HTTP 2 Push: Fact? Fiction? Placebo?

I’m currently working on a job proposal / contract for a potential new client, where their existing website isn’t just in trouble for… What Is HTTP 2 Push? It is a means by which the same “connection” to a server can be used to serve multiple files. Each separate file is normally ...

5 Ways To Make HTTP Requests In Node.js - 2020 Edition

Learning how to make HTTP requests can feel overwhelming as there are dozens of libraries available, with each solution claiming to be more efficient than the last. Some libraries offer cross-platform support, while others focus on bundle size or developer experience. In this post, we’ll explore five of the most popular ways to achieve this core functionality in Node.js. 5 Ways To Make HTTP Requests In Node.js - 2020 Edition

How to Interact with APIs in Python

APIs (Application Programming Interface) have an enormous impact on the development, software, and programming communities. Not only are APIs useful, but a good amount of them are surprisingly simple to conduct basic interactions with. Programming languages can interact with APIs and perform tasks to achieve specific outcomes. We will use Python for this purpose in this article. Python is one of my preferred languages, and has especially useful modules for interacting with APIs. If you haven’t already looked at some of my articles talking about the history, overview, basics, and IDEs associated to the Python language I will include them below. This article covers how to process API calls with the Python programming language. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Interact with APIs in Python

Flutter: typesafe HTTP calls

You must have faced difficulties while working on big projects which require many network calls I faced various errors. and that was all because API calls were not handling properly. So In this blog, We will learn how to make our HTTP calls typesafe and handle exceptions and errors.

Testing Angular HTTP Communication

Angular has great built-in tools for making web requests. It also contains a great module for testing HTTP communication: HttpClientTestingModule. This module contains full toolbox to ensure web communication happens as intended by the developer.

Unveiling the Black-Box Between an HTTP Request and Your Python Code

We cannot deny the fact that we live in the world of internet. Every day we come across multiple websites. Today, if you want to communicate with some other person, you will use some language like English, Hindi or French which has some standard protocols.

Super easy trick to bypass Http Interceptors in Angular

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Important MIME types for web developers

Mime types define the format of a document that you will typically encounter in web development. In this article let’s look at a few important mime types for web developers. What does MIME stand for? MIME is the short format of Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension. It is an RFC standard that defines the format and nature of documents. Not, only documents, even images, fonts, etc. They are also known as media types.