Circulor, working with the government of Rwanda and Power Resources Group, has launched the first production ready system to trace a conflict mineral, Tantalum, from mine to manufacturer. It’s an incredible use case with massive social impact.

DAML on Hyperledger Fabric

In our last blog, DAML on Hyperledger Sawtooth, we deployed our DAML application on a single node Hyperledger Sawtooth ecosystem, a blockchain platform which is part of the Hyperledger project by the Linux Foundation. We also learned about Sextant for DAML which is a blockchain management platform and combines DAML with the enterprise-grade Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Deploying DAML Smart Contracts on Hyperledger Sawtooth

In our last blog, Deploying DAML based Smart Contracts on project:DABL, we deployed our daml application on project:DABL, a blockchain platform by digital asset. We also discussed how DAML provides support on multiple blockchain platforms like hyperledger sawtooth, fabric, Corda etc.

Deploy and expose chaincode as REST api on amazon managed blockchain hyperledger fabric 1.2

I have configured amazon managed blockchain setup with Hyperledger 1.2. The network is prepared with a single member and a single peer node. Hyperledger Fabric Client setup is with Golang 1.10.3. I have installed, Instantiated, Queried and Invoked mycc chaincode example given in AWS tutorial

How can put a Permission on function in NODE-SDK of Hyperledger Fabric?

In ChainCode development, When to have a Multiple organization in the network, In case only a specific Organisation can call a specific function of chain code.

How can I query double nested objects in Hyperledger Fabric?

I'm using CouchDb in Fabric and I have the next JSON document

Develop this one fundamental skill if you want to become a successful developer

Throughout my career, a multitude of people have asked me&nbsp;<em>what does it take to become a successful developer?</em>

Data storage within hyperledger

I have started learning hyperledger. Became familiarised with it by creating a sample app using the composer playground. My doubt is regarding the&nbsp;<strong><em>decentralized storage using hyperledger</em></strong>. I have read some few docs which mentions about :

Hyperledger Sawtooth Marketplace Rest API 404 error

I am trying to build &amp; test the following program on a clean install of Ubuntu v18:

What is the difference between Hyperledger sawtooth core and Hyperledger sawtooth sabre?

I am new to blockchain technologies. We have bided against the potential project on hyperledger. So I was reading the documentation of hyperledger Sawtooth. In the documentation, I found Sawtooth core and Sawtooth Sabre. From the documentation , in a layman term I can make out that Sawtooth core provides you the platform and Sawtooth Sabre is a way making smart contracts.

How can I ensure that all organizations have signed the chaincode to install?

In Hyperledger Fabric 1.3, how can I ensure that all organizations have signed the chaincode to install ?

What exactly is an Asset in Hyperledger Fabric?

According to Hyperledger Fabric website, it states:

Hyperledger fabric network on multiple machines/nodes

We are facing issues to deploy our network on multiple machines. We want to deploy our network on local machines and wants the communications between different peers and organizations. So it is possible to use SOLO for communications. If yes then how. and If no then why?

How organizations are connected in Hyperledger

I'm trying so hard to find out exactly how organizations are connected with each other in Hyperledger.

Transaction processor function - how can i know when data is commited/endorsed

I have a transaction processor function, for example.

Connecting Hyperledger Sawtooth Client to a Hyperledger Sawtooth Validator on a different machine

I have two Ubuntu servers in a corporate environment. My plan is to setup a Sawtooth Validator on one machine and Sawtooth Client on the other.

Can I query Hyperledger Fabric ledger or update ledger without chaincode in peer?

I have simple question about Hyperledger Fabric. so here is my question:

How to Query Transaction on Hyperledger Sawtooth?

I want to perform CRUD operations in Hyperledger Sawtooth.