Data Science in the Cloud

Today, many cloud computing vendors offer resources for data science in the cloud. This article reviews the machine learning options on AWS, Azure and FCP to help you decide which resource meets your ML needs.

Hosting WordPress on GCP K8s Cluster With MySQL Database on AWS

We are going to deploy a WordPress application on top of Kubernetes cluster using Kubernetes service of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) along with Load Balancer and for database, we will be creating a MySQL db instance using RDS of Amazon Web Services (AWS). All of these using Terraform.

How to Develop Locally for Kubernetes using Skaffold and Minikube

This is a very practical tutorial. I am not going to dwell on why microservices are here to stay and why Kubernetes is a beast to set up. I am going to cut it straight to the core. You have come here for a solution to your problem, and I am going to give you one. How to Develop Locally for Kubernetes using Skaffold and Minikube

How to use JAMstack with the server side and enterprise app

Hello everyone, welcome to the last article of the JAMstack series, JAMstack for all. I am humbled and delighted with the likes, comments and feedback received on the previous articles so far. If you are new to the series, here are the links to the previous articles.

A Translation App for your Cloud Commands

Nowadays, it’s common for developers and data analysts to be multi-cloud users, switching between two or more cloud providers in their day-to-day tasks.

Key BigQuery concepts

This is the part 5 of the series, Modernising a Data Platform and BigQuery concepts. In this part and next few parts, we will discuss about some of the key concepts of BigQuery for Data warehousing professionals.In first 4 parts of the series we have focussed on concept of Modernisation, Datawarehouse modelling & fundamentals, Characteristics of a modernised data platform and the architecture that drives the big data analytical platforms.

Step by Step Guide to load data into BigQuery

In this Part 6 of the series, “Modernisation of a Data Platform”, we would be focussing a little more on BigQuery’s key concepts which are essential for designing a DWH.

Deployment of WordPress on Google Cloud Platform ( GCP)

Deployment of WordPress on Google Cloud Platform ( GCP) with VPC and Kubernetes Integration. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) enables us to launch resources into a virtual network that you've defined.

Cloud Functions — Firestore Triggers

Cloud Functions is a feature provided by Firebase for running server codes at Google infrastructures in response to events triggered by Firebase events and HTTPS requests.

How to Use Google Managed Certificates on a Google Cloud Load Balancer

A stress-free way to manage HTTPS certificates in the cloud. At the time of writing this article, the new feature is still in BETA state.

Python クライアントライブラリで Google Cloud Storage

こんにちは、みかみです。 バッチ処理で BigQuery を使う場合に、データのロードやエクスポートなどで GCS を使うケースはよくあります。

Face Detection Using Google Cloud Vision API

In this tutorial, we will try to explore detecting number of faces in an image using Cloud Vision API part of Google Cloud Platform via Python.

Tutorial on Google Cloud Storage in GCP

An unified object storage service. It is used as a staging area to move data into other GCP components like Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Cloud Dataproc.

Predicting Air Pollution with Prophet on GCP

Using EPA’s public data for time series forecasting. GCP offers a suite of cloud technologies with fully managed and serverless solutions that make processing, storing, and analyzing data easy.

Infrastructure as Code — Exploring GCP Deployment Manager

Hi everyone, its been a while since I wrote the last story. Been a new journey for me to actually able to work at Google (its my dream to be able to work here)

6 ways Alibaba Cloud challenges AWS, Azure, and GCP

From storage and network innovations to eye-popping AI solutions, Alibaba offers a number of advantages over the leading cloud rivals

How to Perform GCP Security Scanning to find Misconfiguration?

☁️ Cloud infrastructure has benefits such as flexibility, scalability, high performance, and affordability. Once you subscribe to a service, such as the

Chaining Multiple SQL Queries in BigQuery

Execute multiple queries one after another in sequence in BigQuery. Bigquery is a fantastic tool! It lets you do really powerful analytics works all using SQL like syntax.

Global Load Balance in Cloud — GCP

Hi everyone, this time its back to some basic exploration. As we know that networking is one of the most basic infrastructure building blocks.

BigTable — Almost All You Need to Know

Say hello to the database that powers many core Google services. Things to consider — Schema design, Secondary Indexes, Suited towards what data type (Time-Series, IoT etc.), Replication, Import / Export / Backup, Garbage collection, Performance, Key Visualizer