Google Analytics Data Import — 4 Ways

Learn how you can import cost data into Google Analytics manually, using an add-on for Google Sheets, with the API and Apps Script, and with out-of-the-box solutions

Leveraging BigQuery with Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics is an amazing tool. It enables you to make the data work for you, get a broader picture, and understand your visitors better. The problem comes when you expect more from this ‘reporting’ tool. I will tell you why you should consider leveraging BigQuery (or a similar tool) along with your Google Analytics data.

5 Google Analytics Tips for Web Developers

At work, I’d been quite stressed out when I was asked to work on Google Analytics because I had zero background knowledge of it. I was like “What the heck is this?” I spent quite a lot of time to figure out how this works and what I should do to let other works see the logs on a dashboard. I hope this will help whoever doesn’t know about GA or is currently suffering.

How to Use NextJS with Google Analytics and TypeScript

In this tutorial, we will show you how to get started with Google Analytics in your NextJS project. To achieve this goal, we will add our own custom _document to inject our tracking snippet and track page views and events. A quick guide to setting up user tracking with NextJS. Using NextJS with Google Analytics and TypeScript

How To Get Page Views From Google Analytics via a Netlify Serverless function

After getting my blog up and running I recently decided to add Google Analytics to it, to understand what content people were most interested in. At first this was amazing as I could see which blog posts were getting the most traction, but after a while it became a bit of a pain to log into my Google Analytics dashboard when all I wanted was to quickly see the page view count of a blog post.

Send Events From WebView to Firebase Analytics

Track user activities on WebView in Firebase Analytics. More and more mobile applications are utilizing power WebView to customize the user experience on runtime. And it is all the more important to track users’ activities on the WebView.

How to Make your Nuxt.js Website SEO friendly

I’m Anamol Soman and I’m a web developer. In this blog, we will see how we can optimize our Nuxtjs website for better SEO performance. Here I am not talking about what is SEO ? or How it works? you will find a lot of stuff on the internet about this, We are going to directly deal with the changes that we need for better SEO. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Make your Nuxt.js Website SEO friendly

Building a mobile friendly dashboard in Google Data Studio

In this article, we’ll be building this mobile product dashboard for the open source web app ‘forecastr’ using Google Data Studio

URL Sanitization —  The Why and How

Starting with some basics let’s elaborate what URL actually stands for and how can one become an expert in reading URLs so you are always educated about what you’re clicking.

Make Algolia Search Results More Relevant With Google Analytics API

How to get Google Analytics pageview data into Algolia records via NodeJS, Github Actions, and Github Secrets. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to connect your Google Analytics (GA) pageview data with your Algolia Index data.

How to recognize and correct the value in Google Analytics reports

Find out more about the (not set) value appearance in Google Analytics reports, why does it appear there and how to reduce the percentage of this value.

Aws AppFlow: Unlock your SaaS data

The SaaS industry has grown tremendously these past couple of years but with that growth comes the ever demanding question to analyse that data.

Getting Started with Google Analytics and Firebase in Unity

Getting Started with Google Analytics and Firebase in Unity. Creating a successful long running game is the process of sitting down with your players and having an open discussion about what does and doesn't work, and how your game can improve. Learn how Google Analytics can facilitate that discussion by allowing you to pose a question to your entire player base and getting honest and timely answers through each player's own actions.

The Firebase Developer's Guide to Google Analytics

Your analytics data is now available in both the Firebase and Google Analytics consoles. We will walk you through Google Analytics and show you how to get the most out of its advanced features and stay connected to all the metrics that matter.

Ruby on Rails 6 with Google Analytics, Turbolinks, and a Content Security Policy

A simple method to safely and reliably add Google Analytics to your Rails 6 app with Turbolinks and a Content Security Policy.Having spent the past few years not adding Google Analytics to Ruby on Rails websites it came as a shock to find such poor support for it “out of the box”. If you follow the Google Analytics setup and copy and paste their script into the head of your HTML you might run into a host of conflicts.

Advertising Services to Google Analytics

Easy Way to Import Cost Data from Advertising Services to Google Analytics. Why you need to import cost data to Google Analytics and how to do it.

Automate Data Import to Google Analytics.

Automate Data Import to Google Analytics. Set up a data pipeline to import data to google analytics using Google Tentacles and GCP.

How to A/B Test Without Breaking the Bank

Get enterprise AB Testing capabilities without the enterprise price tag. If you find yourself wanting to run an AB Test, but are limited in the budget to invest in a platform, this post walks you through how you can use Google Optimize to measure performance via client-side, server-side, and even with an image pixel.

How to handle Google Analytics data in BigQuery

GA data is a lot of fun to work with (IF you ignore the common tracking issues caused by connectivity and VPN etc.), and the non-relational nature of BigQuery .

Enable Angular Google Analytics

A Brain-Friendly Guide on How To Track User Behaviour