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Collection Of interesting Things About ChatGPT and GPT-3 From OpenAI

ChatGPT Universe

This tiny place of the Web stores a growing collection of interesting things about ChatGPT and GPT-3 from OpenAI.

I want an all-in-one place to keep things about ChatGPT. So, I hand-curated this list with the help of others (acknowleged below).

The collections are not limited to only the best resources, tools, examples, demos, hacks, apps, and usages of ChatGPT.

The following resources started off based on awesome-chatgpt lists^1 but with my own modifications:

General Resources

ChatGPT Community / Discussion


Example prompts.


Blog Posts and Articles

Prompt Engineering

Wanted: Prompt engineer. Minimum 10 years prompt engineering experience. #hiring #joke

Prompt engineering is dead, long live dialogue engineering. — VP Product, OpenAI


Why does ChatGPT work so well? Is it "just scaling up GPT-3" under the hood? In this 🧵, let's discuss the "Instruct" paradigm, its deep technical insights, and a big implication: "prompt engineering" as we know it may likely disappear soon. Source: https://archive.is/dqHI8

  • Learn Prompting - This website is a free, open-source guide on prompt engineering.



Unofficial API and SDK.

  • rawandahmad698/PyChatGPT (Python) - Lightweight, TLS-Based API on your CLI without requiring a browser or access token.
  • acheong08/ChatGPT (Python) - Lightweight package for interacting with ChatGPT's API by OpenAI. Uses reverse engineered official API.
  • transitive-bullshit/chatgpt-api (Node.js) - Node.js client for the unofficial ChatGPT API and using a headless browser.
  • ChatGPT-MS - Multi-Session ChatGPT API. The main code is copied from PyChatGPT.


  • safer-prompt-evaluator - This shows the results from using a second, filter LLM that analyses prompts before sending them to ChatGPT.
  • Dust - Design and deploy large language model (LLM) apps. Generative models app specification and execution engine. Prompt engineering, re-imagined with one goal, help accelerate LLMs deployment.
  • LangChain - Building applications with LLMs through composability.

Training Data

  • LAION LLM - Gathering Data for, training and sharing of a LAION Large Language Models (LLLM). The group is still writing a tech proposal of FlanT5-Atlas architecture (or poor man's ChatGPT@Home).
  • open-chatgpt-prompt-collective by Surface Data Collective - A website to generate prompts for training an Open ChatGPT model.
  • BigScience P3 dataset - P3 (Public Pool of Prompts) is a collection of prompted English datasets covering a diverse set of NLP tasks. (PromptSource, a toolkit for creating, sharing and using prompts)
  • Data Augmentation To Create Instructions Form Text - discussion on LAION's Discord. The key to creating a better FlanT5 (ChatGPT@Home).
  • WritingPrompts dataset by FAIR.
  • Templates for FLAN (Finetuned Language Models are Zero-Shot Learners)
  • In OpenAI's papers on GPT-2 and GPT-3.x, they mentioned references to these datasets:
    • Common Crawl
      • Number of Tokens: 410 billion
      • Weight in training mix: 60%
    • WebText2
      • An internet dataset created by scraping URLs extracted from Reddit submissions with a minimum score of 3 as a proxy for quality, deduplicated at the document level with MinHash
      • Number of Tokens: 19 billion
      • Weight in training mix: 20%
    • Books1[^4]
      • Number of Tokens: 12 billion
      • Weight in training mix: 8%
    • Books2[^4]
      • Number of Tokens: 55 billion
      • Weight in training mix: 8%
    • Wikipedia
      • Number of Tokens: 3 billion
      • Weight in training mix: 3%

[^4]: A key component of GPT-3.5 models are Books1 and Books2. Books1 - aka BookCorpus, a free books scraped from smashwords.com. Books2 - We know very little about what this is, people suspect it's libgen, but it's purely conjecture. Nonetheless, books3 is "all of bibliotik".

Open Source ChatGPT

We want a ChatGPT alternative like Stable Diffusion.


  • Open source effort towards OpenAI's ChatGPT.
  • Reverse engineer and replicate ChatGPT models and training data.

Ultimate goal: self-hosted version of ChatGPT.

FLAN-T5 XXL aka. ChatGPT@Home is a public model that has undergone instruction finetuning. XXL is a 11B model. It is currently the most comparable model against ChatGPT (InstructGPT models are initialized from GPT-3.x series (model card)). There are successful attempts deploying FLAN-T5 on GPU with 24 GB RAM with bitsandbytes-Int8 inference for Hugging Face models. You can run the model easily on a single machine, without performance degradation. This could be a game changer in enabling people outside of big tech companies being able to use these LLMs. Efforts are already underway to create a better FLAN-T5. The community (i.e., LAION) are working on FlanT5-Atlas architecture and a collection of prompted/instructions datasets.

Open-Chat-GPT by LAION - A project meant to give everyone access to a great chat based large language model. High-level plans:

Phase 1: Prompt collection for supervised finetuning (SFT) and to get the prompts for model generated completions/answers.

Phase 2: Human feedback (e.g. ranking) of multiple outputs generated by the model. Example five model outputs are shown and the user should rank them from best to worst.

Phase 3: Optimization with RLHF which we plan to do via TRLX. And then the we iterate with this new model again over phase 2 and phase 3 hopefully multiple times.

More info, see the LAION LLM proposal (Google Doc) above.


  • Originated as a fork of TRL.
  • It allows you to fine-tune Hugging Face language models (GPT2, GPT-NeoX based) up to 20B parameters using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).
  • Brought to you by CarperAI (an EleutherAI lab). They have announced plans for the first open-source "instruction-tuned" LM. CarperAI started by developing production ready open-source RLHF tools.

lucidrains/PaLM-rlhf-pytorch - (WIP) Implementation of RLHF on top of the PaLM architecture. Basically ChatGPT but with PaLM. The developer plan to add retrieval functionality too, à la RETRO.

allenai/RL4LMs - RL for language models (RL4LMs) by Allen AI. It's a modular RL library to fine-tune language models to human preferences.

GPT-JT - GPT-JT (6B) is a variant forked off GPT-J (6B), and performs exceptionally well on text classification and other tasks. On classification benchmarks such as RAFT, it comes close to state-of-the-art models that are much larger (e.g., InstructGPT davinci v2)!

See cedrickchee/awesome-transformer-nlp for more info.

Browser Extensions

Use ChatGPT anywhere.

Access ChatGPT From Other Platforms


CLI Tools

Editors and IDEs



Web applications.

  • ShareGPT - A web app for sharing your wildest ChatGPT conversations with one click. (demo)
  • LearnGPT - Share ChatGPT examples. See the best voted examples. Their goal is to create a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about ChatGPT.
  • ShowGPT - Show your ChatGPT prompts.
  • The search engine for developers, powered by large, proprietary AI language models.

Desktop applications.



AI Safety and Ethics

AI alignment and AI interpretability.

AGI and Humanity

AI for the Next Era - OpenAI's Sam Altman on the New Frontiers of AI.

My comments: Reading this after the ChatGPT launch, mostly all the things that Sam is referring to in the interview contains reminiscences about predictions on AI and development from Ray Kurzweil.

Google won't launch ChatGPT rival because of 'reputational risk'

AI Alignment Forum is a single online hub for researchers to discuss all ideas related to ensuring that transformatively powerful AIs are aligned with human values. Discussion ranges from technical models of agency to the strategic landscape, and everything in between.


ChatGPT is incredibly limited, but good enough at some things to create a misleading impression of greatness.

It's a mistake to be relying on it for anything important right now. It's a preview of progress; we have lots of work to do on robustness and truthfulness.

fun creative inspiration; great! reliance for factual queries; not such a good idea. — Sam Altman, OpenAI

News covering to that Tweet.

Applications and Tools

The @HuggingFace GPT detector works very well on ChatGPT-created text. I ran 5 student essays and 5 ChatGPT essays for the same prompt through it, and it was correct every time with >99.9% confidence. — @cfiesler

  • OpenAI's attempts to watermark AI text hit limits - Watermarking may allow for detection of AI text. This post discusses some of the limitations but suggests that it's worth pursuing. Prof. Scott Aaronson "expressed the belief that, if OpenAI can demonstrate that watermarking works and doesn't impact the quality of the generated text, it has the potential to become an industry standard.". OpenAI engineer Hendrik Kirchner built a working prototype.


General technology for enabling AI capabilities with LLMs and generative AI models.

GPT-3/LLMs' Achilles heel is short context length - how many "in-context" examples they can consume to learn a new task. Enter "Structured Prompting": scale your examples from dozens => 1,000+ — @mathemagic1an


Demos^3 and examples in the form of tweets:

  1. Generating detailed prompts for text-to-image models like MidJourney & Stable Diffusion
  2. ChatGPT outperforming Google search
  3. Generating code for automated RPA, e.g. automating the click sequence for house search in Redfin
  4. Generating on-demand code contribution ideas for an about-to-be-fired Twitter employee
  5. An app builder such as essay automatic summarization
  6. Personal trainer and nutritionist: Generating a weight loss plan, complete with calorie targets, meal plans, a grocery list, and a workout plan
  7. Building a virtual machine inside ChatGPT
  8. Code debugging partner: explains and fixes bugs

See more

  1. Generating programmatic astrophoto processing by detecting constellations in an image
  2. VSCode extension that allows using ChatGPT within the context of a code
  3. Building web AR scenes by using text commands
  4. Stringing cloud services to perform complex tasks
  5. Generating legal contracts
  6. A Chrome extension that presents ChatGPT results next to Google Search
  7. Solving complex coding questions - the end of LeetCode?
  8. Solving complex academic assignments - the end of Chegg?
  9. Answering unanswered Stack Overflow questions - the end of Stack Overflow?
  10. Explaining complex regex without any context
  11. Generating hallucinated chat with a hallucinated person in a hallucinated chat room
  12. Bypassing OpenAI's restrictions by disclosing ChatGPT's belief system
  13. Uncovering ChatGPT's opinion of humans including a detailed destruction plan
  14. An insightful executive summary of ChatGPT
  15. Building e-commerce websites: stitching ChatGPT & Node script to automatically generate SEO-driven blog posts using GPT 3
  16. A ChatGPT extension that generates text, tweets, stories, and more for every website
  17. An extension that adds "Generate PNG" and "Export PDF" functions to ChatGPT's interface
  18. A thread showcasing ways of helping hackers by using ChatGPT
  19. Generating editorial pieces like sports articles
  20. Generating SEO titles to optimize sites Click Through Rate
  21. Creating social games. E.g. guess which city is featured in a picture
  22. A tutorial on how to use ChatGPT to create a wrapper R package
  23. ChatGPT can basically just generate AI art prompts. I asked a one-line question, and typed the answers verbatim straight into MidJourney and boom. Times are getting weird...
  24. A collection of wrong and failed results from ChatGPT
  25. Use the AWS TypeScript CDK to configure cloud infrastructure on AWS
  26. Seeing people trick ChatGPT into getting around the restrictions OpenAI placed on usage is like watching an Asimov novel come to life
  27. Never ever write a job description again
  28. ChatGPT is getting pretty close to replicating the Stack Overflow community already
  29. That's how I'll pick books in the future
  30. ChatGPT is amazing but OpenAI has not come close to addressing the problem of bias. Filters appear to be bypassed with simple tricks, and superficially masked
  31. i'm the ai now
  32. All the ways to get around ChatGPT's safeguards


Mostly found in GitHub Gist:

A conversation I had with ChatGPT, inspired by a tweet from Michael Nielson.

You are Webby, a website creation assistant.

Hi, my code has two bugs and I’m not sure how to fix them. If you can help me, I’ll send you the code.


I am providing code and resources in this repository to you under an open source license. Because this is my personal repository, the license you receive to my code and resources is from me and not my employer.

Download details:

Author: cedrickchee
Source code: https://github.com/cedrickchee/chatgpt-universe

License: MIT license


Collection Of interesting Things About ChatGPT and GPT-3 From OpenAI
Mariya James

Mariya James


Vue Vs. React: Which JS Framework To Choose In 2022?

As a startup or small business, you need robust web platforms today that can develop high-quality web solutions quickly. To achieve this, web developers have shifted their focus to booming web technologies.

One such topic that deserves your attention is the debate between Vue and React – two of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Vue and React have pros and cons, so deciding which one to use for your next project can be tough.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide comparing Vue vs React. By the end of this article, you should have a good understanding of which framework is best suited for your needs.

What is Vue?

Vue is a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications. It was created by Evan You in 2014 and is now maintained by an open-source community.

Vue is similar to React in that it uses a component-based architecture. However, it’s more lightweight than React and easier to learn if you’re new to JavaScript frameworks.

To take full advantage of VueJS, you can hire VueJS developers from a web app development company who can help you with applications based on the latest technologies. 

Pros of Vue:

- Easy to learn for beginners

- Lightweight and fast

- Has a small learning curve

- Supports both server-side rendering and client-side rendering

Cons of Vue: 

- Smaller community compared to React or Angular

Also Read: 7 reasons to choose Facebook’s ReactJS

What is React? 

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It was created by Jordan Walke at Facebook in 2011 and is now maintained by Facebook, Instagram, and a community of developers.

React is used for building single-page applications and mobile applications. It’s one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks companies like Airbnb, Netflix, and Twitter.

Pros of React: 

- Used by large companies

- Has a large community

- Supports server-side rendering

Cons of React: 

- Steep learning curve

- Requires more code than Vue to achieve the same results

Which one should you choose? 

Vue and React have pros and cons, so your best framework will depend on your specific needs.

If you’re new to JavaScript frameworks, Vue is a good choice because it’s lightweight and easy to learn. However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution that large companies use, then React is a better option.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your preferences and what you need from a JavaScript framework. We hope this guide has helped you understand the differences between Vue and React to decide which one to use for your next project. If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with us, please leave a comment below.

Read the complete blog here:

#hirevuejsdevelopers  #Vuejsappdevelopmentcompany #Vuejsappdevelopmentservices #Vuejsdevelopmentservices #hiring 

Vue Vs. React: Which JS Framework To Choose In 2022?

Need to hire a dedicated Angular developer

If you need to hire a react js developer for your project, you should budget accordingly. Hiring a top-quality Angular developer will save you time and nerves, while delivering quality results on time. While you can always try to find a freelancer with a good rate and good reviews, hiring a dedicated Angular developer will be more cost-effective in the long run. In addition, it will be a good way to get a highly skilled Angular developer.

Best website design Hire Angularjs Development

Besides, hiring an Angular developer will ensure that your website works on different devices. It is important to ensure that the web application is responsive, as it is used by millions of people. A good Angular developer will have experience in ensuring that the design is fully functional on multiple devices. It will also be crucial to make sure that your Angular developers have the proper knowledge and expertise. A good Angular developer will be able to handle any issue that may arise.

If you want a dedicated Angular developer for your project, you should choose a full-time employee. This way, you can hire someone who is available on a regular basis and who will stick to your project’s requirements. This will ensure that you receive high-quality results. By hiring a full-time Angular developer, you’ll get more bang for your buck, and you can change their Angular programmer at any time.

Hiring a dedicated Angular developer will ensure that your website is built with a modern technology and will be responsive on a range of devices. Moreover, Angular is also compatible with other popular technologies, such as NodeJs, MongoDB, and React Native. With Let’s Nurture, you can enjoy flexibility when choosing an Angular developer for your project. The process is easy and straightforward. The dedicated Angular developer will start working on your project from the day you hire them.

As a business owner, you’ll need to hire a dedicated Angular developer for your project. A dedicated Angular developer is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a dependable, professional angular developer for your project. You should find a developer who has excellent communication skills and is highly responsive. You’ll need someone who will not only be able to answer your questions but who will be able to deliver results you can’t live without.

Hiring a dedicated Angular developer is an ideal solution if you’re looking for an experienced professional. Depending on your needs, an Angular developer can help you to build a custom web application for your company. They have the necessary skills and expertise to create your website and enhance your online presence. They’ll work around your schedule and fit your budget. If you’re hiring a freelancer, make sure they have a great reputation.

Hiring a dedicated Angular developer is a smart choice if you’re looking to hire a competent and experienced Angular developer. Having a dedicated ANGular developer is a great way to avoid hiring a full-time Angular expert. This is because a dedicated ANGUAL developer will work on your project for a longer period of time. This means that he or she will have the time to dedicate to your project.

Another advantage of hiring a dedicated Angular developer is that he or she will be able to work on your project without any distractions. They can also work with your existing team, allowing them to better collaborate. A dedicated Angular developer will be more motivated and focused on your project, which is a big plus for your business. If you’re looking to hire an Angular developer, you can hire them through proper recruitment and communication.

While hiring a freelance Angular developer is a great idea for many reasons, there are some benefits to hiring a full-time developer for your project. For example, a dedicated Angular developer can work with a team of other developers in your company to ensure a smooth collaboration. A full-time Angular developer can also be more efficient than a part-time employee. Depending on the skill set and experience level, a full-time ANGUAL developer can be your best option for your project.

#reactjs #hiring #hire #react-native 

Need to hire a dedicated Angular developer

Major Reasons Why You Should Opt for React JS Web Development

If you’ve stepped into the world of web development, then there are fewer chances that you might not have come across React JS. Even though it’s not a typical web development framework, it offers various coding possibilities which increased its popularity in recent years. Therefore, many businesses prefer to hire React JS developers for their web application development projects.

Big brands like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, and Skype are leveraging React JS technology for their web applications. So, what makes React JS a preferred framework for website or application development? This article describes the major reasons why you should opt for React JS web development.

Why Opt for React JS Web Development?

1. Ease of Use

React JS has an easy learning curve. You only need to know JavaScript and you are good to go! However, you should adopt a continuous learning approach to expand your knowledge, skills, and training. But with React JS, independent work with the use of comprehensive guides will be just enough to master the framework in a short time.

Also, why you’ll love working with this amazing framework is that it allows you to prepare and immediately configure a new project with a single command. You just need to open the console and write:

  1. npx create-react-app my-app
  2. cd my-app
  3. npm start

And you’re done! The application has successfully launched and you can get started with coding. People who don’t like to mess with configuration files or beginners who cannot do it all will be happier.

The Facebook community has already addressed these problems through the support for modern JavaScript syntax (Babel), the configuration of the packaging module (Webpack), code quality control (ESLint), the application test environment, etc. GitHub has a full list of solutions.

You can also access all configuration files with a single command:


“scripts”: {

“start”: “react-scripts start”,

“build”: “react-scripts build”,

“test”: “react-scripts test –env=jsdom”,

“eject”: “react-scripts eject”


And, there you go!

If you have the support of a React JS development company, you can get started with React JS web application development within a short time.

2. Great Popularity and Community

React is highly popular amongst developers across the globe. According to Stackoverflow, it was the second most popular web development framework in 2020 with 35.9% usage globally. The main reason behind the popularity of this framework is its vast community and the ecosystems it builds. Currently, over 7.4 million live websites use React JS library.

A Large Number of Libraries

React is the combination of JavaScript and HTML which makes it a robust and reliable framework for web development. And as it uses JavaScript, you will find millions of third-party JS libraries that facilitate web application development.

Some of the popular libraries include:

  • React-router for navigation,
  • Bootstrap for CSS style and User Interface design,
  • React-Motion to implement various animation styles

The availability of so many options empowers developers to design interfaces efficiently.

Furthermore, installing dependencies in React makes the lives of developers much easier. You simply need to type npm <dependency name> and it’s done! No ZIP file is needed!

However, if you’re not hat technical savvy, you can always hire React JS developers for technical support services.

3. Virtual DOM

The DOM, the object model is created once the web page is loaded. Any modifications to the properties of each element make it imperative to load the entire HTML structure. Well, it’s not in the case of React JS.

Virtual DOM is a hierarchical representation of a website’s UI that remains loaded all the time. So, when a web application is updating, you can easily interact with it. And no components are affected.

Moreover, virtual DOM boosts the loading speed of pages significantly, which enhances the user experience.

4. Reusable Components

React JS is a prominent component-based library. The best part is that these components are reusable. Hence, you need to define a component only once and use it several times as required.

This feature speeds up the web development process and also enhances productivity substantially. When you have to work on a large-scale website or application, this feature will reduce the development time, effort, and cost significantly.

The faster development process is one of the major reasons why businesses prefer to invest in a React JS development company for their project.

Moreover, due to component independence, the internet is booming with individual components and complete frameworks ready to be used.

5. Update-friendly

Another advantage of React JS is the clear data flow processes. React uses props object to transmit data from the parent component to the sibling components that are nested within it.

You’ll be amazed to see the quick refresh functionality whether you’re using React JS for web pages or React Native for mobile applications. You no longer have to click the refresh button whenever you wish to see site updates. This is because Quick Refresh runs when the React project is saved in the code editor.

This is very useful when you are working on the finer points of your React-based website. You can view results in your web browser whenever you make minor changes to the code.

Moreover, the React compiler reports issues that are clear and understandable. So, you can easily understand the problems and fix them on time.

#hiring #reactjs 

Major Reasons Why You Should Opt for React JS Web Development

Benefits of React Native for Cross Platform App Development

The idea of Cross-platform has attracted lots of attention, particularly from the developer community. Cross-platform apps have quick compatibility with different operating systems. So, it can help save time and offer an innovative method of working. 

React Native has become tantamount to creating cross-platform apps. It is one of the most well-known frameworks that developers use due to its incredible capabilities. You must hire React Native app developers to make your cross-platform app extremely reliable. 

To help you know how you can use this technology, we’re going to highlight some of the most important benefits of React Native is a cross-platform application development tool.

Benefits of React Native development Services for Cross-Platform Development

There are many reasons why we believe React App development will be the ideal choice for the cross-platform development of applications.

#Hot Reload

Hot Reload allows the developer to refresh the application in the React Native app development stage. Also, the development time is improved by reloading the app when the specific code is changed. 

The new changes implemented by the developer are visible via the live tracking. Live data is downloaded in real-time and an updated UI gets produced.  

# Allow Third-Party Plugins

By using React Native, developers can add plugins. Sometimes when you hire React Native app developers they often have to suffer as they work with other frameworks. 

So, with other platforms, they’re not allowed to use third-party plugins, mainly because it’s not secure to utilize these plugins. But React Native benefits all developers since it allows them to integrate plugins.  

# Cost-effective

With React Native it is now possible to build cross-platform apps without worrying about the price. After you develop the code, you can use it across many platforms. 

The components of UI are unique to each platform via a single codebase. Debugging times are less than other frameworks since they need to be fixed once, all thanks to the same codes.  

# One Team

You can just hire a single React Native development company skilled in a particular set of technologies. And that is enough. In this way, you can avoid chaos since too many developers will not ruin your app.   

# Widens Reach

A mobile application could be a great way to expand the sales funnel they use. By utilizing this framework, you can develop a cross-platform application that is useful for companies to reach a wider audience. 

Also, by using just one app, your React Native development company can target iOS or Android users for you.  

# A Large Community

Earlier Facebook announced React Native as a framework to be used by its users. After deciding to open source it, there was no turning back. 

React Native’s community of users is really big and has access to the documentation and individual experiences that are beneficial for developers.  

# Code Reusability

We’ve witnessed this before also, code reusability is a major advantage React Native provides over others. Because of the ease of this framework, your React Native app development company does not have to create an individual mobile app for each platform. This is because you can reuse 90% of React Native code between iOS and Android.  

# Pre-built Components

React Native mobile app development is completed fast because of the prebuilt components available within it. It makes it easy for a React Native app development company to reuse the code written already. It will save your costs and time.  

# Simple User Interface

React Native development is like a JS library as it’s entirely focused on the mobile user interface. When creating an application, each step is carried out in a planned method. The application is regulated and steps are taken in an organized manner. 

The User Interface created using React Native development services becomes more susceptible and takes less time to load.  

# Modular Architecture and Unique Coding Style

By using modular programming, you can distinguish the capabilities of any software into separate modules. Developers can also create updates as they have the ease to check other projects. 

Declarative programming makes React app development a lot more flexible and simplifies the process of coding. Because of its innovative UI developers can just look over the code and learn it fully.  

Some Last Words

For many businesses, mobile apps are an excellent method of promoting their sales and business. By using React Native, you can create a cross-platform app that runs on many operating systems smoothly. 

We recommend you hire React Native app developers from a reputable React Native development company to connect with a large audience. With just one React Native app, you can focus on the iOS and Android market simultaneously. So, it’s high time to invest in React Native app. 

#hire #hiring #reactjs #software-development #web-development 

Benefits of React Native for Cross Platform App Development
Zac Efron

Zac Efron


3 Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave

As per a new report, over 70% of U.S. laborers are thinking about or effectively searching for a new position.

Losing a top worker is each director's bad dream, particularly in a tight work market. Putting forth attempts to further develop representative maintenance should be high on each organization's need list.

So what makes a decent worker leave, and would it be able to be forestalled?

No Work/Life Balance

As an administrator, it's not difficult to work your best individuals the hardest. All things considered, they set forth the most energy and make you look great. Then again, the worker can feel like they are being rebuffed for their usefulness.

Be resolute about work/life balance. While it's occasionally important to answer an email or call outside of the workplace, it ought not be a propensity. We as a whole need time to re-energize. Assist your group with making an unmistakable partition among work and home. They will see that you esteem their opportunity and will return to work every day revived and all set.

(Remember that you show others how its done. Assuming you're routinely working almost to excess or shooting off messages night-time, your representatives will see that as the assumption. Deal with yourself, as well.)

Few Opportunities for Growth

Indeed, even the coolest organization advantages start to lose their allure when representatives don't feel like they are developing as an expert. Top representatives need to be enlivened and afterward get the valuable chance to follow up on that motivation. It's the supervisor's liability to keep recognizing regions in which their immediate reports can grow their range of abilities. Great administrators make due, regardless of how skilled their immediate report might be. They focus and are continuously giving criticism.

Consider executing an inside recruiting process in the event that you don't as of now have one. Show an inclination for hiring inside. This permits confided in specialists inside your association to propel their professions and progress up the stepping stool. Recruiting inside likewise definitely brings down the expense of an all out employing search.

Keeping great representatives requires steady consideration and care, similar as maintaining a business. Be mindful of the requirements of your representatives to make shared trust and regard. It is generally difficult, however the prizes are really great for business.

Lack of Communication

Absence of correspondence, under-correspondence, miscommunication… Whatever you need to call it, it's a far and wide issue. It breeds vulnerability and sabotages the certainty of good representatives. They start to re-think themselves and feel that they can't confide in one another - or their chiefs besides.

Significant correspondence isn't giving an explanation. It is a discourse intended to arrive at shared belief for the two sides. Instead of passing down in a mandate, urge your immediate reports to partake in the dynamic interaction whenever the situation allows. Be available to groundbreaking thoughts. Advance fair conversations inside your Company.

Great representatives are an interest in your organization's future, yet you don't keep them coincidentally. Deal with individuals that deal with you and watch your most significant organization venture pay off.

#company #staffing #recruitment #recruiting #recruiter #hire #hiring #usa

3 Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave
Web  Dev

Web Dev


All You Need to Get a Full Stack Web Developer Job in 2022

This is LITERALLY All You Need to Get a Full Stack Web Developer Job in 2022 🤯

Tune into this video till the end, to find out EXACTLY what you need to get a full-stack web developer job in 2022! Let's discuss how you can approach it, and how companies like codedamn hire people like you who are applying for an SDE role in mid-size start-up companies and in places you are needed!

Drop a comment and let us know if you watched this video till the end.

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0:26 Developer job for Codedamn
1:12 What is a Full stack developer?
4:44 Build Projects
7:00 How does Codedamn work?
9:11 Conclusion
10:11 Outro

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All You Need to Get a Full Stack Web Developer Job in 2022
Dylan  Iqbal

Dylan Iqbal


Hiring an Engineering Manager for Chrome's Aurora Team!

I'm hiring an Engineering Manager for Chrome's Aurora team! Want to work with popular JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Next.js/React, Angular, Vue) on improving UX quality & performance by default? 

Apply here: http://goo.gle/chrwf 

Info on team: http://web.dev/aurora

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Hiring an Engineering Manager for Chrome's Aurora Team!

Rx Saving Solutions is Hiring a Mid & Senior Software Engineer

Doing meaningful work matters to us. Does it matter to you? Join our team and help improve the lives of our more than 10 million members.

Rx Saving Solutions is hiring a Mid & Senior Software Engineer Opportunities in Kansas City area or Remote 

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Rx Saving Solutions is Hiring a Mid & Senior Software Engineer

World Web Technology is Hiring for Multiple Positions. Apply Now!

𝗪𝗲 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗴𝗿𝗼𝘄𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗯𝗶𝗴...!

If you are willing to join our super cool team where you can learn, grow and leap forward in your #career , then apply for the position mentioned below and connect with us.

👉 Team Leader - WordPress: 5+ Years
👉 Sr. WordPress Developer: 2-4 Years
👉 Node JS Developer: 2-3 Years
👉 Sr. HR Executive: 3-4 Years

Interested candidates can apply at career@worldwebtechnology.com or tag your friends below in the comments if they fit any of these profiles.

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World Web Technology is Hiring for Multiple Positions. Apply Now!

Data Science Hiring Process At Ather Energy

India is banking on electric scooters like never before. As per Niti Aayog, the electric two-wheeler industry is expected to scale exponentially, taking over 80 per cent of the market by 2030.

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Read more: https://analyticsindiamag.com/data-science-hiring-process-at-ather-energy/

Data Science Hiring Process At Ather Energy

Data Science Hiring Process At Rapido

“With data scientists, we have been focusing on fulfillment optimization. We are now able to forecast demand and supply, which prevents our captains from wasting time roaming around the city looking for customers without earning,” said Pramod N, VP, data science and engineering at Rapido.

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Data Science Hiring Process At Rapido

[Jobs Roundup] Latest Computer Vision Jobs In India

We have listed the latest Computer Vision job openings in India.

Read more: https://analyticsindiamag.com/jobs-roundup-latest-computer-vision-jobs-in-india/

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[Jobs Roundup] Latest Computer Vision Jobs In India
Jerod  Mante

Jerod Mante


How to Hire the Best Freelance Developers in the Gig Economy

Over the last two decades in my career in the technology industry, I’ve experienced both sides of the gig economy. I’ve been a freelancer, and a technology leader hiring freelance developers. Back in my developer days, I worked as a freelance developer to expand my skillset and knowledge. And since becoming an engineering manager, I’ve been in a position to hire freelance developers for the companies I worked for.

In this article, I want to share my insights about hiring freelance developers. I’ve learned some best practices for finding and hiring the best freelance developers in the gig economy.

As engineering leaders, it’s important to understand and take advantage of the gig economy. It has emerged as one of the most significant developments in the way we work.

The outsourced workforce is going to be part of the future of work, whether you like it or not.

  • Hiring Freelance Developers
  • When Not to Hire Freelance Developers
  • Important Factors When Hiring a Freelance Web Developer
    • Think value over deliverables
    • Set correct expectations
    • Enforce standards in the hiring process and on the job
    • Eliminate any possible bottleneck
    • Be pragmatic: is a freelance developer justified?
    • Invest in tools and processes
  • Alway Hire the Right People
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Hire the Best Freelance Developers in the Gig Economy

Careers | Job Opportunities & Open Positions at World Web Technology

World Web Technology Pvt. Ltd. ups the gates of #Opportunity for the future leaders in multiple profiles for #Ahmedabad location.

If you are interested in any roles, Click the link https://www.worldwebtechnology.com/careers/


Share your resume with us at career@worldwebtechnology.com

#References are highly appreciated.

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Careers | Job Opportunities & Open Positions at World Web Technology