IBM Launches FreaAI That Automatically Finds Weaknesses In ML models

IBM FreaAI will be able to automatically discover inaccuracies in an AI model and suggest course corrections.

Inside IBM’s Open-Source Toolkit To Measure Uncertainty In ML Models

The AI toolkit was introduced at the recent IBM Data & AI Digital Developer Conference.

IBM’s Introduction to Data Science in 10 Minutes

To pave the road a little, this article provides a summary of the IBM Introduction to Data Science, arguably one of the most accessible and popular introductions out there. The course content is regularly available for free [1]; the paid version is required to have access to exam questions, the project assignment and the certificate of completion.

IIT Madras & IBM To Collaborate On Quantum Computing Education

The courses will be jointly taught by IIT Madras faculty and IBM researchers.

How IBM Research Cloud Innovation Lab Is Disrupting The Cloud Market

IBM Cloud Innovation Lab is using the company’s skills, expertise, and technologies to scale its state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure. Learn How IBM Research Cloud Innovation Lab Is Disrupting The Cloud Market.

A Small Chip For IBM, A Giant Leap For Semiconductor Industry

IBM's Eureka moment came with the nanosheet architecture.

AIOps: So much buzz. But for what?

AIOps deliver a primary and single window for analysis across all domains, reducing the need for multiple tools for analysis.

Why Is IBM Acquiring This AIOps Firm?

The Turbonomic acquisition will help IBM boost its full-stack application observability and management efforts.

IBM Unveils World’s First 2 Nanometer Chip Technology

IBM today unveiled the development of the world’s first chip announced with 2 nanometer (nm) nanosheet technology.

Mayflower 400: World's First Unmanned Vessel To Navigate Across Atlantic

Mayflower 400, a 15 m-long trimaran is the world’s first unmanned vessel to navigate across the Atlantic ocean.

IBM’s Global Support For India To Fight The Second Wave - Analytics India Magazine

Recently, Arvind Krishna, Chairman and Chief Executive at IBM India stated that the company is leveraging its voice and influence to rally global support to help India fight against the devastating second wave. According to sources, Krishna has asked the company employees globally to channelise donations through United Way of India to reach the ground…

IBM Launches Cloud Satellite

IBM Launches Cloud Satellite To Bring Hybrid Cloud To Edge. IBM Cloud Satellite will allow businesses to deploy cloud services securely across public and private clouds, on-premise, or at the edge.

Interview With Vishwanath Ramaswamy, VP, IBM India / South Asia

Intelligent automation can take over monotonous and repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to focus on other priorities.

Does ML Hold The Promise To Environmental Justice?

Stanford research showcases that machine learning algorithms hold the potential for a sustainable environment.

Deconstructing IBM’s Project Debater

The Big Blue has now released the architecture of its debater that can engage humans in competitive debates.

How To Build A Modern Data Centre?

Given the kind of heavy lifting they do in the modern computing era, data centres need to be highly efficient, robust, and up-to-date.

IBM’s Strategy For Hybrid Cloud Growth In India

IBM has partnered with enterprise technology company Lumen to integrate the Cloud Satellite with its edge platform.

IBM Launches AI Platform To Discover Novel Materials At Rapid Pace

Newly-built IBM's MoIGX AI platform has come to the rescue for chemical sciences, cutting down cost, and time to discover new material.

IBM Move To Hive Off Cloud Business Fails To Pay Off

IBM's cloud and cognitive software revenues were down 4.5% to $6.8 billion by the end of last quarter.

Will Tape Storage Make A Comeback? IBM Demonstrates Record-Breaking Capacity

IBM in collaboration with Fujifilms demonstrated a 29 times increase in the storage capacity of its current data tape cartridge.