Confirmation Bias Is The Enemy Of Exploratory Data Analysis

Humans have a tendency to want to prove prior beliefs and this can have devastating effects on the ability of data analyses to drive change.

Why All Data Scientists Should Understand Behavioral Economics

Understanding behavioral economics can help data scientists create better, more effective machine learning models.In1975 Herbert A. Simon was awarded the Turing Award by the Association for Computing Machinery. This award, given to “an individual selected for contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community” is considered to be the Nobel Prize for computing.

Teaching AI to Learn How Humans Plan Efficiently

Teaching AI to Learn How Humans Plan Efficiently. Using reinforcement learning to build a cognitive model of hierarchical discovery

OTT Platforms-The Content Monster

OTT or ‘over the top’ platforms are video and content platforms that were initially created to go ‘over’ the limitation of television and cable to provide users across the platform with content available on cable and television. 59.6% of the world's total population is accessing the internet for thousand-odd purposes and consuming content at a pace that is un-believable.