Lay a strong foundation by writing secure C and C++ utilities

Libraries and system utilities form the foundations on which larger projects are built. So it's critical to make sure they, in particular, are secure. That's why we recently introduced five new rules for C++ and C to detect broken authentication and access control in *nix systems. The new rules fall into three categories: account validity, granting permissions, and changing directories. 

Softagram - Making Code Reviews Humane

The story of Softagram is a long one and has many twists. Everything started in a small company long time ago, from the area of static analysis tools development. After many phases, Softagram is focusing on helping developers to get visual feedback on the code change: how is the software design evolving in the pull request under review.

What is Discover? Contribute Your Time this Hacktoberfest

his is why we love Hacktoberfest — it is a celebration of open-source. By encouraging contributions to new projects, everybody wins. But even “good first issues” can be a tad bit complex for new developers to dip their hands meaningfully.

How to Bridge the Developer Experience Gap with

I founded to help every developer advance their career. Read the latest technology news, develoments and updates from from trusted sources across the globe.

How Much Are Ethereum Whales Actually Making on DeFi?

Ethereum whales are undoubtedly driving the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement by depositing millions of dollars into decentralized liquidity pools to earn interest. 

2020 Noonies Awards: Official Winners of The Internet Now Declared

As in all elections of great importance, tallying the official results of Hacker Noon's annual awards took us somewhat longer than expected.

Technologies That Can Amplify Digital Customer Service

The quality of digital customer service and ROI are directly proportional. According to Forbes, companies earning $1 billion a year in revenue make an extra $700 million over the next three years by investing in customer experience.

Five Important Tips For Working With JWTs

Nowadays, JSON Web Tokens are the most common way of proving identity information to APIs. The concepts behind JWTs are also quite easy to understand, and it takes only a couple of minutes to have the most basic authentication running.

Recognizing the Internet as a Basic Human Right

Network Neutrality, which literally protects freedom of speech, has become a controversial concept in the U.S.

6 Biggest Differences Between Airbyte And Singer

How Airbyte's choices are different from Singer's. Airbyte's connectors are not standalone binaries. One platform, one project with standards. Connectors can be built in the language of your choice. Decoupling of Extract-Load from Transformation. A UI and API to address every teams' needs.

Fixing The ClickHouse Node Failure On Distributed Systems - A How-To Guide

Part One: ClickHouse Failures, by Marcel Birkner. ... Fixing The ClickHouse Node Failure On Distributed Systems - A How-To Guide.

Should You Choose A Custom-Built Website Or A WordPress Theme?

Many people look forward to creating their own websites or look for opportunities to change it completely. They are often posed with a common question- which site should they choose for their website? Should they opt for a personalized website or select an existing WordPress theme?

Why Builders Opt For Agile: Experience Gained at Slash

In the article below we’ll talk about the shift from Waterfall and a monolithic approach to software, to an agile world of microservices, as well as our reflections at Slash about the challenges of operating Agile.

The Secret Guide To Choosing Between Monolith And Microservices

Monolith or microservices? Both architectures have pros and cons, and each particular case should be investigated. UppLabs had a project with a concrete goal — optimization of application performance by migration from a monolithic system to the new microservices’ infrastructure. We came up with a solution that we’re happy to share with you in detail.

Top 7 Tips To Become A UI/UX Pro | Hacker Noon

Tips & resources to help you get started. 1Familiarize yourself with UI principles. Before practicing design, the first thing you need to do is learn some design principles. ... 2.Learn the creative UX process. ... 3.Develop your eye for design. ... 4.Read design articles everyday. ... 5.Design fake projects. ... 6.Learn the latest web design tools. ... 7.Mentor and get mentored.

The Stargate Testnet - 3 Reasons For Checking It Out

Cosmos Stargate aims to deliver the promise of interchain communication among hundreds of independent blockchains. Imagine a blockchain that is able to create and exchange assets among many other blockchains in the Universe.

Decentralized Web (DeWeb Tokens) 101 – The next big thing?

Over the last years, but especially the last months, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) emerged to a popular and highly hyped niche within the crypto space.

Best IDEs for .NET Development

The .NET Core platform makes it possible for businesses to develop applications for just about any platform—from Windows, macOS, Linux, and even mobile operating systems. This isn’t just a time saver, but a means to cut back on your budget. You will be able to develop across all platforms, and you won't have to hire developers for each ecosystem. Instead, you can hire one developer or a team of .NET developers to make it all happen.

Here's How We Train Our DevOps Skills Internally

Our team started to apply DevOps practices long before we registered Mad Devs as a company. Specifically, I ran into this approach more than 10 years ago in a different company where I worked as a System Administrator.

How to Extend your DevOps Strategy For Success in the Cloud?

DevOps and Cloud computing are joined at the hip, now that fact is well appreciated by the organizations that engaged in SaaS cloud and developed applications in the Cloud. During the COVID crisis period, most of the organizations have started using cloud computing services and implementing a cloud-first strategy to establish their remote operations. Similarly, the extended DevOps strategy will make the development process more agile with automated test cases.