gRPC on HTTP/3 on QUIC on UDP

gRPC on HTTP/3 on QUIC on UDP

gRPC & ASP.NET Core 5: Add a gRPC service reference

### Introduction A while ago, I published a post that explained how to expose proto files within an ASP.NET Core gRPC app using Route-To-Code that you can find here: [Exposing proto files in a gRPC service over a frameworkless and lightweight API...

gRPC & ASP.NET Core 5: Discover gRPCui, the GUI alternative to gRPCurl

gRPC & ASP.NET Core 5: Discover gRPCui, the GUI alternative to gRPCurl. In this article I’ll introduce you gRPCui which is quite the same tool, but available as a web tool, built on top on gRPCurl.

Embracing gRPC in .NET, by Irina Scurtu

Embracing gRPC in .NET, gRPC has been around for a while and .NET Core 3.0 welcomes it as a first-class citizen. We will look at how to use gRPC and its 4 models and what are the benefits and downsides of using gRPC compared to the traditional models.

Severe Prototype Pollution Vulnerability Found in GRPC Node JS Codebase

gRPC Node js just fixed a major prototype pollution bug, let us discuss it.

gRPC for the WCF Developer - Visual Studio Toolbox Live

gRPC is a modern framework for building networked services and distributed applications. This live session is for developers who have previously used the Windows Communication Framework (WCF) and are looking to migrate their applications to a modern RPC environment for .NET 5.

Deep Dive: gRPC - Yuxuan Li, Google

gRPC-Go is a native implementation of gRPC spec in Go language, with rich features and flexible APIs. This presentation will dive into the architecture of gRPC-Go, mainly the surface (gRPC) layer, transport layer, resolver component and balancer component. It will also include a brief introduction to key gRPC features such as binary logging, channelz (runtime debugging), service config and rpc retry along the way.

An Up-To Date Review of gRPC with GoLang

This tutorial will cover the following aspects of gRPC with GoLang: Why gRPC was created, An overview of gRPC + protobuf, Implementing a client and a server in Go, Generating documentation for your .proto files

Kubernetes, gRPC Services, and Probes by Example

Kubernetes, gRPC Services, and Probes by Example. Setting up Kubernetes probes for workloads providing gRPC services.

Microservices Ecosystem - A 2021 Guide Of The Available Products and Services

Microservices Ecosystem - A 2021 Guide Of The Available Products and Services. This guide is an introduction to developing microservices. Service Technologies No matter how isolated and independent your microservices are, at some point, some of them, will need to communicate with each other.

Alibaba Cloud Uses Dapr to Support Its Business Growth

In a recent blog post, Sky Ao, a staff engineer at Alibaba Cloud, details how Alibaba Cloud uses the Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) to supported its business growth. As business applications use standard HTTP and gRPC endpoints to address Dapr sidecars.

HTTP for Inter-Service Communication?

HTTP for inter-service communication? HTTP has been created for a different purpose, they are created for browsers to back end server communication to retrieve some data using the request-response model.

Supersonic, Subatomic gRPC Services With Java and Quarkus

Supersonic, Subatomic gRPC Services With Java and Quarkus. Get an overview of gRPC and how it compares to REST over HTTP, then get started using Quarkus to implement and consume gRPC services.

Moving k8s communication to gRPC

Moving k8s communication to gRPC. Learn how we use gRPC in combination with Kubernetes to improve the performance and usability of internal APIs.

Consuming APIs With Python and Building Microservices With gRPC

Consuming APIs With Python and Building Microservices With gRPC. David shares another article about creating microservices using Google Remote Procedure Calls (gRPC). Have you wanted to get your Python code to consume data from web-based APIs? Maybe you've dabbled with the requests package, but you don't know what steps to take next. This week on the show, David Amos is back, and he's brought another batch of PyCoder's Weekly articles and projects.

What is a Service Mesh?

What is Service Mesh? A service mesh is an additional infrastructure layer that provides a means of communication between all services in a given application. It is typically deployed as a series of proxies alongside each service instance.

gRPC Performance Improvements - ASP.NET Community Standup

James Newton-King overviews some of the recent gRPC performance improvements in .NET.

Dropbox Reveals Atlas - A Managed Service Orchestration Platform

In a recent blog post, Dropbox Reveals Atlas - a Managed Service Orchestration Platform. Dropbox revealed Atlas, a platform whose aim is to provide various benefits of a Service Oriented Architecture while minimizing the operational cost of owning a service.

Blazor: Switching Server and WebAssembly At Runtime

In this article you'll find out how Blazor: Switching Server and WebAssembly at runtime. ASP.NET Core Blazor is a web framework designed to run client-side in the browser on a WebAssembly-based .NET runtime (Blazor WebAssembly) or server-side in ASP.NET Core (Blazor Server).

gRPC: How to Make Server Streaming Calls

In this article, I’ll cover a gRPC call using server streaming response — implementing a client and server Go applications. The client sends a single request, and the server responds with a stream of messages.