GraphQL is an API technology designed to describe the complex, nested data dependencies of modern web applications.

XCUI Swift Mocking GraphQL RESTful Way

So how do we solve this problem?

How GraphQL Boosts Performance in Gatsby

We'll take a look at how Gatsby, which is a PWA generator, uses GraphQL to pull in data at build time and also its implications on performance.

Serverless, GraphQL on AWS Lambda | Frontend Love Tips & Tricks

15 minutes live quick knowledge session by Benjamin on Serverless, GraphQL on AWS Lambda.

Rodrigo Senra - Jupyter Notebooks

Rodrigo Senra - Jupyter Notebooks - Olá pessoal e sejam bem-vindos à mais um episódio do Castálio Podcast! Nosso convidado de hoje é diretor técnico na Work & Co, PhD em Ciências da Computação, já contribuiu com inúmeros projetos open source em Python, ajudou a fundar a Associação Python Brasil e já foi premiado com o Prêmio …

React GraphQL App (MERNG): #11 Deployment to Heroku & Netlify

React GraphQL App: Deployment to Heroku & Netlify.

React GraphQL App (MERNG): #10 Info Popups

React GraphQL App: Info Popups.

React GraphQL App (MERNG): #9 Displaying, Adding & Deleting Comments

React GraphQL App: Displaying, Adding and Deleting Comments.

React GraphQL App (MERNG): #8 Single Post Page

React GraphQL App: Single Post Page.

GraphQL for iOS Development

Understanding GraphQL and Implementing it on iOS

React GraphQL App (MERNG): #7 Like Button

In this class we add functionality for the like button to like/unlike a post when we're logged in.

React GraphQL App (MERNG): #6 Adding Posts

In this class, we add the create post form and show it when a user is logged in, and use the auth token to add post to our database.

Using GraphQL as API Gateway (MicroServices and Different Architecture)

Using Graphql as API Gateway (MicroServices and Different Architecture)

MuleSoft Hits the Mark with GraphQL

We got to see more details on MuleSoft’s vision for GraphQL, and it shows MuleSoft is working aggressively to fill a gap in GraphQL. What is GraphQL, its challenges, and how MuleSoft is addressing those challenges.

React GraphQL App (MERNG): #5 Authentication Context

In this class, we set up an auth context in which we store an application wide state and distribute it so that all of our components are aware of our authentication status.

React GraphQL App (MERNG): #4 Login & Register Pages

In this class we implement the login and register pages with forms and add functionality to hit our GraphQL server to log users in.

React GraphQL App (MERNG): #3 Displaying Posts

Displaying posts each in their card on the home page.

React GraphQL App (MERNG): #2 Semantic UI & Routes

Setting up Semantic UI and creating pages and linking to them using react router.

Protecting Your GraphQL API From Security Vulnerabilities

GraphQL is quickly becoming the tool of choice for developers that need to build an API for their client application. But like all new technologies, GraphQL comes with its own threat landscape. Whether you’re building a side project or a large-scale enterprise application, you’ll need to make sure you’re protecting yourself against these GraphQL security vulnerabilities.

React GraphQL App (MERNG + Apollo + Hooks): #1 Intro & Apollo Setup

React GraphQL App (MERNG + Apollo + Hooks): Intro & Apollo Setup

GraphQL — What, Why and How

GraphQL — What, Why and How. Learn how to set up a basic GraphQL project using graphql-express, how to best structure the code in GraphQL projects. GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.