UX Patterns: Stale-While-Revalidate

Stale-while-revalidate (SWR) caching strategies provide faster feedback to the user of web applications, while still allowing eventual consistency. Let's see UX Patterns: Stale-While-Revalidate.

ContainerDrip, Another Example of Why HTTP Basic Authentication Is Flawed

HTTP authentication is so prevalent we rarely question it. But attacks like ContainerDrip have an important reminder for authentication at scale in cloud-native environments.Cybersecurity for small businesses - ContainerDrip, Another Example of Why HTTP Basic Authentication Is Flawed.

HTTP gRPC with spring-web

Learn how to tremendously simplify the work required to transcode HTTP to gRPC, inspired by proto descriptor plus envoy proxy, but with near zero configuration!

Everything need to know about HTTP

### what is http and why need it HTTP means HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is the underlying protocol used by the World Wide Web that defines how messages are formatted and transmitted. HTTP is a stateless protocol. This means that the server...

How to Use the HTTP Client in GO To Enhance Performance

In this post, we will discuss how to make HTTP requests for higher performance in Go, and also how to tune it.

How to Upload Files with Python's Requests Library

Python is supported by many libraries which simplify data transfer over HTTP. The requests library is one of the most popular Python packages as it's heavily used in web scraping.

How to Make HTTP Requests with Angular 11 HttpClient API

This step by step guide helps you ascertain the usage, implementation, on top of that, the benefits of HttpClient API in the Angular 11 application. It also enables you to answer how to make HTTP (HTTP POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE) Requests. How to Make HTTP Requests with Angular 11 HttpClient API

In search of the best IoT platform

On the very day that our Internet of Things R&D team held its first meeting, a major news story broke: A group of tech companies, including Qualcomm and Microsoft, had joined the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) ā€“ one of the leading standards groups in the IoT world ā€“ effectively forming a new entity called the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF).

An API for Simple HTTP Requests

Yes, sometimes you need sophisticated libraries that handle HTTP requests asynchronously, but in other situations that can be overkill. An old Internet Explorer API may have a solution.

How to Cache HTTP Requests In Angular

Get to know how to cache http requests in Angular with this comprehensive tutorial. Best practices and tips to cache Http requests properly in Angular.

Flutter http package

The easiest way to make Network calls.

Rust Hyper HTTP Library Will Contribute to Make Curl Safer

Written in C, the popular curl and libcurl tools, which are installed in some six billion devices worldwide, are exposed to well-known security problems arising from the use of a non-memory safe language. A new initiative now aims to provide a memory-safe HTTP/HTTPS backend for curl based on Rust Hyper library.

Creating a Web Application using Deno

Hello, let's create a simple web app using deno, In this blog, I will be using the Deno Third-Party Module called abc for creating a simple web application. Iā€¦

Authorization header

Learn what is authorization header, How to use it for various kind of HTTP authentications, e.g. JWT, OAuth, Basic etc.

HTTP Requests - Creating a Boilerplate Flutter App

In your app you might want to make CRUD requests to a server at some point. In this video I am adding http Requests to the boilerplate app using the dio package, and with the help of provider and a singleton class we will have a base to start from when our app requires us to be organized with the requests. HTTP Requests - Creating a Boilerplate Flutter App

Get HTTP POST Body in Spring Boot with @RequestBody

In this article, we'll get the body of a POST HTTP request and pack it into a String, as well as deserialize it into a POJO.annotation. Spring Boot introduced us to derived types of this annotation - @GetMapping, @PostMapping, @DeleteMapping, etc. These requests contain different types of information and data - and depending on what our endpoint does with the request, we may want to retrieve the body of a POST request either for logging or further processing. The @RequestBody annotation allows us to retrieve the request's body

Running multiple HTTP servers in Golang

In this article, we are going to create some customized HTTP servers and run them at the same time concurrently. Running multiple HTTP servers in Golang

Cookie Recipes - SameSite and beyond - Rowan Merewood at web.dev Live

Rowan Merewood explained, in light of the new cookie policies being increasingly adopted, how to create and configure cookies according to the scope and security required by the situation. Merewood also showcased the options available to developers to trace and debug cookies sent in requests.

Angular - HTTP PUT Request Examples

Below is a quick set of examples to show how to send HTTP PUT requests from Angular to a backend API. Angular - HTTP PUT Request Examples

Write API tests for HTTP GET method

In this post, we'll take a look at what tools/technologies do we need for writing API tests using Jav...