Optimization Techniques: Genetic Algorithm

An adaptive and well known optimization technique. In complex machine learning models, the performance usually depends on multiple input parameters. In order to get the optimal model, the parameters must be properly tuned.

Researchers Just Took a Major Step Toward Decoding the Entire Human Genome

17 years after the Human Genome Project, researchers unlocked the X chromosome. Reengineering Life is a series from OneZero about the astonishing ways genetic technology is changing humanity and the world around us.

A New Kind of Gene Editing Could Fix What CRISPR Can’t

Ever since CRISPR was first used to edit human cells in a dish in 2013, scientists have been hopeful about its potential to treat — and hopefully, eliminate — a wide spectrum of genetic diseases.

A Genetic Cure for Sickle Cell Disease Moves Closer to Reality

Millions of people around the world, including around 100,000 in the United States, suffer from sickle cell disease, a brutally painful inherited blood disorder. Most of them are of African descent.

Scientists Gene Edited a Cow to Have Mostly Male Offspring

The technique could eventually lead to fewer cattle needed to produce the same amount of beef. Reengineering Life is a series from OneZero about the astonishing ways genetic technology is changing humanity and the world around us.

Excel Kept Messing Up the Names of Genes, So Scientists Renamed Them

I love making spreadsheets. I like lining up little columns of numbers and writing formulas to do things to them. It’s halfway between coding and note-taking.

Men Are Twice as Likely to Support Genetically Engineered Babies Than Women

The birth of the world’s first gene-edited babies, revealed in November 2018, prompted international shock and outrage. Working in relative secrecy, Chinese researcher He Jiankui used CRISPR to modify the genomes of two human embryos in hopes of making the resulting babies resistant to HIV.

A New Gene-Editing Treatment Let Deaf Mice Hear Again

Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard recently took a step toward a future where hereditary deafness could be corrected with a single injection into the ear.

The Era of DNA Database Hacks Is Here

A major data breach shows genetic information is vulnerable to attack. Onthe morning of July 19, hackers accessed the online DNA database GEDmatch.

Modern Problems, Primitive Solutions: A Glimpse into Archaic Protein Synthesis Systems

Scientists show, for the first time, how protein synthesis in an ancient organism could have inspired the molecular tools used by modern organisms. The interaction between ‘transfer RNAs’ and the enzymes that help them in protein synthesis has always been the key area of interest for understanding the evolution of the genetic code.