HTML is the standard markup language used for structuring web pages and formatting content. HTML describes the structure of a website semantically along with cues for presentation, making it a markup language, rather than a programming language.

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Python Real data Finance Stock Graph in HTML

This Python video tutorial focuses on Stock Finance market. This Python application will render a Real Data Finance Stock Graph on HTML file which is suitable for publishing and sharing.

Hide HTML or Angular Component On Demand: Hide Directive

Sometimes you need to hide some HTML element or Angular component in your template. One example scenario is you have a UI where a lot of information is displayed. You want to provide users a toggle to switch between full mode and lite mode.

Creating an Ajax autocomplete component with HTML and vanilla JS

Today, we’re going to look at how you can pair a datalist element with an ajax fetch() call to create a simple, progressively enhanced autocomplete component.

HTML Link Code — How to Insert a Link to a Website with HREF

We get to a point when building websites and we want a page to lead or go to another page. Its no news that most websites have the “about us”, “contact us” options on their webpage.

Using Microsoft.FeatureManagement.AspNetCore to filter actions and HTML

In this post, we’ll kick things up a notch and show how you can pair this with an ASP.NET Core-only library, Microsoft.FeatureManagement.AspNetCore, to perform the following tasks with minimal required configuration:

Practice Problems - JavaScript Creating HTML Elements With JavaScript

It's now time for some practice problems! See below for details on how to proceed.

All the Ways You Can Vertically Center Content in CSS

In this article, we are going to discuss some older tricks and more modern methods developers use to vertically center content in CSS. Since each solution has its limitations, it doesn’t hurt to know every one of these methods to find the right solution in different scenarios. Let’s get started!

Visually Showing Atlas Search Highlights with JavaScript and HTML

In this tutorial, we'll see how to use Atlas Search and work with markup data to visually display any user-facing in-app terms matches. Highlight is a powerful tool with Search to allow your users to find exactly the text they want in its proper context.

Create A Responsive E-Commerce Product Card UI Design Using HTML CSS JS || Dark & Light Mode Effect

Learn how to make a complete responsive products card UI design with dark and light mode toggle effects using html css and vanilla javascript.

Responsive Website Using HTML & CSS in Hindi | Live Hosting In 2021

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HTML Elements And Attributes

In this blog, you will learn about HTML Elements and Attributes.

The Catch Block #43 - Teaching HTML, Dinosaurs, Telemetry, and Parler

Plus commands and events, why no app is an island, and building a social media platform without going bankrupt.

Google Combines Hreflang Signals from HTML & Sitemaps

When hreflang directives are implemented in a site’s HTML and sitemap, Google will combine them and use all signals.

Generating PDF from HTML in React Demo: Exporting Invoices

In this blog post we use React to create an invoice using HTML and CSS and then generate a PDF file in just a few lines of code. We’ll control the generated page size exclusively through CSS.

“Double Quotes” vs ‘Single Quotes’ vs `Backticks` in JavaScript

In JavaScript, single quotes (‘’) and double quotes (“”) are used to create string literals. Most developers use single or double quotes as they prefer, and sometimes they let their code formatters decide what to use.

The Best Places to Download HTML Templates for your Website

Are you looking for responsive, beautiful and professional looking HTML templates for your next website but don’t have the budget? Well, here are a couple of free resources on the Internet where you can regularly find good templates for use in your web projects without restrictions.

How to Modify HTML Attributes Using JavaScript

Software Developer & Professional Explainer. In this tutorial, you learned how to modify HTML attributes using JavaScript

How to Create HTML Elements Using JavaScript

Software Developer & Professional Explainer. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create HTML elements using JavaScript.

Complete Responsive Website using HTML and CSS.

In this video I show you how to complete a responsive website using HTML and CSS.

HTML Event Handling in TypeScript

One task I had to complete was to write an event handler function for an element. Let us take a look at HTML event handling with TypeScript. HTML Event Handling in TypeScript. A event handlers are nothing but a way of letting us know that some change has occurred in the DOM.