A few tips to improve you data presentations

Example in 7 simple steps. In this article, I will present an example on how to improve a results graphic. Let say you worked on improving some kind of neural network by modifying its sparsity and the usage of dropout (it could obviously be something else).

Little Known Ways to Make your Data Visualization Awesome

Little Known Ways to Make your Data Visualization Awesome. This blog is dedicated to those who want to dive into or are engaging in mesmerizing data visualization fields.

Can AI Improve Graphic Design? - A Review of Designs.AI

In this article, we will look at real-world use cases of AI graphic design tools in the creative industry through an interview with Kevin Tey, a Product Lead at Designs.AI, and a review of two of their products. 

5 Powerful Tricks to Visualize Your Data with Matplotlib

How to use LaTeX font, create zoom effect, outbox legend, continuous error, and adjust box pad margin. I will give you some tricks, 5 powerful tricks in using Matplotlib to create an excellent plot.

Business Intelligence Visualizations with Python

Business Intelligence Visualizations with Python. I prepared an extensive guide to display beautiful visualizations to enhance metrics, KPIs, forecasts, and other insights.

Top 3 Instagram Tips that Graphic Designer should know

There’s more to Instagram instead of just developing great feeds. This social media platform had come a long way from when people used to post only filtered and edited selfies.

Taking the Leap

Before the weighted blanket of enforced isolation came down around our heads, I was being weighed up to participate in a student media conference where I was due to speak to young journalists about the trials and tribulations of going freelance. This made me feel somewhat fraudulent since writing makes up perhaps ten percent of my freelance income, but whether it’s writing or graphic design (or any of the other things I do) there’s plenty that I’ve learned over the last four years which can help you in jumping out of contracted work and into the weird, stressful, hilarious and brilliant world of freelancing.

PyQt5 for Building a GUI (Grid Creator)

We should clearly know how data/signal is transmitted in a GUI among widgets. Additionally, we should also know how data/signal flows from one window to another, since there is usually not only one window in a GUI.

I Missed Eating Out With Friends So Much I Did a Design Exercise to Cope

Samgyeopsal grease may be a better social lubricant than beer, but I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s been around 150 days since I last ate out with friends.

Learn the Art of Design Bullshitting

Craft a compelling story about your work, and if that fails, you better know how to wing it.Learning to speak about your work with eloquence while engaging the audience is one of the essential skills designers can learn. They should be able to craft a compelling story that incorporates your rationale and meets the criteria of the project brief.

Icon Styles for Every Taste

Some ideas for your next collection of interface icons. The icons are, without a doubt, one of the most used graphic elements today in the interface design of digital products.

Avoid This One Thing in Your Presentations

It’s a really simple concept but difficult to execute in practice. You start creating your slide deck and find yourself doing it again. The temptation is always there, but you have to avoid it.

Graphic Design Is Being Reborn Through Digital Marketing

A more meaningful purpose is replacing traditional graphic design

How Do You Diagnose a Client’s UX or Design Problem?

User experience (UX) design is the process design teams use to create products ... Learn about the history of UX and what it means to be a UX designer here. ... it. Similarly, UX designers don't just focus on creating products that are usable; we ... In software designs, you will need to ensure the product's “substance” comes

How to put an SVG into any application that uses HTML

This blog exists because people keep asking me this question. This tutorial series will guide you through creating and further customizing this website using HTML.

The One-Page Visual Investigation Bonanza

The One-Page Visual Investigation Bonanza - How to tell visual investigative stories in a single page? A guide for journalists.

Graphic Design Agency

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