Responsive HTML CSS Portfolio Website using Flexbox and Grid

Learn how to make a portfolio website using HTML and CSS. We will create this using CSS Flexbox and CSS grid. It will be fully responsive as well.

Superhero Layout — CSS Shapes for text

Welcome to part five of the CSS Grid Superhero Layout series. In this fifth part, we utilise CSS Shapes to make the text flow around shapes. There are similarities to part four where we used geometric shapes to shape our panels, we will have our text flowing in unique and interesting ways. Let’s get into it.

Essential Keys to Crack CSS

The short CSS guide that makes you say: “Ahhhhh… that’s why!”. In this tutorial, we'll discuss Essential Keys to Crack CSS

A Simple Reinforcement Learning Environment from Scratch

Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a powerful class of Machine Learning, which, unlike supervised learning (another powerful class), does not require labeled data to train a machine/agent.

Super Hero Layout — Combining CSS Grid and CSS Shapes

Welcome to part four of the CSS Grid Layout series! In this part, we combine the techniques from our previous posts with CSS Shapes to create a comic book layout with uniquely shaped panels.

Accordion Rows in CSS Grid

Another aspect of the meyerweb redesign I’d like to explore is the way I’m using CSS Grid rows to give myself more layout flexibility.

CSS Grid Tutorial | Frontend Mentor Challenge

CSS Grid Tutorial | Frontend Mentor Challenge. In this tutorial, I complete a challenge from ... I'm using HTML, CSS, and both Grid and Flexbox to solve this challenge.

20 Best Wordpress Themes For Logo Designer

Whether you are trying to attract new clients, give employers a feel for your skills, enhance your personal brand, or make yourself more visible on the web, here are 20 Wordpress Themes for logo

Building a hexagonal grid using CSS grid

I've been chasing the idea of using (abusing?) CSS grid to build a interconnected hexagonal grid, where each hexagon fits together seamlessly.

Exciting Things on the Horizon For CSS Layout

Exciting Things on the Horizon For CSS Layout. This past week has brought a few announcements from browser vendors of some exciting things that might have a big impact on CSS layout

Angular Flex-Layout: Flexbox and Grid Layout for Angular Component

CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid are very powerful layout functions. These are already supported by all modern browsers except for IE 11. Unlike properties for styling (for examplecolor and border), these are properties for building a layout structure

How to Search as You Type in Flutter

In this post I will be implementing a search in flutter, search is basically a basic requirement where you have a lot of content available and you want your users to get access to the content easily and efficiently.And We won’t be using any packages for this app except [HTTP]( "HTTP") to make network requests. before we begin let me show you what we will be implementing by the end of this post. search by first name or last name if the search query contains the name it will appear in search