MIT Researchers Build New AI Model To Predict Viral Escape

The model can predict the sections of the viral surface proteins that are likely or less likely to mutate, making them good targets for vaccines.

How AI-powered Vitals Monitoring System Helping Nagpur COVID Patients

Nagpur hospital, IGGMC partnered with Dozee, an advanced health intelligence tracker that acts as a contactless monitoring device.

AWS Introduces Amazon HealthLake For Analysis & Transformation Of Healthcare Data In Cloud

The latest offering on healthcare from Amazon was introduced in the form of Amazon HealthLake, announced at the AWS re:Invent 2020 event.

Using MONAI Framework For Medical Imaging Research - Analytics India Magazine

MONAI is a PyTorch based framework, community-driven, and has been accepted in many healthcare imaging solutions. It is integrated with training and modelling workflows in a native PyTorch Standard. MONAI provides deep learning solution in medical image training and analysis at several places

How To Make Algorithms Really Work For Clinical Trials

How legit are the current algorithms? Have they been thoroughly vetted by government bodies like the FDA for reliability?

How Is Digital Innovation Driving The Healthcare Space During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The Healthcare sector is emerging as one of the largest and most thriving sectors in India amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Doceree Is Providing AI-Enabled Dashboard For Healthcare Industry

Founded in 2019, New Jersey-based startup, Doceree is a global network of physician-only platforms for programmatic marketing.

NVIDIA Launches MONAI Framework To Accelerate AI In Healthcare

NVIDIA has launched MONAI — a Medical Open Network for AI, a domain-optimised, open-source framework for healthcare.

AI Firm Is Helping Radiologists Detect 20-different Pathologies Accurately

DeepTek has created an AI-based platform that assists radiologists to make accurate diagnoses through X-rays for 20 different pathologies.

AI Model Might Help Avoid Unnecessary Monitoring of Patients

A new study published by Nature Partner Journals shows that AI can be used to avoid unnecessary monitoring of patients

AI in Healthcare — Is the Future of Healthcare already here?

AI in Healthcare — Is the Future of Healthcare already here? For many years, AI has held science-fiction-like promise.

The Nuances Of Developing AI For Medical Imaging

We might have seen datasets with millions of flower images and other trivial, everyday items. But, when it comes to medical imagery...

How to use AI to improve outcomes and efficiency in primary healthcare

We train a machine learning based AI system to learn body movement, facial expressions, tremor and so on from a number of Parkinson patient video interviews, this can be used to potentially diagnose the disease given newly recorded (or even live streamed) patient consultations.

How Deep Learning Is Used For Tuberculosis Detection In City Of Nagpur

The goal was to reduce the diagnostic delay and effectively employ these healthcare providers to increase TB detection in the city.

How Sankara Eye Hospital Is Using AI For Diabetic Retinopathy Detection

Bengaluru-based Sankara Eye Hospital collaborated with Leben Care, to an AI software platform to diagnose diabetic retinal conditions.

AI, Machine Learning Playing Important Role in Fighting COVID-19

AI, Machine Learning Playing Important Role in Fighting COVID-19. We all focus on reviewing the role of AI as a powerful technology to inspect, analyze, encourage for prevention, and fight with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and other pandemics.

5 Ways How Healthcare Can Adopt AI

5 Ways How Healthcare Can Adopt AI: AI in Telemedicine; Personalized Medicine; AI in Communication; Health tracking and Recommendations.

7 Analytics-Based Fitness Tracking Software Available For 2020

Let’s take a look at a few analytics-based software, in no particular order that can help people in fitness tracking amid this lockdown.

Behind IBM’s Autonomous Chemistry Lab - Analytics India Magazine

To omit this significant hurdle in drug discovery, IBM has launched an autonomous chemistry lab combining AI, robotics & cloud — RoboRXN.

10 Mind Bending Applications Of Neuralink, According To The Team

One of the engineers at Neuralink who works in the visual neuroscience department said that this project has the potential...