining and popular games among the audience. For years, teen Patti has become a favourite game to play, even our forefathers love to play when partying or even in a get-together. Teen Patti card game can be the best way to rejuvenate your mind and soul in both traditional and modern times.

With time, teen Patti has also changed its advent from traditional to modern, but the style & charm is still the same. With contemporary features and traditional rules, teen Patti game app has marked a presence in the digital era.
This is image title

Data from Google Trends reveal searches of card games to be going up by a staggering 113% between March and May 2020. Though generally, such games become popular during the holiday season, what could have jacked up their popularity and searches during the said period is the lockdown induced due to the novel coronavirus.

What is the Online Teen Patti Game

The Teen Patti Game online brings the entire casino at your fingertips. With 52 global cards in regular order, it is a game that ranges from high to low. The new Teen Patti game offers you the best free online mobile games to play with your colleagues around the globe and enjoy strategic gaming. At any time and from anywhere, players can play the online Teen Patti game.

Trending Features of Online Teen Patti Game

Online games like Teen Patti today, with the assistance of great designs and audio effects, give effective genuine encounters to its users. Here are the top highlights of the online Teen Patti Game.

Multiplayer Game
Players can play the game on multiplayer option, 2 players are required while playing this interesting game online. Players can play and enjoy this game on offline mode too on different variations.

Live Scores
Users can know live scores updates on their respective teen Patti game apps while playing the game, so it does create odds of disarray or confusion while playing.

Easy Download
Witnessing the craze, most game developers are offering the easy to download option with few taps on mobile phones.

Online Payment
Users can pay for the exchanges while playing teen Patti game online more securely as the teen Patti game platform has now been incorporated with the API system.

Online Media Integration
Teen Patti game programming has been a core aspect where anyone who wants to showcase their skills can incorporate on these platforms and showcase your skills with your friends and family like Facebook and Instagram.

What are the Benefits of the Teen Patti Game App

Multiple Variations
Strategic Game Play
Sharpen the Mind
Share and Get Chips
Connect with Facebook
Fun Game
Sell or Transfer Chips
Best for Android and iOS games

In the end,

Teen Patti has become an emerging app in this corona phase, most of the people love to play these games to earn or refresh their mind while sitting at home or from anywhere. If you are able to get how profitable the Teen Patti market is then, hire a teen Patti game development company and develop an app that can easily create a buzz all around the world.

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List of Open Source Chess Game Apps For Android

Chess is a famous board game that has been prevailing from time immemorial. With time and technological advancement, the board game has encroached in the smartphones via the Open Source Chess Game Software.

If you also look at investing in chess game software development as a great business opportunity, then this article is a must-read for you. The article lists the top five open-source chess game apps that are available on Android.
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Most Engaging Chess Game For Android

Refer to the top five Chess Game App that are mentioned below to take an idea for creating your own Open Source Chess Game software.


Chess, a product of AI factory limited, is one of the most popular chess game that is available on the Android platform. The Chess Game App features 12 difficulties to switch between as per the player’s skill on the board game.

Player gets the option to connect online with the real players or play offline against bots. The game also hosts a pro mode for the committed players and offers a tutorial for the ones who are new to the board game app.

The game has received 4.7 ratings on Play Store, with over 1.5 million downloads that register its huge success.

Play Magnus

In this Chess Game Software, you get to compete against Grand Master Magnus Carlsen. The game has a basic display, i.e., 2 dimensional, unlike other 3D chess games.

However, this does not mean that it lacks in engaging the users. The players get an option to choose between Magnus, who ages as young as 5 and as old as 27 years.

Moreover, an advanced functionality helps the player to identify whether the opponent is bluffing or not. Play Magnus is a typical chess game with moderate to serious difficulty, but it also helps new players train with the featured videos.


The game Droidfish adopts a slightly different approach in its Chess Game Software. Despite having a minimalistic approach, the game is enriched with a lot of indulging features.

The game allows you to play in analyze mode and adjust the difficulty as per the player’s experience. Moreover, it boasts a variety of themes and animated moves that gives an immersive feel.

The game has a Play Store rating of 4.6 that showcases its popularity amongst chess lovers. If you are looking to create a Chess Game App, then Droidfish can be a great inspirational model because of its distinctive style.

Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)

Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles) is a chess game that is one of its kind. Unlike other traditional chess game apps, this app emphasizes improving your playing skills.

The app hosts a number of puzzles that cover many levels of varying difficulty. The user can also access the game in offline mode, making it a versatile app.

Moreover, it offers a wide variety of functionality like adding puzzles as bookmarks, view level history, get random puzzles as per the difficulty, and much more to it.

Battle Chess 3D

Battle Chess 3D gives an exhilarating gaming experience to its users. The gaming theme is truly exceptional, and the humanoids chess sets and advanced graphics contribute adequately to prove it.

The game allows you to adjust amongst the three difficulty level as per your skill set. Also, Battle Chess 3D offers an online mode to connect with the active players across the globe.

No doubt, it is one of the most popular Chess Game Software because of its graphics quality, but somewhere it lacks functionality. Hence, it can be a great idea to inspire the graphic elements out of it with a touch of practical functions and a responsive interface.

Summing up

After reading this article, you must now be aware of some of the most popular chess game apps with a distinctive concept. It can help you create a unique concept for your own Chess Game Software or take a hint and create a hybrid by fusing functionality of one or more than one chess game app.

By looking at the increasing demand for online and offline chess game apps, investing in Chess Game App can prove to be a highly lucrative business venture.

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Tips to Easily Win in the Rummy Game

Are you an online game player? Do you love rummy? If yes, keep scrolling down the post to get useful information. It will give you an insight into smashing tips to win the game in simple steps. The game has become highly-admired among youth. Rummy game software is the best portable version of the game which people can enjoy by sitting anywhere. The best part of playing this thrilling game is that it enables you to make money too.
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Rummy is one of the easiest games to learn by people. Well, if you desire to be a pro at this game, there are some tricks to keep in mind.

5 Smashing tips to win rummy game:

1 You must know basic maths for learning how to win:

If you desire to win the online rummy game, then you must know some important concepts of maths. It will eventually help you to make proper plans for winning at the odds seamlessly. The skilled gamers can eventually win this amazing game by using maths. Once you begin playing with 13 cards, then you find different chances to reach the closed deck of cards in a rummy game. Here, you need to know proper calculating technique regarding the cards in a closed deck. Say, for instance, after downloading the rummy game app, you choose the rival in the online game, and then you can determine that 26 cards are in a closed deck. Later on, one card from the deck is kept upside down from a total of 53 cards. Furthermore, if there are two jacks in the card deck, then other Jacks are kept in a closed deck in a rummy game.

2 You must carefully figure out different possibilities in an online rummy game:

Yet another important factor to keep in mind while playing the rummy game is to properly figure out all the probabilities to get the right card from the deck. Say, for instance, you rely on the jokers to complete a rummy game; you must apply a good strategy to know all the jokers left in a closed deck. You must also find out new possibilities to know different spades, hearts, and clubs from a closed deck carefully. The rummy game involves thrilling concepts to choose from the deck of cards while playing online or offline mode. Applying proper strategy will also enable you to determine your rival’s next step in the game. Once you have applied all the strategies in a game, you must proceed with taking your skillset to the next level for winning the game in different ways. Practising a lot will eventually make you a pro at playing this marvellous game. As you play rummy often, you will understand the moves of your rival and accordingly, you will play with new strategies to win.

3 You must also learn to change the common methods of playing rummy:

Rummy game developers around the globe keep researching various functionalities to integrate into the rummy app that thrills the gamers to bits. Time and again, you must come up with a unique alternative to win the game. It will enable you to make headway in finding new tips to win the game from rivals. For this, you must opt for rejecting the cards that contain higher value while playing your beginning moves. You must preserve the high-value cards for your 3rd or 4th moves in a rummy game.

Furthermore, your rival will also eventually get rid of the cards having more value while playing. Once your rival rejects the higher value card, then you must opt for making the series with cards that involve a higher value. This will eventually enable you to alter the online rummy game by tricking your rival in simple ways.

4 You must keep the cards of good value as bait in the game:

Majority of the rummy game players reject good value cards which in turn works as a thrilling strategy for moves in the beginning, and it decreases burden while playing. If in case your rival chooses a rejected card of higher value. By this time, your rival will complete making the entire series of cards while designing a deck in a rummy game. For instance, your rival selects the Q card then you can forecast if the person has made a fewer set of card decks that involves a lot of Q in a series. Furthermore, another series will include K, Q, J, 10, A, K, etc. In such a scenario, you cannot get rid of the card which lies near the Q card while playing. If you move ahead with rejecting the card near to Q, then your rival can create his series properly. It is the best tip to practice while playing the online rummy game. Now, you can also make a good strategy to reject the Q card in a series. Here, the player gets less options to make the series of Q cards. This is also a wonderful tip to consider while playing the rummy game.

5 You must plan to reject all the rummy cards near to joker:

One of the best rummy tips to keep in mind is to scrap the card which is placed near the joker card. Majority of rummy players opt out of using the Joker card for making a proper series in the deck. It will play the role of a trump card for eventually completing the game. You must also ask your rival to stay away from choosing that particular card. It is one of the best strategies to follow while playing the online rummy game. It will eventually lead to you taking your best move at the proper time for reaching a winning stage quickly. All you need to do is start with downloading rummy game software on your device and often practise to take your game playing strategy to the next level.

Final Words:

Well, the post gives you an insight into smashing tips to consider while playing the online rummy game. As you start playing the game often, you will reach the stage when you become a pro at enjoying the wonderful game. It will help you to win the game from rivals. If you are planning to make money from this card game, then you must research the best rummy game software development company as per your requirements…

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Tips to Easily Win in the Rummy Game

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How to build a Sport Betting App Like Dream11? - MacAndro

This is image title

Looking to develop a fantasy sports app like dream11, Macandro offers a feature-rich and high-performing dream11 clone app in the android and iOS platform along with websites.

Presently, online gaming is the fastest growing platform among young people and teens across the globe. Accordance with the latest report, the global revenue of e-sports is expected around 2174.8 million dollars by the year 2023. In a deeper look, the craziness of the sports and entertainment among the audiences will never drop. Yeah. That’s true. Starting a business in a gaming platform is a wise decision to put in place. It’s the right moment to exploit the opportunity to bring off.

Trends and Types of Fantasy Sports App:

In recent years, the usage of the internet and smartphones on gaming platforms protends a promising growth to the e-sports sector globally. E-sports is poised to become a cornerstone of the global digital games industry over the next 5 years. The digital gaming platform is the best to make monetization.

Here are some of the types of fantasy sports games.

(i) League based games
(ii) Concept-based games
(iii) Daily/weekly based games
(iv) Score based games
(v) Seasonal leagues

When you think of the fantasy sports app, your minds will figure Dream11. Yes. Dream11 is one of the booming fantasy sports apps in the industry with a large user base. Develop your gaming app like dream11 with our feature-rich dream11 clone script.

Do you wish to know more about the clone of the dream11 app and how it works?

Stick with us until the end to unrevealed the riddle.

Let us first know about

Why develop an app like dream11?

The first and foremost reason is that the dream11 app is perfect for sports lovers. It allows users to play different online sports games like cricket, football, basketball, soccer, and more. The panel of experts in this sector said that the enormous success of the fantasy sports app business will excite more entrepreneurs to enter into this outlet and see this as a scalable business proposition.

This platform has gained a growing base of 20 million + users and there is no sign of a downturn in the follower base. And mainly, Drema11 stands out in the marketplace with its fascinating gaming features and functionalities.

This is image title

**Click here >> To know about the features and benefits of dream11 clone app <<
How does fantasy sports app work?

Free signup for the users to enter into the world of fantasy sports. Over the signup process, users can apply the referral codes to gain the signup bonuses. Here, the people who send the referral codes also get beneficial bonus points.

The next level in the game is to create their team with 11 players from the available contestants based on the rules and regulations for the match. Users have to spend their budget wisely in picking the team players to build the best team at minimum cost.

After finalizing the team with the vice-captain and captain, they can play the match by paying a certain fee from where the main revenues. Every match is attached with some prize money and there is some restriction also added like the number of participants to be played in the match.

An important note, before the deadline the players need to finalize their team and must be played in at least one match to enter into the tournament.

There will be a ranking board, it shows up the number of teams and contestants who played very well and their points. Based on this, the winning team and amount will be decided.

Lock-in periods are announced before the start of the next match. During this interval, no changes can be made to the new and existing team created in the gaming platform.

The Bottom Thought

Once you have decided to develop an app for your business, it’s essential to study about the current marketplace, analyze competitors, how other sports app works, and what are the strategies they are following to hold in the marketplace. Hiring the best mobile app development company is the smartest way to procure an embellished outlet of the app.

The prominence of the dream11 app makes the gaming field more and more competitive increasingly. Currently, there are approximately 60+ fantasy sports apps are present in India. To outshine your sports app like dream11, it is necessary to go along with the right on-demand app development solution provider.

MacAndro is the renowned on-demand app development company that caters top-graded dream11 clone script as well as other popular clone scripts like uber taxi clone, uber eats clone, udemy clone, blablacar clone, with excellent features and operating functionalities in both android and iOS platform along with websites. Launch your fantasy sports app business at an affordable cost in the boundless digital marketplace.

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