Go is an open source programming language initially developed at Google. It is statically-typed, with a syntax loosely derived from C, adding automatic memory management, type safety, some dynamic typing capabilities, additional built-in types such as variable-length arrays and key-value maps, and a large standard library.

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Golang: A logical progression to Python?

In this tutorial, we'll learn Golang: A logical progression to Python? What's special about it? Why are so many people looking forward to it?

Caching System Stability

Why talk about cache stability in the first place? You can recall when we introduce caching? Caching System Stability. In terms of cache stability, basically, every cache-related article and share on the web talks about three key points.

Create Your Own System Monitoring tool in Linux

Why create your own monitoring tools when there are so many better ones in the market? … Why not? Create your own system monitoring tool in Linux. Want to create your own tools for Linux system monitoring instead of inbuilt tools such as htop to reduce impact of analysis on data being analyzed.

How to Write Insertion Sort in Go

Insertion sort builds a Golang final sorted list one item at a time. How to write Insertion Sort in Go. Insertion sort is a make simple algorithm that works just like you would arrange playing cards in your hands.

Monitor Processes in Linux with Custom Script

Monitor processes in Linux with custom script. Each folder represents the process running in the system and the status regarding it. The Linux/Unix Script monitor uses SSH to upload a script to a Linux/Unix server, runs the script on the server, and then processes the return value.

Custom GitHub Actions in Go Without Docker

Custom GitHub Actions in Go Without Docker. Using JavaScript. Using a Dockerfile (or Docker image) - GitHub Actions is a great tool for creating custom workflows for building, testing and deploying your code. According to the documentation on creating custom actions, there are three supported ways to create custom actions.

Reusing Variables in Golang

Reusing Variables in (Go) Golang - A post on why you should probably avoid reusing/recycling variables especially with decoded data. In general it’s a bad idea to reuse/recycle variables. It makes code less readable, debugging more difficult, and can lead to bad designs.

Is Golang The Next Big Thing | Kartik Sapra Will Reveal The Secrets🤩

Is Golang The Next Big Thing | Can Golang replace C++/Java in the coming time? Is Golang going to be the next big thing in the programming world? The Go programming language is an open source project to make programmers more productive. It's a language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

Package Management in Go

Package Management in Go. Learn the history of Package Management With Go system and how the introduction of modules in Go 1.11 solves the issues in versioning and vendoring dependencies. Brief overview of package management in Go — pre and post Go packages.

Merge Sort in Golang with Examples

Golang program for implementation of Merge Sort. Merge Sort in Golang with Examples. Merge sort is a recursive sorting algorithm and, luckily for us, it’s quite a bit faster than bubble sort. Merge sort is a divide and conquer algorithm.

Why I Learned Go - Why Golang is My Next Programming Language

In this video I share my current programming languages and why I started to learn a new langauge - Golang. Why did I learned Go? What were the thoughts when choosing and learning a new programming language as a software engineer.

Build Serverless Apps using Go with Chris Noring

Build Serverless Apps using Go | Chris Noring shows us how to get up and running with Go, and how to create your first serverless app. Serverless apps let you build and run your applications and services without having to worry about servers, scaling or infrastructure. You can create handlers to respond to events, and write your apps in any programming language like Rust, Go and even COBOL.

Building REST API's using Go Fiber and Gorm | Go Fiber Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to be creating a REST API's using Gorm and the new Fiber framework in Go

Go (Golang) Tutorial #22 - Interfaces

In this final Golang tutorial of the series, we'll learn about interfaces!

Go (Golang) Tutorial #21 - Saving Files

Learn how to save data to text files in this Golang tutorial.

A Guide for Javascript to Go

Go Initial release was in 2009 sound similar to release year of Node js (Javascript-run environment). A Guide for Javascript to Go. Javascript being a functional and dynamic typed language provides a very big room for multiple design patterns that makes it a very powerful language.

Why I chose Svelte JS

Why I chose Svelte JS - How I even found Svelte is our choice to begin with? I’d never heard of Svelte is a JavaScript before, nor was it a colleagues recommendation. You would want to gain knowledge of a tool if learning it would be profitable. It had been years since being fully immersed in the “frontend”

Go (Golang) Tutorial #20 - Parsing Floats

Go (Golang) Tutorial #20 - Parsing Floats

Go (Golang) Tutorial #19 - Switch Statements

In this Go tutorial you'll learn how to conditionally execute a block of code using a switch statement.

Generics in Golang 1.18, No Need to Write Max / Min Anymore (Maybe)

Generics in Golang 1.18, no need to write max / min anymore (maybe). One thing I do dislike in golang is that sometimes a simple task can be very tedious. One of them is getting maximum / minimum value of two integers.