HTML 5 is a software solution stack that defines the properties and behaviors of web page content by implementing a markup based pattern to it. HTML 5 is the fifth and current major version of the HTML standard, and subsumes XHTML

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Better Ux Through Input Tags And Why They Are Important For Mobile

As browsers adopt more and more HTML5 goodness developers need to be cognoscente of new features to create better and better user experiences. As far back as I

Making An Html5 Version Of The Game Pente: Part 3

This is going to be my third installment in this series about making an HTML5 version of the game Pente. The main goal for this phase was to properly place the stones on the nearest grid intersection from where the user touched the board.

Making An Html5 Version Of The Game Pente: Part 2 Drawing Stones

Today I want to do a quick demo on how to draw circles on a Canvas to represent the stones. In the process I will utilize a JavaScript pattern I love to use to accomplish method overloading

How Could Increase Customer Satisfaction And Profits Of HTML5

I will show in the screenshots below there are numerous times the experience could be much improved with very little additional markup. As tablets and smartphones become more and more ubiquitous utilizing the new HTML5 features becomes a required feature of any web form.

Making An Html5 Version Of The Game Pente: Part 1

Recently I decided to help a very special 11 year old  with a class project to write a video game. It takes me back to when I was 11 and wrote my first games.

Improve Mobile User Experience With An Html5 Metro Ui Tiles

I want to talk about how to recreate the tiles on the home panel as well as tiles in general that you can reuse in your web applications.

HTML5 Crash Course (Advance Level Module Introduction)

HTML5 Crash Course (Advance Level Module Introduction)

Simple Google Homepage Project - HTML5 + CSS3 Frontend

Simple Google Homepage Project - HTML5 + CSS3 Frontend Web Development Tutorials

HTML5 Crash Course (DOM APIs Accessing DOM)

HTML5 Crash Course (DOM APIs Accessing DOM)

HTML5 Audio – Tips & Tricks

The “improvement” involved using the new HTML5 Audio API’s. I’ve been playing with HTML5 audio a little over the years with my passing interest in HTML5 based game engines. I already knew that HTML5 Audio was a bit on the dodgy side but I could get it to do what I wanted. Hopefully these tips will help other folks out.

JavaScript if else if else and Switch Budget Calculator Project

Conditional statements are used to perform different actions based on different conditions. Very often when you write code, you want to perform different actions for different decisions. You can use conditional statements in your code to do this.

Awesome drop down menu on JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3

vegasNavigation .A script for implementing navigation on a site with a normal drop-down list and with mega content. The application is written in JQuery, html5 and ССS3 using the compiler SCSS

Top 30 Useful Web Design & Development Cheatsheets

There are always ways to make the coding and design work you do faster and more efficient. With that in mind, i have put together a list of the most useful cheatsheets designer and developer can rely

In this short tutorial I will show you several cool ways in which you can use [CSS to highlight text]( "CSS to highlight text"). Just like on paper, you highlight text in a HTML page to draw...

Fully Responsive Login Form using HTML3 CSS3 and Javascript

In the video, we will create a login form from scratch. We will use HTML5, CSS 3 and Javascript. The login form in animated and fully responsive thanks to the Javascript and CSS3.

Saw movie-inspired game using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Creating games are so simple and everyone can do it. Let’s create an interactive game based on the “SAW” movie theme using JavaScript…

59 CSS Toggle Switches

Collection of hand-picked free HTML and CSS toggle switch code examples. Update of June 2019 collection. 25 new items.

React & Node Tutorial - Full ECommerce in 5 Hours [2020]

Build ECommerce Website Like Amazon For All Levels Developers. 1. HTML5 and CSS3: Semantic Elements, CSS Grid, Flexbox 2. React: Components, Props, Events, Hooks, Router, Axios 3. Redux: Store, Reducers, Actions 4. Node & Express: Web API, Body Parser, File Upload, JWT 5. MongoDB: Mongoose, Aggregation 6. Development: ESLint, Babel, Git, Github, 7. Deployment: Heroku

How to make website using flask in python || LIVE

How to make Website using Flask in Python In this tutorial, we'll use : Python, flask, bootstrap & html and will learn to make websi...

HTML5/CSS3 Complete Crash Course [Beginners] - Web Development 2020

HTML5/CSS3 Complete Crash Course [Beginners] - Web Development 2020 . This is a combination of a lot of videos constituting a complete crash course for HTML5 + CSS3 you should know as a beginner.