A Beginners Guide to Using Django’s Impressive Data Management Abilities

Use Django ORM for your data management tasks. Even without starting any web server.

React Basics: What’s the difference between JavaScript and JSX?

What is React? What is its associated language JSX? How does it compared to JavaScript?Here’s an overview of React and the differences between JS and JSX! JS is standard JavaScript, JSX is an HTML-like syntax that you can use with React to (theoretically) make it easier and more intuitive to create React components.

Data Science Interview Guide

A guide to help you start your career in Data Science! These are notes from my interviews. They are intended to help at the internship and new grad Data Scientist levels.

How to Crack the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam in 1 Month (October 2020)

This article is specifically targeted at people with little to no experience with GCP. How to Crack the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam in 1 Month (October 2020)

Ten Unwritten Rules for a Coding Beginner

An “Easy to Follow” Rule-Book for a Rookie Coder. And don't call source code “codes”—it's software or sour... ... The only time you should do that is when following a tutorial, like a quick start guide in a library such as SDL. ... What are some unwritten rules that others expect us to follow? ... The only other rule is more of an axiom: if you put 10 developers in a ...

Beginner’s Guide to Linux

Linux is a Unix-based operating system developed by Linus Torvalds and thousands of other contributors (as it was opensource), and this led to several distributions or what we call Linux Distros. Linux was a Unix clone, although it behaved like Unix,

How to pass the New CKA exam released at September 2020

The Linux Foundation decided to make some changes to the CKA and starting September 2020 the new format was released. The new exam format is of 2 hours and they increased the quality of questions.

How to Set up Your Project: Rails API and JavaScript

This is a review on how to set up your project specifically for a Rails API backend and JavaScript frontend, but the general steps to create a project are the same.

Fetch Requests and Controller Actions: Connecting the Frontend to the Backend

Let’s make fetch happen. Why do we need it? What can we do with it? How is it related to controller actions?

A Business Practical Guide on Churn Analysis

As such, this article will take you through the steps on how to conduct a churn analysis. This article is summarized in the Venn diagram below, topped with a dating sauce.

How to Python: The Basics

This guide will cover the very basics of coding in Python 3 and my goal is to get you, the reader, writing code and playing with your code as quickly as possible. I will be using Jupyter Notebook as my IDE.

Start your business with robots

Start your business with robots. Introduction and basic concempts to RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Escape Tutorial Hell — Web Dev Edition.

Okay, let’s jump right into it. So you’ve learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To do this, you watched a lot of tutorials and now you want to test your knowledge out.

Which Optimizer Should I Use in my Machine Learning Project?

This article provides a summary of popular optimizers used in computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning in general. Additionally, you will find a guideline based on three questions to help you pick the right optimizer for your next machine learning project.

A step-by-step guide for creating an authentic data science portfolio project

Follow me along on how I explored Germany’s largest travel forum Vielfliegertreff.In this blogpost, I want to show you how I develop interesting data science project ideas and implement them step by step, such as exploring Germany’s biggest frequent flyer forum Vielfliegertreff. If you are short on time feel free to skip to the conclusion TLDR.

My Journey & Guide for Google Summer of Code

My Journey & Guide for Google Summer of Code. In this blog, I would like to share my experience with this amazing program and also my journey so far.

How I Would Start Learning Blockchain If I Had To Start All Over Again

1 year since the beginning when I started to learn blockchain and learned how to and how not to at the same time. In this tutorial, you'll see How I Would Start Learning Blockchain If I Had To Start All Over Again

How to Access Spotify’s Web API Using Ruby, RESTClient, and JSON

Client-side API Authorization using Spotify’s Web API . APIs usually have thorough documentation that is both technical and practical, detailing many designed user experiences.

Full Deployment of Cookiecutter-Django on DigitalOcean with Docker

I struggled through my first deployment, so I wrote a guide for my future self and decided to share it. This article is a collection of links that serve as references to tutorials, general notes for deployment, and a step-by-step overview of the process I take to deploy an application. Throughout this article I use the following:cookiecutter-django, PostgreSQL, Docker, DigitalOcean

A Guide on Choosing the Right Components to Upgrade Your Laptop

If you are here, you are seriously thinking about upgrading your laptop. You may know a thing or two about the main components of your laptop and getting ready to splash cash on brand-new components. But once you start searching, you are quickly bombarded with different brands and formats for just one component.