The Biggest Data Breaches That Made Headlines in 2020.

Today, in the COVID-19 World, working from home has become an accepted corporate culture, giving rise to security challenges across industries. Enterprises a...

10 Biggest Data Breaches That Made Headlines In 2020

With the rise of pandemic and the transitions in organisations, cybercriminals achieved one-in-a-million chance to hack and breach data.

70% of Organisations Found It Difficult To Maintain ‘Endpoint Cyber Hygiene’: Report

IT giant Wipro has now released its annual State of Cybersecurity Report (SOCR), which presents the changing perspectives of cybersecurity.

Cyber Sparring Is One Of The Best Ways To Build Cyber Resilience

To understanding how AI can enhance a businesses’ defensive capabilities, we spoke to Steve Ledzian, VP & CTO, APAC at FireEye.

Facebook Debuts Bug Bounty ‘Loyalty Program’

Facebook bounty hunters will be placed into tiers by analyzing their score, signal and number of submitted bug reports — which will dictate new bonus percentages.

Account Takeover Fraud Losses Total Billions Across Online Retailers

Account takeover (ATO) attacks are on the rise, and in fact have become a go-to attack of choice cybercriminals of all stripes. In fact, in 2019 alone, ATO attacks cost consumers and e-commerce retailers a whopping $16.9 billion in losses.

Microsoft Kills 18 Azure Accounts Tied to Nation-State Attacks

An APT group has started heavily relying on cloud services like Azure Active Directory and OneDrive, as well as open-source tools, to obfuscate its attacks.

8 Free Resources To Learn Ethical Hacking With Python

Python, most loved programming languages available due to its abundance of tools and libraries, is also preferred for ethical hacking.

How to Align the <hr> Tag and Deal with its Caveats

In this article, I am going to show you <hr> attributes to help you align or style it and other caveats to consider.

Stolen Fortnite Accounts Earn Hackers Millions Per Year

More than 2 billion breached Fortnite accounts have gone up for sale in underground forums so far in 2020 alone.

My Mobile Phone Got Hacked and Here Is How You Can Protect Yourself

Some of my friends were saying, my mobile phone didn’t hack and I am doing a prank. Then before you read my hacking story, I want to give you a disclaimer that it’s not a prank or fake story.

What is Cybersecurity and Its Importance

In 2020, Cyber Security degrees are more popular than ever. Let’s see if cybersecurity might be the career for you! Data and network security are hot topics everywhere.