Enterprise DevSecOps Pipeline Ensemble

DevSecOps is an indispensable practice for every enterprise today. In my previous blog, I shared my point of view on an end-to-end DevSecOps Automation Framework. I promised to come back with a point of view around full-stack DevSecOps and the pipeline ensembles realizing the same. Here you go!

How to use high-performance local storage for AI workloads on AWS Outposts

In this post, I use Pure Storage FlashBlade as an example storage server since it supports both file and object storage from the same device.

Convert Your On-Premise Servers Into Edge Cloud Like AWS Outpost

While it is not possible to compete with a public cloud in terms of feature set, elasticity, scale, managed services, geographic reach and bursty workloads.

How We Built A Cross-Region Hybrid Cloud Storage Gateway for ML & AI

How We Built A Cross-Region Hybrid Cloud Storage Gateway for ML & AI. In this blog, guest writer Derek Tan, Executive Director of Infra & Simulation at WeRide, describes how engineers leverage Alluxio as a hybrid cloud data gateway for applications on-premises to access public cloud storage like AWS S3.

Running Presto Engine in a Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Migrating Presto workloads from a fully on-premise environment to cloud infrastructure has numerous benefits, including alleviating resource contention and reducing costs by paying for computation resources on an on-demand basis.

How Cloud Optimisation Helps Reduce Total Cost of Infrastructure Ownership

As the whole world is slowly awakening from several months of complete lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Cloud computing has started gaining even more steam it had before the pandemic.