How Mobile Technology Is Changing the Face of Healthcare

A couple of years ago, you could have gotten this reaction if you have said that this technology will impact healthcare in the coming days. It has transformed and is still revolutionizing both sides of healthcare: consumers as well as [healthcare...

AI Model Might Help Avoid Unnecessary Monitoring of Patients

A new study published by Nature Partner Journals shows that AI can be used to avoid unnecessary monitoring of patients

Narayana MultiSpeciality Hospital

Narayana [Multispeciality Hospital in Ahmedabad]( "Multispeciality Hospital in Ahmedabad") is the...

Healthcare Mobile App Development Company - Hire Healthcare App Developers

Healthcare Mobile App Development Company offers healthcare app solutions that provides health data management, library management, and vendor management. Let’s connect.

AI in Healthcare — Is the Future of Healthcare already here?

AI in Healthcare — Is the Future of Healthcare already here? For many years, AI has held science-fiction-like promise.

Rapid Diagnosis of Stroke-Causing Blockages Using Deep Learning Model

A sophisticated deep learning model helps rapidly detect stroke-causing blockages in the arteries that supply blood to the head, speeding the inset of life-saving treatment in healthcare industry.

Top 10 Healthcare & Medical Software Development Companies in USA | TrustFirms

Looking for Healthcare Software in USA & India? You can hire the best software developers for medical & hospital industries from TrustFirms.

Scaling Breast Cancer Detection with Pachyderm

Scaling Breast Cancer Detection with Pachyderm. The flexibility of the Pachyderm' platform makes it simple to scale research effectively, able to put cutting edge diagnostics into practitioners' hands faster. Pachyderm helps you to scale research to get it into practitioners' hands faster.

The Claims Submission Pipeline

The Medical Claims Submission Pipeline. Medical Claims Datasets and Their Applications

Examine a Nutrition Guide for Preventing Cancer

In a couple of decades, we could be witnessing a 60 percent rise in the overall cancer cases as per the latest report published by the WHO. As per research in middle-income and even low-income nations, the rise could be pretty high at almost 81...

Healthcare Technology Trends - 10 ways to change future of medicine

Technology has touched every one of our lives in very different and impactful ways. Perhaps the biggest impact the advancement of technology has had is in the medical science field. If you are curious about what the future holds for the healthcare technology and some promising trends emerging in

We’re in a New Frontier of Health Tech

We’re in a New Frontier of Health Tech. Healthcare needs top tech talent as the coronavirus pandemic accelerates a sea change in the industry.

Exploration into Open Electronic Health Records

In this article I will discuss a publically-available Electronic Health Record (EHR) dataset. Ever the optimist, my hope is that one day there will be a widespread availability of de-identified EHR.

Ethically Collecting Conversations With People that have Cognitive Impairments

Improving the Accessibility of Voice Assistants: Doing Things Right. This practical guide aims to help future researchers, like me, collect these valuable datasets quickly without compromising any ethical considerations or data security.

New Algorithms Could Transform Drug Trials by Predicting Side Effects

New Algorithms Could Transform Drug Trials by Predicting Side Effects. The algorithms have the potential to improve patient outcomes and reduce the need for new trials to reassess missed side effects during the first clinical trials.

How GANs Can Improve Healthcare Analytics

How GANs Can Improve Healthcare Analytics. Generative Adversarial Networks offer healthcare organizations applications in patient treatment and privacy protection

Transforming Healthcare Sector with Blockchain.

The unexpected emergence and quick but the uncontrolled worldwide spread of COVID-19 Virus show us some of the gaping holes in the existing healthcare surveillance systems, facilities, infrastructure, and the inability to handle public emergencies.

Why Is It So Hard To Build An Ethical ML Framework For Healthcare

Why Is It So Hard To Build An Ethical ML Framework For Healthcare. As data collection is a key concern of the building the ethical machine learning pipeline, it should be framed as an important front-of-mind.

NVIDIA Vouches To Accelerate AI-Led Medical Innovations. But How?

Despite years of research and billions of dollars spent on drug discovery, 90% of the efforts fail.

The Story Of Newly-Found Friendship: AI, ML, and The Pandemic

The Story Of Newly-Found Friendship: AI, ML, and The Pandemic. In this article, I will talk about how this pandemic has given the AI-ML duo a much-needed push and how this newly-found friendship is working out for good!