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How we launched

ICYMI: is the new place to discover all of GitHub’s product documentation! We recently completed a major overhaul of GitHub’s documentation websites. When you visit today, you’ll see content from the former

Automation of Deep Learning Model using Jenkins

In machine learning, hyperparameter optimization or tuning is the problem of choosing a set of optimal hyperparameters for a learning…

Git and Github | Practical Course from Scratch

Git y Github | Curso Práctico de Git y Github Desde Cero. En este curso Aprenderemos desde como utilizar los comandos Básicos del bash de Git, hasta como subir nuestro Código a Github. Git permite el manejo de código a lo largo del tiempo, permitiendo la colaboración en un equipo de programadores, desde cualquier parte del mundo.

Ruby on Rails Digest: 26 most Popular Repositories in June 2020

Welcome 26 most popular, most interesting, and useful Ruby on Rails repositories on GitHub in June 2020.I’ve stopped making Rails digests since last year. But today, I’m officially coming back to my favorite monitoring. Please, welcome the most popular, most interesting, and useful Ruby on Rails repositories on GitHub.

How to Build a Clone of GitHub's File Search Functionality

We will build a project that mimics the lesser known but awesome file search functionality provided by GitHub. You will learn: How to create a UI similar to a GitHub repository, How to work with keyboard events in React, How to work with navigation using the arrow keys on your keyboard, How to highlight matching text while searching, How to add icons in React, How to render HTML content in a JSX expression

Deploying React on Github Pages

In this guide, you'll learn how to deploy your React App to Github Pages. If you're reading this, then you're probably trying to figure out how you can deploy your React App to Github Pages or you want a quick way to get your React app running on the public web.

How to Manually Trigger a GitHub Actions Workflow

Earlier this week, GitHub announced a new feature which allows developers to trigger workflows manually from within the “Actions” tab.

“It’s a trap!” — Committing Bad Stuff to GitHub, and fixing the mistake

As such, I would like to share on what you can do, to completely scrub these content from your GitHub repository or other git version control systems.

How to Deploy React Apps for Free With GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages has emerged as an excellent way for developers to deploy their projects online for free. It’s fast, free, and pretty simple…

What does an open source maintainer do after burnout?

Redis founder Salvatore Sanfilippo hadn’t run up against term limits. No one was demanding he stop leading the project, and he wasn’t struggling to keep Redis innovating. But on June 30, 2020, Sanfilippo announced the “end of the Redis adventure” for him. Effective immediately, he relinquished his lead maintainer role, saying “I don’t really know what there is for me in my future,” except to “just look around... without doing too many things.”

5 Awesome Django Projects on Github

Building and deploying a Django project from scratch can be a rewarding experience; however, it is not always necessary. With plenty of

Unlocking GitHub’s Hidden Feature in 3 Minutes

GitHub recently had a huge update and apparently they added a hidden feature! This lets you customize your profile page and I think it’s a cool feature. This can be done in just a few steps!

Deploy using Github Actions on AWS Elastic BeanStalk

In this article I’d be going through the process of deploying Node application on AWS Elastic BeanStalk using Github Actions.

Do GitHub Action like a Pro!

A set of development practices you wish you’d known before publishing your first Action.

Will Github Actions Kill off Jenkins?

Yes, the title is a little controversial. However, our experience leads us to predict that GitHub Actions will be the dominant choice for

My First Open Source Contribution

How I got involved in open source, and how you can too. My First Open Source Contribution. Open source is a great way to get real-world software development experience from the comfort of your home. The open-source community is very helpful and encourages new developers to take part in their organizations. You gain exposure, test your skills, gain knowledge, and bond with the community to produce quality code that helps people around the world. You write code that benefits the user community.

Автоматизируем все с Github Actions

Никита покажет множество функций Github Actions, поделится собственными впечатлениями и болями от первых месяцев использования, покажет, как сделать собственные инструменты. Это выступление будет интересно тем,…

Avoid Merge Conflicts — Storyboard Edition

You can use storyboards and still avoid merge conflicts,Meeting after meeting of “which side do I pick?” — storyboards are written in XML if you didn’t know (right-click a storyboard file -> Open As -> Source Code if you want to see for yourself). This makes it difficult for some developers who aren’t familiar with XML to decipher what’s what.

June 2020 Platform Updates: Github Actions, LT Browser & More!

We've launched Github Actions, LT Browser, new browsers for live testing, and more this June. Find out more about the exciting new features we went live within June 2020!That being said, I am happy to announce to you the exciting new features and product, we’ve added in June on our cross browser testing platform!

Top 13 GitHub Alternatives in 2020 [Free and Paid]

You are looking for a reliable yet powerful GitHub alternative, this article unveils some of the top GitHub alternatives you can find today. GitLab, BitBucket, Codegiant, SourceForge, Launchpad, Google Cloud Source Repositories, AWS CodeCommit, Gogs (Self-Hosted), Gitea, GitKraken, Beanstalk, GitBucket, Phabricator, Codeberg