Top 10 Popular 2D Game Development Companies in USA 2022-23

Online games have become the best way of entertainment in the whole world. At present, with the advanced technology gaming world has become so fascinating and more attractive that more people are engaging on online platforms to play games. Most likely games are mobile games, video games, augmented reality and virtual reality games, and many more according to people's choices because a lot of new games are trending with time. The game development company has made the world full of entertainment with entertaining games. So, here in this article, we are going to introduce the best 2D game development company in the USA. 

The mobile game is used not only for entertainment purposes but also to earn money. In online games, 2D games are trending high due to their user-friendliness. 2D games have simple instructions and simple controls and are easy to play. 2D games also take less time and money to make. 

There are many tools and engines for 2D game development like UNITY, UNREAL ENGINE, HTML5, CRYENGINE, SWIFT, SmartFox Server, Cocos2Dx, Photon, and many more that offers us a platform to develop our advance and unique 2D game.

As we all know that there are a lot of 2D game companies who are offering their development services but finding one of the best of them is really hard. Each company is offering its unique services but there are only a few companies that offer us quality games.

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Things To Know Before Hiring A 2d Game Development Company

As we all know that there are a lot of game development companies in the USA but before deciding or picking up the right one for your game you should check below given important aspects. 

To decide on the best and most reliable 2D game development company always consider -

  • 2D game development knowledge
  • Check portfolio
  • Know developer skills and experience
  • Payment options and security
  • Software license and customization

Tech Support and Maintenance

List of Best 2D Game Development Companies 


DataArt is counted as the global game software provider company that offers us unique services that help us to stand in the competitive world. 20 years of experience in the game world makes them one step ahead of other companies.

BR Softech

BR Softech is one of the leading 2D game development companies in the market. Their 2D game developers are skilled and well-versed in 2D game development technologies and are equipped with all the necessary tools to fulfill your requirements. The developers are technical experts and are proficient in various 2D game engines. BR Softech also provides customized services to our clients. We ensure transparency in the development process and maintain proper communication with our clients to properly understand their needs.

iTechArt Group

iTechArt has more than 3000+ experienced engineers and they have been offering custom software since 2002. They are highly advanced in the digital world. Their scalable products are loved by all. They have a team of brilliant minds who are highly advanced in making mobile and web games.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

This company was founded in 2011 and they cover all kinds of development services like game development, web development, and app development for all kinds of platforms. They have already developed more than 4000+ mobile apps. Their demand in the gaming world is so high because they always produce advanced solutions to your problem which makes them advance in the gaming world. 


Andersen is a well-known IT company that is known for QA engineers, business analysts, and game development. They have been present in the gaming world for more than one decade. They have the best team of IT professionals who deliver quality-oriented services that help you in your business. Their workforce is highly skilled and they are experts in their field. 


Innovecs is known as the best tech company that offers you 2D game services at the best rates. Their digital solutions always have a unique approach that makes your services simple and advanced. They always try to make your services efficient and easy so anyone can use them and you can easily target your audience.


Endava is known for 2D game development and its services are highly advanced and technology-oriented. With the help of this company, you can achieve your target easily. They are having a well-known name in the field of the digital world. You can take these services to make your business more demanding.


Valtech is a global digital solution provider company in the USA that is known for delivering its services with innovative ideas. Its incredible ideas give your business a new look and you can make a different approach in the tech world through their services. It is excellent at delivering 2D games.

Wunderman Thompson

In the advanced tech world, everyone is expecting a different digital approach to their solutions so Wunderman Thompson is the best solution for them. Their skilled technology expert always offers you advanced and rich services so you can perform excellently in your business. Their passion for 2D games is extreme. Their game is always simple and enchanting.

HData Systems

 It is counted in the top 10 2D game development companies in the USA. They are masters in 2D game engine platforms and that's why they make such rich games with simple and unique ideas. Its services are highly tech-friendly that always offer you fruitful results. You can count this for gaming and application solutions.

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After reading this article you can easily know which company will suit best for your 2D game development. Here, we discussed the top ten 2D game development companies so you can easily pick one of them for your gaming business. 

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Top 10 Popular 2D Game Development Companies in USA 2022-23
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