What is Hypothesis in Machine Learning? How to Form a Hypothesis?

Hypothesis Testing is a broad subject that is applicable to many fields. When we study statistics, the Hypothesis Testing there involves data from multiple populations and the test is to see how significant the effect is on the population.

Hypothesis Testing Explained

The basics of hypothesis testing are explained in detail in this article.

The Importance of Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing is common in statistics as a method of making decisions using data. For that confession of data, Hypothesis Testing could be used to interpret and draw conclusions about the population using sample data. A Hypothesis Test helps in making a decision as to which mutually exclusive statement about the population is best supported by sample data.

P-value, Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Significance

How to understand if the difference really matters.

Hypothesis Testing along with Type I & Type II Errors explained simply

How to select the right test for an Experiment and make a decision based on statistical evidence?

Statistical Hypothesis Testing — a brief walk-through.

Hello budding Data Scientists, this topic comes from someone who’s a complete newbie to this vast field of Data Science.  I’ve been…

Introduction to Hypothesis Test (Part One)

Hypothesis test is one of the most important domain in statistics, and in industry, ‘AB Test’ utilizes this idea as well. However, most of