Upload Laravel backup to Google Drive

In this video, I will show you how to set up a Google Drive backup of a Laravel application using Spatie’s backup package and Google Flysystem. You will also...

Using rclone on Linux to Automate Backups to Google Drive

As of now, Google has yet to release an official backup/sync client for Linux, and as a frequent WSL2 user, I was after a solution that would allow automated backups to Google drive from the WSL2 Linux file system/distro.

Uploading files to Google Drive directly from the Terminal (using Curl)

In this article, we look at using cURL (a command-line program for transferring data) to push a zipped file (containing log files) onto our google drive account for further analysis.

Why Google Colab? My warm welcome to all the readers!

Not everyone can indeed afford a powerful computing system. We have nothing but to adjust with less computing system which runs code for hours and even days.