ANN: GeekCash will Migration to Polkadot / Substrate

The Geek Team can now announce that the current GeekCash based on Dash will be migrating to the Polkadot/Substrate codebase.

What is the value of GeekCash? – Kao1 Candy – Medium

Let’s get back to the approx 10 years ago, when Bitcoin (BTC) was born by one or a team of computer programmers, the name is Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin has experienced several many times price increases and decreases, but so far no one can deny the value of bitcoin compared to other Fiat currencies.

GeekCash is a Rubbish coin or it is a Future coin? – Chris Anthony – Medium

I have seen thousands of projects come into being but after sometime they all disappeared. I have been participating in many ICO projects and they appeared tens of millions dolas. But when and how their products come out? When I lost my faith in this market. How am I hopeless, I got to know&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">GeekCash</a>&nbsp;with heartlessly. Their domain and logo that make my impressive. Therefore, I decided to take more time find out their project. This is a digital currency which developed base on Dash. However, they have improvement by themselves such as Geek algo, GUI Wallet beautiful, transfers is so quick there thing I found out from my experiences. The&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">explorer</a>&nbsp;also make by themselves very nice. Besides they have background which develop web-wallet also by themselves, there thing do not like from other background. This shows that they have a Team with good technical. They are making their products very simple and dedication.