Prevent Tabnabbing with The Appropriate Noopener, Noreferrer and Nofollow Attribution

Now and then, when you click on a link on a website, the link will be opened in a new tab, but the old tab will also be redirected to some other phishing website where it asks you to login or starts downloading some malware to your device. In this blog post, I will explain how something like this is achieved, and how to easily prevent this from happening in your own websites.

Data Mesh concept - buzzzzz or not?

What is the recently popular data mesh concept and its benefits? With the growing number of data sources and need for agility, a decentralized data architecture concept- Data Mesh can be explored to enforce data quality and governance adherence

The One Data Science Project Idea That’ll Impress Interviewers

Let’s talk about the one and only project you need to build, that’ll help you gain fullstack data science experience, and impress interviewers on your interviews if your goal is to jumpstart your career in data science.

Artificial Intelligence: Drawing Inspiration from Human Capabilities

This video is both an introduction to the recent paper Thinking Fast and Slow in AI by Francesca Rossi and her team at IBM, and to Luis Lamb's most recent paper

How DAGs Grow: When People Trust A Data Source, They'll Ask More Of It

This blog post is a refresh of a talk that James and I gave at Strata back in 2017. Why recap a 3-year-old conference talk? Well, the core ideas have aged well, we’ve never actually put them into writing before, and we’ve learned some new things in the meantime. Enjoy!

Breast Cancer Detection Using Histopathology Images

The goal of this article is to identify IDC when it is present in otherwise unlabeled histopathology images. Breast Cancer Detection Using Histopathology Images

Wake Up With a Cup of Java: 10+ Practice Projects for Your Programming Career Prospects

You’ve started to learn Java programming and wonder how to make the learning process faster and boost your career prospects. But what about practice?

CSS Recreation: The Frosted Glass Credit Card Design

CSS Recreation: The Frosted Glass Credit Card Design. Today I wanted to try and recreate a super cool dribbble shot from Dede Dwiyansyah I came across.

Kubernetes Explained Simply: #3 What Do I Have Permissions For?

Stretching as far back as version 1.8 (in September of 2017), Kubernetes has supported a fine-grained access control mechanism called RBAC.  Nothing gets done via the Kubernetes API that isn't governed by some sort permission or another, and there are a lot of them.

The Basics of GitOps and Secure Deployment in Kubernetes

The GitOps way implies that what is in the repo will be in Kubernetes. It literally syncs the states between your repo and Kubernetes. If an unspecified person changes something in Kubernetes ( delete or update config map, for example ), the GitOps tool will sync state and overwrite changes. It works in both ways.

5 Data Science Interview Questions via Facebook, Twitch, and Postmates

There are data science interview questions that I’ve collected in the first few months of 2021 from Facebook, Twitch, Postmates, and more.

How to Write a Python Script to Scale Your Data Science Job Applications

Are you struggling getting job interviews as a fresh graduate out of college? Here's my experience using an unconventional approach to get that interview.

Gamestonk Terminal: The Next Best Thing To A $24k Bloomberg Terminal

Which led me to the idea during X'mas break to spend the time creating my own terminal. I introduce you to “Gamestonk Terminal”

Docker And JFrog Partnership: Path To Limitless DevOps in the Cloud

This article talks about the recent partnership between Docker and JFrog and how this partnership impacts developers and enterprises positively? The whole DevOps world works involving containers in building, packaging, running and shipping their software applications.

Kubernetes Explained Simply: Waiting For Kubernetes

When you deploy stuff for a living, you find yourself waiting around, a lot. Wait for Terraform to spin up the AWS VPCs. Wait for the Kubernetes cluster node VMs to boot. Wait for the Kubernetes cluster to coalesce. Wait for the CNI pods, DNS pods, and kube-proxy bits to be happy. Wait, wait, wait.

7 Types of Data Bias in Machine Learning

7 Types of Data Bias in Machine Learning. Data bias can occur in a range of areas, from human reporting and selection bias to algorithmic and interpretation bias.

Is Visual Programming The Next Paradigm Shift For Software Development?

Over the course of history, humans have endeavored to make things faster, easier, and more efficient. Software is no exception to this – it was created to solve real-life problems.

Consider This: Theomorphic Robots; Not Losing Our Religion?

Consider This: Theomorphic Robots; Not Losing Our Religion? As icons and rituals adapt to newer technologies, the rise of robotics and AI can change the way we practice and experience spirituality.

Rewriting the 1978 text-only Super Star Trek game

During the last two weeks, I spent all my free time working hard on one of the most ridiculous achievements of my life: dissecting, understanding, and rewriting the old 1978 Super Star Trek videogame.

Developer or Engineer? Does It Make a Difference?

To summarise the main differences between the software developer and engineer: A developer executes. ... So the software developer is mainly focused on developing code that is a part of software development cycle. An engineer designs and plans applying the principles of engineering to software development.