Beginners Guide to Get Started with Unit Testing in React Native

In this article, we will be looking at the basic principles of unit tests with a simple react-native Button component.

5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Kaggle Models

How To Get High Performing Models In Competitions. Here are some practical tips I’ve accumulated through my Kaggle journey. So, either build your own model or just start from a baseline public kernel, and try implementing these suggestions !

Introduction to Big Data with Vaex — A Simple Code to Read 1.25 Billion Rows

In this article, we will discuss how to deal with big data practically. We will use a galaxy simulation data from Gaia Universe Model Snapshots (GUMS). It has about 3.5 billion objects. You can access it here. For instance, we will just read 1.25 billion rows.

Python Data Structures Conversions (List , Set & Dictionary)

Python Data Structures Conversions (List , Set & Dictionary). A guide to Python Data Structures (List, Set & Dictionary) and conversions between them without using inbuilt Python commands.

Getting Started with YAML Configurations.

Everything you need to know for starting YAML configurations. YAML is a human-readable data-serialization language which is used to store information in key: value format as similar to the JSON.

How to gain experience as a web developer?

We made a list of some creative things you can do that would help you get some practical experience in web development.Many times we are being asked, “how can I gain experience in web development?”. That’s a great question that many web developers who just started their journey have. Nowadays, many companies would want you to have some experience in web development before they hire you. It mostly comes in the form of coding tests and technical interviews during the hiring process.

“How’d you get started with machine learning and data science?”

“How’d you get started with machine learning and data science?”: I trained my first model in 2017 on my friend's lounge room floor.

Getting Started with Spatial Data Science

We are not lost, we are locationally challenged — John M. Ford. Spatial Data Science is a subdivision of Data Science that focuses on the distinctive characteristics of spatial data, moving beyond simply looking at where things happen to understand why they happen there. Spatial data is any data related to or containing information about a specific location on the Earth’s surface.

Getting Started : Deep Learning Project

Deep Learning(DL) have got some serious traction in the past couple of years and many of us are fascinated by these technologies and want to start learning working in these.