Can NVIDIA’s A100 80GB GPU Extend Its Lead On MLPerf Benchmark?

In an attempt to further unlock the immense potential of AI for supercomputing, NVIDIA launched an 80GB version of A100 GPU.

Best Budget Gaming Laptops Under $400

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries all over the world. A good gaming experience requires a high-performing computer. Many like laptops instead of a desktop because of their portability.

‘Among Us’ Mobile Game Under Siege by Attackers

Ongoing attacks on the wildly popular game Among Us are testing developers' ability to keep up. The meteoric rise of the game Among Us appears to be outpacing its developer's ability to keep up with malicious actors.

Fixing Code Errors in Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Just before the release of the "Amnesia: Rebirth" game, the vendor "Fractional Games" opened the source code of the legendary "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" and its sequel "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs". Why not use the static analysis tool to see what dreadful mistakes are hidden in the inside of these cult horror games?

Rewriting the 1978 text-only Super Star Trek game

During the last two weeks, I spent all my free time working hard on one of the most ridiculous achievements of my life: dissecting, understanding, and rewriting the old 1978 Super Star Trek videogame.

The Evolution Of Collectibles: From Cardboard To Museums In The Metaverse

It's no secret people love to collect: shoes, watches, cards, cars, tinder matches? In some cases, countries. This year, Covid turned some of us into toilet paper collectors.

Apple at a Crossroads: An Interview With M.G. Siegler

Apple at a Crossroads: An Interview With M.G. Siegler. Apple’s identity, the Epic Games beef, and brewing competition with Facebook

Simulating Plague Infection in a Strategy Game

Simulating Plague Infection in a Strategy Game. Approximating probabilities from a turn-based strategy game with the binomial distribution.

Ludum Dare 47 Post-Mortem — Creating a Game in 48 Hours

Ludum Dare is a twice-yearly game jam where you have 48 hours to create a game completely from scratch. A theme is announced at the beginning, but most themes allow a wide range of game genres. There are two rule sets within Ludum Dare: the Compo and the Jam.

A basic introduction to Canvas API to draw 2D/3D graphics on Web

In this article, we are going look at the basics of Canvas Web API provided by the browser to draw 2D/3D graphics natively on the web.

Bugs from the 90's: The Code of Command and Conquer

The American company Electronic Arts Inc (EA) has opened the source code of the games Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert publicly available. Several dozen errors were detected in the source code using the PVS-Studio analyzer, so, please, welcome the continuation of found defects review.

Bugs From the 90's: The Code of the Command & Conquer Game

In this post, I’ll discuss how the different types of rules give rise to different types of false positives, which ones are easier to fix than others, and how you can help. I’ll end with insight into how issues that are false positives can still be true indicators that the code needs to change.

Nvidia 3000 GPUs: Where Data Scientists, Gamers, and Scalpers Collide

In this blog, I will explain the hype around the new Nvidia Ampere 3000 series GPUs, how they compare to the Turing 2000 series cards, and the current benchmarks available today for each RTX generation.

How to Implement Doom UI Streaming in Docker

This blog will walk you through how to implement UI streaming using nothing but open source and then the full Kasm stack. The benefit of using the full Kasm stack is scalability, ease of management, and enterprise features like SAML and LDAP authentication, logging, persistent profiles, and more.

Discounted Products 2021

```<p>A&nbsp;<a href=""><strong>Best Graphics Card for Fortnite</strong></a>&nbsp;essentially needs to do a certain something: convey your game to your screen with no hiccups, and ideally...

Configuring Your Phaser 3 Game With Webpack For Production

I am writing this article to help people that are just starting to learn Phaser 3 and need extra support when deploying their game to production. This tutorial will focus on configuring your app with Webpack, I will run through each line of code explaining what they are doing and why they are important.

Gaming, Movies And More: NVIDIA's Omniverse Is Reshaping The World

Omniverse can help engineers model cars and even the details of a highway. The simulation details are good enough to test with reliability.

Full Chart of Minecraft Color Codes: Changing Chat and MOTD Colors

A Minecraft color code is combination of the section ‘§’ sign followed by a number (0–9) or an alphabet (a-f).This article will provide you with a full chart of all the Minecraft color codes.

I Am Upgrading to Nvidia RTX 3080 or 3090

I Am Upgrading to Nvidia RTX 3080 or 3090. Nvidia released the much anticipated Nvidia RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090 GPUs.

What Is Code Golfing And Biggest Such Tournaments

Code Golfing can be said as a classic playground for programmers where the main attempt is to solve a problem.