Building Initial Coin Offering(ICO) Smart Contract In Ethereum

ICO Smart Contract

Initial Coin Offering(ICO) smart contract in Ethereum.


  • Building your own Initial Coin Offering
  • Adding features like crowdsale & whitelist to the ICO contract

Built With

  • Truffle
  • Solidity-v0.4.23


_Below are instructions to get started

  1. Clone the repo
  git clone

2.   Install packages

npm install

3.   Compile

truffle compile


Contributions are what make the open source community such an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

If you have a suggestion that would make this better, please fork the repo and create a pull request. You can also simply open an issue with the tag "enhancement". Don't forget to give the project a star! Thanks again!

  1. Fork the Project
  2. Create your Feature Branch (git checkout -b feature/AmazingFeature)
  3. Commit your Changes (git commit -m 'Add some AmazingFeature')
  4. Push to the Branch (git push origin feature/AmazingFeature)
  5. Open a Pull Request

Download details:

Author: ac12644
Source code:
License: MIT license

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Building Initial Coin Offering(ICO) Smart Contract In Ethereum

Building ICO Crowdfunding Contract using Javascript & Solidity

ICO Crowdfunding contract V1


Following the astonishing growth of the blockchain industry during the last few years, many brand new projects are being developed every single day. When starting a web3 project, however, the team behind needs funds for further development and marketing inquiries. Many projects create a utility token, that they sell at low price to the first adopters who had shown interest to the idea in exchange for initial funds and that's the idea behind the initial coin offerings(ICO's). Many scammers however became aware of an opportunity where they can sell tokens and then dissappear without even providing liquidity to AMM(Automated Market Maker, such as Uniswap) or CEX(Centralized Exchange, such as Binance). Nowadays it is almost impossible for someone who is new to the space to distinguish which project is ligit and which not as many scammers just create a fake website, raise the funds there and shut everything down after. This is where the decentralized ICO contracts come to an aid.


This smart contract is a representation of a completely decentralized crowdfunding protocol, aiming to provide a safe and fair distribution of tokens and ETH during an ICO process. The idea behind is the implementation of a faster, easier, more efficient and more secure way for how to raise funds in order to kickstart your blockchain project.

How it works ?

The fundraiser deploys the contract with the following args:

  • _tokenInstance - the address of the token that's beeing sold
  • _tokenDecimals - the decimals of the same token
  • _uniswapv2Router - UniswapV2 Router
  • _uniswapv2Factory - UniswapV2 Factory
  • _burnToken - burn or refund the unsold tokens option
  • _isWhitelist - Whitelist option

The fundraiser initiates the Pool options:

  • _saleRate - Token amount for paying 1 ETH on ICO.
  • _listingRate - Token amount for paying 1 ETH on Uniswap.
  • _startTime - The starting time of the sale. (Timestamp).
  • _endTime - The ending time of the sale. (Timestamp).
  • _hardCap - The fundraising goal.
  • _softCap - The minimum raised amount of ETH required for ICO to be successful.
  • _maxBuy - Maximum amount that an eligible user can contribute to the ICO.
  • _minBuy - Minimum amount that an eligible user can contribute to the ICO.
  • _liquidityPortion - Percent of the funds raised in this sale that will be used as liquidity on Uniswap. (Must be at least 30).

The fundraiser deposits the tokens to the pool

After the tokens are deposited users can buy by sending ETH to the contract address

  • If the sale requirements are passed, they will receive tokens based on their ETH contribution.
  • If not the EVM will revert the transaction.

If the HC is reached:

  • The fundraiser finishes the sale. By doing this the contract will automatically enable users to claim tokens, provide liquidity to Uniswap, pay the platform fees and withdrawal the funds.

If the SC is reached and sale expires:

  • The fundraiser finishes the sale. By doing this the contract will automatically enable users to claim tokens, provide liquidity to Uniswap, pay the platform fees and withdrawal the funds.
  • The remaining tokens will either be burnt or refunded to the fundraiser (Depending on the chosen option).

If the sale is canceled:

  • The fundraiser withdrawals the deposited tokens to the contract. The user are now eligible to refund their ETH contribution.

If the sale fails to reach SC:

  • The fundraiser withdrawals the deposited tokens to the contract. The user are now eligible to refund their ETH contribution.


  • Completely decentralized ICO Protocol.
  • Whitelist functionality.
  • Liquidity automatically added upon finalization.

Technologies used:

  • Solidity
  • Hardhat
  • EthersJS
  • solhint


constructor - deploys contract with the passed args

initSale - owner choses Pool option

fallback function - allows users to contribute only when the sale is active and requirements are passed

deposit - called by the owner to deposit the required token amount for the presale into the contract.

cancelSale - allows the owner to cancel the sale and start a refund process

buyTokens - used to buy tokens based on the msg value if requirements are passed

claimTokens - called by users for claiming the tokens

refund - called by users for refunding their contribution upon sale failure

withrawTokens - called by owner to withdraw the deposited tokens upon sale failure

finishSale - called by owner when the fundrasing requirements are met, once called - liquidity is provided, users can claim, fees are paid to the platform and owner can withdraw the raised ETH.

_checkSaleRequirements - on call, checks whether the requirements are met or not (presale is active, user is whitelisted, caps are met, sale is initialized and tokens are deposited)


  • The uploaded test includes every possible scenario, detailed tests on all functions one by one are not included.

Download details:

Author: kirilradkov14
Source code:

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Building ICO Crowdfunding Contract using Javascript & Solidity
Castore  DeRose

Castore DeRose


What is CryptoRank | How to Use CryptoRank | Cryptocurrency Checker

In this article, you'll learn What is CryptoRank, How to Use CryptoRank (Research and analysis of cryptocurrencies)

1. What is CryptoRank?

CryptoRank provides crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis and market-moving news to help market participants make more informed trading decisions. Whether you're looking for the set of highly practical and insightful market information, market data or analytics, we have the tools to address your business needs.

How to sign up to CryptoRank

You need to create an account to enjoy all the features on CryptoRank in 8 steps easy

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign in at the top right corner (This will show five sign-in options: Facebook, Google, Email)
  3. Select CryptoRank and wait for the page to load
  4. On the next page, click on Sign up on the top navigation bar
  5. Complete the form with your name, email address, and password
  6. Complete the captcha verification
  7. Read the terms of use and privacy information
  8. Click Creat an Account.
  9. Complete the registration with the confirmation link sent to your email.


2. Good features of CryptoRank

2.1. Cryptocurrency rates and charts

New tokens are added to the resource quickly with 16250 Currencies. Large list of tokens with wide filtering options.

  • Top 100 Coins
  • Performance
  • All Time High
  • Gainers
  • Losers
  • Trending Cryptos
  • Recently Listed
  • All Categories

For example:

You want to check the performance of the Metaverse tokens in April — May 2022.

  1. Go to the performance tab
  2. Press the “Filter” button
  3. Set the “Metaverse” tag

4. Press the “Custom Period” button

5. Set the period from 01 April 2022 to 31 May 2022

Now you can see the April — May price change for Metaverse Tokens.

2.2. ICO/IEO analysis

  • ICO metics and details
  • Current and ATH Average Returns since IEO (ROI) by Exchange Platforms in USD
  • ROI Analytics by top ICO experts
  • ICO advanced returns
  • Average return of ICOs by sector
  • Current and ATH Average Returns since IEO (ROI) by Exchange Platforms in USD

2.3. Cryptocurrency Market State Visualization

Heatmaps have different filtering options such as project category, market cap, time selection (1000 index cryptocurrencies categorized by sectors and industries)

2.4. Cryptocurrency Exchanges Ranking and exchange details

Details about exchanges and ranking information.

2.5. Price Chart

TradingView charts right here on the site for your deep analysis.

Top exchanges for token-coin trading. Follow instructions and make unlimited money


2.5. Alerts

Use alert service to get e-mail or telegram notices about coins u want.

Example: BTC Alerts at 21.426 USDT, date 7/7/2022
2.6. Funds

On the main Funds page you’ll find a general overview of VC investors where you can track performance and view major stats.

Ex: a16z

Click on your favorite fund to view even more analytics, such as main investments, portfolio size, as well as performance metrics on projects it has invested in.

You can also take a look at the upcoming projects from major VCs, conveniently filter and sort to find the data you want to analyze!

You can now view Funds and Backers directly on a project’s token sale page.

2.7. Crypto Portfolio Tracker

You can now view and track all of your crypto assets in one single place. Using filters so you can quickly search and filter your assets by wallet and by network.

You can also filter by individual token/coin to find the asset you are looking for.

Allocation: The Allocation tab allows you to view the distribution of your assets.

2.8. Watchlist

Track your favorite coins

2.9. Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

Track your favorite news in one place.

2.10. Cryptorank API

Cryptorank API provides actual and historical data of cryptocurrecncies and cryptoexchanges  ☞

If u want to test it just give us an e-mail:           


Cryptorank is a great platform for providing high-quality data and analysis on a huge range of crypto projects and coins. Hopefully, this article will help you. Don't forget to leave a like, comment and sharing it with others. Thank you!

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What is CryptoRank | How to Use CryptoRank | Cryptocurrency Checker
Castore  DeRose

Castore DeRose


What is ICODrops | How to Use ICODrops | Best ICO Listing Sites

In this article, you'll learn What is ICODrops, How to Use ICODrops (Best ICO Listing Sites) in Crypto Trading.

What is an ICO ?

ICO is very similar to crowdfunding. A company looking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service launches an ICO as a way to raise funds. Through ICO trading platforms, investors receive “tokens” in exchange for their monetary investment in the business. It can also be seen as IPO (Initial Public Offering) when company raise funds through Shares.

An initial coin offering (ICO) is equivalent to an initial public offering (IPO). An initial coin offering is a way for new coins, apps, and all services in the cryptocurrency industry to raise funds.

This initiative allows investors to receive cryptocurrency to token when they buy into an initial coin offering. The method is popular and tokens bought may have utility or may just represent an investor's stake in the project.

Because of the highly unregulated nature of ICOS, investors are expected to be cautious by doing proper research when investing in any ICO.

You will learn about ICOs, the ICODrops platform, how it works, and its pros and cons.

What is ICO Drops?

ICO Drops is an independent initial public offering (ICO) or token sale database and is not affiliated with any ICO project or company. Fees may be gotten from advertising certain token sales.

With ICO Drops investors can get access to projects before they are launched and listed on exchanges.

Initial public offerings (ICOs) and initial exchange offerings (IEOs) are listed on ICO drops in three categories: Active ICO, Upcoming ICO, and Ended ICO. And each ICO has information about the project and ratings attached to them.

Visit Website:

Good features of ICO Drops

1. Active ICO, Upcoming ICO and Ended ICO:

ICO Drops contains a complete list of all ICOs & IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) in three columns "Active ICO, Upcoming ICO and Ended ICO".

The website is well designed interface made with complete details of all kind of ICO's. You can find information on current ICOs as well as those that have recently ended and also to the new upcoming one.

ICO project information:

  • Ticker
  • Token Price
  • Fundraising Goal
  • Total Tokens
  • Available for Token Sale
  • ICO Venue  (Details)

example: Cripco

2. Whitelist

The website also provides details of Whitelist, where participants are required to register in order to participate in the ICO.

3. ICO Stats

In addition, There's an ICO Stats option that shows how much a token has raised. It was further drilled down to two criteria "Market & Advanced Return" .

It actually detailed out the status of the ICO, w.r.t the Offering price as well as the market price and the ROI in BTC, ETH and USD. These details helps the user to access the current market value with regards to the investments.

ICODrops For developers

How does Initial Coin Offering Work?

When a company decides to raise funds by selling its new cryptocurrency asset, it makes known the rules involved in buying its token in advance, the date of release, and credentials (eg. a whitepaper) explaining what the token is about.

Investors participate in ICOs by paying using fiat money or cryptocurrency—Bitcoin and Ethereum—as an exchange for the new token.

The number of tokens available for sale and the price for which they will be sold can either be variable or fixed depending on the company.

How does ICODrops work?

New projects are added to the ICOs and IEOs list through submission. ICO Drops focuses on significant projects for its users and the team looks for appealing ICOs online.

To add new projects through submission, the form is expected to be filled which contains the following information

  • Your name
  • Your contact
  • Project link
  • Information about the projec

Since projects listed on ICO Drops must be significant to users, there’s no guarantee that a particular project will be published. Projects will have to meet certain standards before publication.

According to ICO Drops, “listings are free of charge (we don't have paid listings, premium listings, etc.). If anyone is asking you for money for listing on ICO Drops be careful, it is a scam! The only existing domain is”.

How ICO Drops Advertising Works

ICO Drops is a popular (if not the most popular) ICO database. Its customer demographic includes investors from across the USA, China, Russia, and Japan.

Only approved ICOs and IEOs are considered to be part of the advertising program through manual selection by the ICO Drops team.

ICO advertising program comes in three unique format and placements:

  • Pinned Card:

Adverts are pinned above the ICO list and have a minimum accommodation time of 14days.

  • Top Banner:

It is pinned as a banner at the top of ICO Drops website pages having a direct link to your site.

It is designed uniquely to grab attention and contains your picture, color, and text for consistency.

  • Online Promotion

For more rich and great ROI on your heart spent announcements are made on Twitter and telegram with each post having the hashtag sponsored (#sponsored)

The goal of this promotion is to reach more investors in the aforementioned places—Russia, the USA, China, and Japan.

How to Launch Your Own ICO

ICOs have a low entry barrier which makes launching one very easy. Starting your own ICO fundamentally requires creating a digital token. Other requirements are providing a credential, setting a release date, and making rules that will govern the token sales.

To successfully launch an ICO you'll need the following:

  • A detailed plan showing how you want to achieve your short and long term goals
  • A website
  • A presence on social media
  • Marketing research and campaign
  • A whitepaper explaining what your project is about
  • The identity of the team working on the project to promote trust

How to Participate in an ICO

Ethereum blockchain through its smart contract allows most token sales to operate. The smart contract automatically exchanges Ethereum tokens for a new token without a need for a middle man.

Depending on the company, ICOs have different supply and pricing mechanisms. When exchanges start to list tokens, such tokens can be bought and traded in a marketplace.

To participate in an ICO you need to:

  • Open a cryptocurrency exchange wallet. Exchanging and trading a cryptocurrency can't be done with fiat currency.
  • Exchange your fiat money for Bitcoin or Ether. Once you are registered to an exchange, trade your fiat money for cryptocurrency.
  • Transfer your coins to a blockchain wallet to receive the tokens you want to purchase. You will need a wallet you can control
  • Set up your wallet. Metamask and MyEtherWallet are the most used Ethereum wallets
  • Buy ICO tokens and store them in a secure location. Do your own research before investing in any ICO.

Top exchanges for token-coin trading. Follow instructions and make unlimited money

What Problem does ICO Drops Solve in the Crypto Ecosystem?

Initial coin offering (ICO) is a fundraising business model and approach through coin creation. The risk of buying into a project is that cryptocurrency coins created, valueless at the early stage of the project, would increase in value over time.

A project receives utility and extensive publicity which impacts the value of the currency. Listing projects on ICO Drops makes it easy for investors to get early access into projects before they are listed on major decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

What are the Features and Benefits of ICODrops?

Projects are listed in three columns: Active ICO, Upcoming ICO, Ended ICO which represents an ICO calendar.

Information about each Project is provided and usually contains the following:

  • Important notice about the project
  • An “About Us” for the project
  • Project partners
  • Link to the project's website
  • Link to the project's white paper
  • Links to the Social Media platform(s) they exist
  • Market and Returns. This includes the token price, 24-hour volume, market cap, and return since ICO
  • Token sale. The token type, fundraising goal, total tokens, and the cryptocurrency tokens they accept are listed here
  • A short review and the role of the token (which is mostly utility)
  • Screenshot of several pages found on the project's website
  • A responsive ICO calendar accessed through a standard calendar app on your device— Android, Windows, iOS, Mac— and other calendar apps.
    The ICO calendar is local on your device, always updated, automatically syncs with your time zone, and works very well with any calendar app
  • Latest ICO and IEO news on Twitter and Telegram
  • A bounty list—an incentive program
  • Weekly emails containing ICO plans sent to their email subscribers
  • A rating system, interest level, designed to inform users but does not stand as financial, investment, or legal advice

The interest level relating system includes these three factors:

  • Hype level: this factor is rated on the basis of the size and quality of the audience that has shown a level of interest in social media. The hype level could be normal or high.
  • Risk level: this factor relies on the percentage of fundraising tokens available, buyback, personal hard cap, and pre-sale results generally identified as the conditions of participation in a token sale.
  • Return on investment level: it is dependent on the performance of similar projects and is reflected when token price changes over time.

Pros and Cons of ICODrops

Initial coin offering is a good way for companies to raise funds very fast however, this process has its downside also.


  • Intuitive and easy to use website
  • No affiliation with any company or project
  • Provides information about projects not extensively covered by mainstream media
  • Incentives can be earned when you participate in ICO activities


  • The interest level rating system may be biased
  • How an ICO progresses isn't fully described

Visit Website:

Hopefully, this article will help you. Don't forget to leave a like, comment and sharing it with others. Thank you!

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What is ICODrops | How to Use ICODrops | Best ICO Listing Sites
Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor


Top STO Cryptocurrency Marketing Agencies | STO Marketing Services

In this post, you'll learn Top 12 STO Cryptocurrency Marketing Agencies | STO Marketing Services

A security token is a blockchain-based underlying asset share. Security Token Offering is a project investment strategy that comprises selling tokenized assets in return for STO funding. This grants investors specific company privileges such as ownership, profit sharing, periodic dividends, equity, voting, and buy-back rights. The bulk of crypto coins circulated as part of an ICO rotation is security tokens, even though some businesses refer to them as utility tokens. 

Security tokens are similarly not traded on regular token exchanges since they are subject to strict regulations. But they are also fungible tokens, like ICOs, so they have monetary worth. Security tokens resemble stock certificates. Stock ownership information is included in a certificate of ownership, while security tokens hold similar information on the blockchain and as a token.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) validates and regulates security tokens. Along with the SEC, authorities in key countries like Switzerland and the UK have issued rules establishing regulatory resolution offerings. Because of the additional security and protection provided by financial regulations, STOs have become immensely popular among investors in these countries.

Security tokens serve as a natural link between conventional finance and blockchain, benefiting both substantially. The assets allocated through tokens already exist in the traditional market, including the biggest economies like stocks and real estate. STOs are appealing to investors because of their high liquidity. Clients can meet their funding goals faster if they market tokenized securities to a broader pool of accredited investors.

Security tokens are also economical. Smart contracts enable issuing security tokens to supporters in real-time and secure automated dividend payments, saving money and effort. Above all, STO fosters transparency. Using robust coin governance structures to issue security tokens transparently protects investors from fraud and poor execution.

Here are the steps that involve marketing a Security Token Offering

  • STEP 1: Market study

The market study involves a thorough understanding of your idea, identifying the business categories that apply, competitor analysis, market scope, and dividend projections. This is the fundamental and important step in marketing your Security token, without it targetting the right bunch of investors becomes difficult.

  • STEP 2: Whitepaper Drafting & Executive Pitch deck

An elaborate whitepaper is drafted furnishing all the details and market metrics related to the Security Token and detailing your idea behind it. Further, an Executive summary with a (Pitch deck) that carries the snapshot of key metrics is prepared for presentation.

  • STEP 3: Marketing Collaterals

Pitch Deck and the whitepaper aren't sufficient for you to raise funds from investors. Invest in good video explainer of your idea/ product, images explaining more about your product, vision for growth and expansion, etc.

  • STEP 4: Investor Targeting & Reach out

Reach out to interested Investors through different mediums organic or paid, consider the process time-sensitive, as you will need to reach out to investors, answer any queries they may have about the token before the Token offering event starts.

Top STO Agencies:

1. Searched

Searched acts as an intermediary between site development and content marketing in cryptocurrency. It is a digital growth strategy agency specializing in web development, content and SEO results, and corporate communications. 

Searched founders are a team of entrepreneurs with vast expertise in building startups from the ground up using advanced digital marketing techniques and development skills. These experts have spent the last two years solely committed to working extensively with blockchain startups, advising them on how to create online brands with long-term growth plans sustainably.


2. Priority Token

Priority Token or Ptoken provides consulting services from conceptualization through post-STO approval. It is one of the biggest consulting, marketing, and fundraising firms for crypto offerings globally.

Priority Token is a group of investors, venture capitalists, and blockchain specialists who work together as a network.

In addition to traditional marketing and legal services, the agency provides unique immediate fundraising opportunities through its extensive global and Asia-specific investor network. Ptoken has an experienced multinational staff with offices in Singapore, Moscow, London, and Seoul.


3. Applicature

Applicature, established in 2011, is one of the world’s oldest blockchain-based marketing firms. The creation of novel technology solutions was the agency’s original focus. This aim aided the firm in establishing an excellent placement for the crypto market’s expected expansion.

Applicature focuses on blockchain-related initiatives such as smart contract creation, research, and blockchain adoption and modification. Its team of experts evaluates business models and helps companies optimize their operations in the expanding blockchain environment. To guarantee security and liquidity to its customers, Applicature employs an ERC-20 token.


4. Block Gemini

Block Gemini is a group of blockchain engineers and supporters that work together on a technology shift that the agency likes to call “The Blockchain Revolution.”

The aim of Block Gemini is to help big organizations in creating decentralized ecosystems in which they can interact with their clients in various ways.

The agency offers a completely customizable crowd-sale platform with products, support, and solutions to boost investment growth throughout the fundraising process. Its STO Launchpad covers all the needed requirements and campaign materials for a smooth and efficient crowd-sale launch.


5. X10 Agency

X10 is a prominent crypto-assets marketing agency that assists companies with all aspects of the STO process, from whitepaper preparation to global growth hacking. X10 works on utility and security tokens (STO, ICO, IEO), cryptocurrency exchanges, the blockchain, and fintech initiatives.

The agency also offers 24/7 community management, which is fundamental for every crypto project. It also provides a complete PR and influencer marketing solution, creating quality content and ensuring consistent exposure on trending crypto and fintech media channels.


6. Crowdcreate

Crowdcreate is a world-class crypto marketing agency and a reputed community management and development firm. To date, Crowdcreate has helped the majority of the top 100 crypto ventures create an emergent community of investors and supporters, resulting in $100+ million raised funds across 50+ projects.

The agency manages one of the most extensive networks of cryptocurrency social media influencers, programmers, and avid crypto enthusiasts in all major languages and time zones.

Crowdcreate also gives you direct access to some of the most reliable resources, such as Cointelegraph, Crypto Daily, FXStreet, Smartereum, and Tech Times.


7. Sparkchain

Sparkchain specializes in bringing powerful storylines to life for technology-focused and innovation-minded businesses via PR and integrated marketing campaigns. Social development, content production, programmatic distribution, various types of paid media, and data-driven analytics are among the agency’s many services. Sparkchain also provides blockchain and cryptocurrency leaders with comprehensive strategic communications and marketing services.

The agency works with like-minded firms that value transparency, efficiency, and integrity. Sparkchain has previously collaborated with DFINITY, CoinDash, Blockchain Capital, and Argon Group.


8. Crypto Gang

Crypto Gang is a premium branding agency that works with tech and blockchain businesses. Brand strategy, corporate brand identification, website design and development, whitepapers, pitch decks, one-pagers, and other multimedia elements are among the Crypto Gang’s specialties.

The agency has developed several brands for its clients in recent years, including STO initiatives for startups, enterprises, and investors.


9. CubyCode

CubyCode is a client-focused team of specialists dedicated to creating, improving, and maintaining award-winning websites, apps, and digital experiences. The firm helps companies of all sizes and industries make ISO and STO standards.

CubyCode’s top developers and engineers create innovative app solutions that captivate users and increase revenue.

CubyCode has built a team of Blockchain engineers that create and secure applications at a minimal cost. The team provides app development and smart contract generation on multiple platforms hourly or full-time.


10. Validity Labs

Swiss-based Validity Labs is an education and training firm specializing in smart contracts.

Validity Labs is Europe’s first commercial smart contract training company, cooperating with cutting-edge academic partners. It aims to be the trusted source of educational events in Switzerland and neighboring countries.

In addition to client-driven projects, the firm develops products and creative software solutions for STO and ICO fundraising initiatives.


11. Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is a security token platform pioneer. The agency, which recently transitioned to the most recent and secure method of a token sale, offers the most comprehensive STO solution in the industry, from network development to marketing. It provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in the STO business, particularly in the legal and marketing aspects of the ICO.

Blockchain App Factory offers a portfolio of services and has worked with several prominent enterprises like Shell and McDonald’s. The firm has also previously collaborated with CertiK and Bit Mart.


12. Blockchain Scripts

Blockchain Scripts offers proactive and effective STO marketing solutions. The agency provides a suite of STO-specific services, including STO essentials (landing pages, whitepaper) and press pitch PR that tackles all the critical elements regarding STO and is written and sent to all major cryptocurrency media.

Blockchain Scripts facilitates community management where the team assists businesses with gaining community traction by using diverse community involvement strategies.

Additionally, the agency offers token listing via its partner STO and ICO listing sites. Clients can have security tokens published and graded well before cryptocurrency events.


The Future of the STO

The next step in the growth of fungible digital tokens is Security Token Offerings. Security tokens outperform ICOs by combining the flexibility of blockchain technology with legal compliance and emphasizing tried-and-true risk mitigation strategies. As more authorities engage with the bitcoin industry, security tokens will be the big winners. In addition, there is a need in the cryptocurrency market for goods that appeal to less "risky" investors who want stability and security. Companies searching for new and inventive ways to acquire funds should consider STOs. As a result of these variables, security tokens are predicted to grow into a $162 trillion industry by 2030.

Learn more: Top ICO and Crypto Marketing Agencies | ICO Marketing Services

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Top STO Cryptocurrency Marketing Agencies | STO Marketing Services
Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor


Top ICO and Crypto Marketing Agencies | ICO Marketing Services

In this post, you'll learn Top 20 ICO & Crypto Marketing Agencies | ICO Marketing Services

1. What is Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has helped many startups with their funding. An ICO marketing agency gives wings to those grounded startups to fly high with making their ICO a big success. ICO marketing agency helps a cryptocurrency based startup to get the funding with the help of promoting it through social media and blogs. 

Cryptocurrency Marketing Agencies are very helpful for ICO marketing strategies. They develop the right content for offline marketing, social media marketing, display marketing, PR service and many more marketing strategies. Blockchain marketing agencies have become one of the most sought-after agencies in the field of blockchain technology. If you are planning on creating a business out of blockchain technology, look into the list of SoftwareWorld to find out the top ICO & Crypto marketing agencies.

1.1. How to Choose the Best ICO Marketing Agencies?


“Experience makes man perfect!” I hope that everybody knows about it. It’s 100% true and authentic feature to know the stability and qualities of the company. If you are looking for top ICO marketing agency, you must have to check their portfolio, case studies, and client testimonials. You should also think about how the company approaches the token sales. You can easily get an idea about the company’s performance with the help of these features.


Your aim is to find the best crypto marketing agency for your ICO and I am very much sure that you have not complete idea about ICO marketing checklist but I think you must have. Before choosing the best ICO marketing firm, you should have to know about that what type of services your marketing agency offer and also rethink about the same strategies are still effective for ICO marketing. Find the capabilities of a marketing agency and assure yourself that they can make your ICO successful with their strategies.


Budget is the most considerable feature to choose the right resources for your ICO campaign. There is not any type of stability in ICO market; you can find different packages and different types of marketing modules in the industry. The most of companies offer full packages for ICO marketing services and other are working on an hourly basis. ICO marketing really requires the big budget to create a better impact on the audience so you should also consider your budget for the effective ICO marketing services.


We already talked about the stability of the market and it’s completely unstable market. Crypto market covers lots of updates on a daily basis and it’s really the fast-paced environment for marketers and investors. This thing really affects your token sale. So before choosing the right ICO marketing firm, you must have to check the flexibility feature of service Provider Company. Always choose only those resources who can easily transform their selves in this fast-paced industry.


If you are thinking to step in ICO fundraising, you must have to know about all features. It’s a really big world and really requires so many things to make your ICO successful. You have to put an effort in website design and development, cryptocurrency development, marketing, legal process, documents preparation, platform development, and many more things. Few companies offer A To Z services to their clients but few of them only offers some features and other works are provided by their partner firms who specialize in the other field. So you should also think that your marketing partner is one shop solutions or it has other partners who will work for you.


If you are going to choose any cryptocurrency marketing agency, you need to discuss with them. A quality discussion will help you to create a complete picture of your ICOs. You can easily know about marketing company approach with the help of this feature. You can also get an idea about their work style, services feature, and branding aspect.


If you want to make yourself more comfortable regarding your future crypto marketing agency, you need to cross verify with their previous and existing clients. You can easily get an idea about how they performed or doing business with their clients. It’s the easiest and practical way to get the best service provider for your ICO marketing.


There are so many listing sources which one offers top ICO marketing agencies; you can find renowned and popular options from these types of research sources. You can easily get the complete idea from these researches. You can find lots of companies and agencies in the listing resources and they also offer crucial information about these marketing companies. So you can easily understand that which company is more profitable for your ICO launch.


Looking for impeccable marketing agencies, I think this option is the easiest way to find the great marketing firm for your ICO. There are many websites who offer investors’ reviews and ratings; this will help you to get the best one for your ICO. You can also check Google Reviews and other top review and rating sources to find the incredibility of a marketing firm.

1.2. What ICO Marketing Strategies You Should Consider In Your ICO Marketing Companies

To get the perfect answer and solution, ask always to yourself and others. You should have to ask your marketing partners that which services they basically offer in their marketing packages. Here I am going to show you some prime and best marketing strategies.


It’s the first and the foremost feature of ICO Marketing. Just ask your marketing partner that which type of strategies they offer to create impressive and meaningful Whitepaper. The whitepaper is basically a source which one provides each and every detail about your project. You can easily show your impressive concept, planning, legal things and other necessary details to your investor through whitepaper. You can easily describe your whole infrastructure and intention to your investors. So this is like a complete guide about your ICO for your future investors.


It’s all about the virtual world and if you really want to create an effective impression on your audience, an authentic website is the most appropriate solution for you. You need to create a stunning website with impressive UI and UX. Just ask your marketing company that how they can improve your ICO website and use it as the best landing page to increase your fundraising.


ICO marketing is quietly different than traditional marketing but it still requires the SEO aspect for your website. If you really want to improve your website in Search Engine organically, SEO is the best medium for you as a marketer. So just ask your ICO service providers that how are they effective and understandable in SEO term. You can easily create a new height for your website by doing on-page and off-page SEO strategies and it will definitely reflect in Search Engine.


The most common term in the internet marketing and I think everyone knows about it but the term of Social media is little bit changed if you count in ICO marketing strategies. You need a strong presence in leading social media platforms. Just ask to your ICO consulting firm that how perfect they are about it. Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Telegram, Quora and Steemit are some of leading social media platforms and these platforms definitely help you to make your ICO successful. You can easily reach to the audience and create a buzz through these social media platforms.


Ask your blockchain marketing agency about their Influencer Marketing skills; these marketing firms are associated with Influencing personality of Crypto world and in some cases they known as an influencer, so by using this feature you can easily create a big impact and appeal to your audience. This strategy is awesome for your ICO fundraising campaign.


There are some leading sites and you can find yourself in ICO world. These sites offer ICO listing feature where you can easily list your ICO as an upcoming or ongoing ICO. These sites have the big numbers of visitors and this one easily make your ICO more popular among your audience. Just ask your ICO marketing firm that how they are efficient to list your ICO in ICO listing websites.


Do you really want effective marketing for your ICO, so just ask to your ICO marketing agencies about PR and Media outreach services. If you want to connect with your audience and want to convert them into investors, you need to create a public relationship with them through outreaching. You can easily let you them about your ICO with effective PR services. There are some leading websites in ICO world which one offers quality Press Release services. If you want fast and best result, so you need to check their premium ways. You can easily create effective buzzing in your audience with the help of quality PR services. So always consider your marketing firm as the best blockchain PR agency.


You need to know about that free and paid medium of marketing. Just ask to your ICO marketing agency that what type of paid solutions and freeways they will use to create a buzz in the market. Usually, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Telegram, Slack, Discord offers profile creation and development features. You can easily grab investors by using them without any cost but if you would like to run a paid campaign over these sites to catch leads for your ICO, it will also work great for you. If we talk about other paid mediums Google ads are the best way for the display marketing. You can also choose other specialize crypto ad networks as a paid marketing medium.


Writing an effective pitch and doing email marketing is not an easy job. It really requires so much expertise, so just ask your ICO marketing service provider about that. You can easily target your audience and connect with them through best email marketing services.


ICO bounty campaigns are really wonderful option to create buzz among audience here you can offer free coins to individuals for completing some kind of certain task like website bug finding, promoting on social media, promoting in cryptocurrency communities, writing a blog and many types of tasks. You can ask your ICO marketing agency regarding this feature.


Crypto Events are the best medium to find an interested investor for your ICO. Just ask your ICO marketing partner that they can organize Crypto Events for your ICO. You can easily step forward with the same strategy. It’s really meaningful and most effective medium to create a buzz in the market.

2. List of Top ICO & Crypto Marketing Agencies

2.1. Bitcoin Marketing Team – We assist your crypto project

Founded in Dublin, Ireland, Bitcoin Marketing Team is a leading crypto marketing firm that is driven by its passion for blockchain technology. Combined, the Bitcoin Marketing Team has over five decades of technology experience, five of which were spent working for blockchain companies. Bitcoin Marketing Team is one of the oldest crypto marketing agencies in Europe, with a track record of driving successful cryptocurrency campaigns since 2014. Through ten token offerings, the company has helped raise over $110 million.

Bitcoin Marketing Team is your go-to choice if you’re looking for an experienced team to manage your ICO marketing, SEO, advertising, PR, and communication. With their integrated marketing campaign and data-driven approach, they will lead you to success in the blockchain space.

Company Size : 2 – 10 Employees Founded : 2014 Country : Ireland

Associated with ICOs : LocalCoinSwap, Salt Lending, Playkey,, Aventus, RepuX, Leverj

2.2. Belkin Marketing – ICO Marketing done right.

Belkin Marketing was founded in 2007 in California. The company has assisted over 96 brands in the blockchain and digital marketing space to raise $220 million in ICOs. Security Token Offerings (STO), DeFi Marketing, and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) are the company’s core cryptocurrency services.

Everything from auditing, listing, creating security tokens, PR and communications, legal compliance, community management, and so much more is handled by the company. As a result, crypto and blockchain brands can work with Belkin without worrying about their legal and marketing needs. Etherecash, Humaniq, and Auditchain are a few of the brands associated with Belkin Marketing.

Company Size : 11 – 50 Employees Founded : 2007 Country : Hong Kong

Associated with ICOs : Auditchain, etherecash, Humaniq, Neurogress, QuickX Protocol, TrustLogics

2.3. Thomas Ray Co – We assist your crypto project

Thomas Ray Co is a New York-based ICO marketing firm and advisory. They support early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in growing their brands. They have partnered with Saint New York, Maison Mkt. Through the deployment of return-driven campaigns, their team excels in delivering consistent performance for both new and established blockchain ventures.

Thomas Ray Co has been featured in top publications as a top agency that builds robust platforms through proactive marketing, SEO, social media strategy, and email marketing.

Company Size : 2 – 10 Employees Founded : Not Found Country : USA

Associated with ICOs : Not Found

2.4. PANONY – Your Blockchain Insider and Advisor

Established in 2018, PANONY is an advisory for blockchain and crypto businesses. Its founders, Allyssa Tsai and TongTong Bee, are both Forbes Asia under 30. As well as being headquartered in China, PANONY conducts most of its operations from South Korea, Greater China, and the United States.

In addition to bounty campaigns and airdrops, their crypto marketing services cover media relations, communications, and community advisory. They also operate award-winning blockchain new sites called PANews They feature 2800 in-depth original articles with amazing content and actionable insights. Some of the prominent clients in their portfolio include Decus, BitMain, CoinBurp, among others.

Company Size : 11 – 50 Employees Founded : 2018 Country : Hong Kong

Associated with ICOs : Not Found

2.5. Market Me Good – We Make Good Ideas Visible

Marketing is no joke, especially in the Uber competitive field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. But, Market Me Good is on another level when it comes to marketing. They are one of the top ICO marketing agencies in the world. They specialize in inbound blockchain marketing.

From email marketing lead nurturing to campaign management and creation, Market Me Good provides everything at a nominal price to make your blockchain marketing a super success!

Company Size : 1 – 10 Employees Founded : Not Found Country : Estonia

Associated with ICOs : Not Found

2.6. NinjaPromo – Top Creative Digital Marketing and Content Production Agency in Blockchain Sphere

Established in 2017, NinjaPromo is a leading New York-based ICO marketing firm with offices around the world. NinjaPromo is a leader in social media marketing and public relations for blockchain-based companies. They have helped more than 18 blockchain brands gain momentum in the hyper-competitive crypto world through impressive content production, public relations, paid to advertising, and influencer marketing. Their other popular ICO marketing services include marketing strategy development, PR and influencers, email marketing, UI/UX, website design, management, video creation, branding, and so on.

As part of investment collections, they have helped collect $150 million. So, when you work with NinjaPromo, you can be confident that your ICO, NFT, STO or DeFi campaign will be managed seamlessly. Among their notable clients are Bitforex, TechX, Iqoniq, IronFX, among others.

Company Size : 11 – 50   Employees Founded :2017 Country : USA

Associated with ICOs : Bitforex, IQONIQ, Okex, Unibright, Ceek, French Blockchain Federation, HYCON, Tozex, Paypolitan, Polka Ventures, DAO Ventures, DCTDAO, Pollo, Workquest, Coinmerce, Castweet, Contentos, IronX, Vertex.

2.7. Blockwiz – Crypto Marketing Done Right

Blockwiz was founded in 2019 by Dev Sharma. Since he struggled to find an agency he could trust, Dev decided to start his own. Previously, he held executive leadership roles with some of the largest cryptocurrency companies, such as OKEx, and Paxful. Since its inception, the agency has worked on over 150 successful crypto projects.

At the moment, they have a full-time team of 70 members including, growth hackers, creative writers, designers, and strategists to help you reach your goals for rapid growth. A powerhouse, Blockwiz boasts 100 million YouTube views, 10 million followers on Twitter, and five million community messages.

Among their crypto marketing services are influencer marketing, community building, brand management, and strategy consulting. The agency is trusted by global crypto brands like Bybit, CoinDCX, Delta and Vauld.

Company Size : 51 – 100   Employees Founded :2020 Country : Canada

Associated with ICOs : Sugarbounce ($TIP), Delta ($DETO), Lithium Finance ($LITH), GGDapp (GGTK)

2.8. Searched – Making the complex simple

Searched is a private based in London. The agency aims to bridge the gap between web development search and content marketing across London. Founded in 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs, Searched specializes in blockchain and ICO marketing.

Their core crypto marketing services include brand storytelling, search engine optimization, content marketing, Public relations, social media community management, and Security token offering. They have worked with some prominent brands, including Xace, BlockFI, and Clearstake.

Company Size : 2 – 10 Employees Founded : 2017 Country : UK

Associated with ICOs : Trippki

2.9. APPLICATURE – We are your tokensale and custom blockchain consultants.

Founded in 2010, Applicature is a US-based bitcoin marketing agency. They help both start-ups and enterprise blockchain brands, which is the best thing about Applicature. Start-up brands can get their products introduced to investors since many of them follow or collaborate with the agency. Applicature is also a member of the EEA and has its own blockchain community in Silicon Valley.

They offer a range of blockchain marketing services, including social media marketing, community building, PR campaigns, influencer marketing, and content marketing, among others. Those interested in doing roadshows with blockchain brands can also work with Applicature. With a successful minimum investment of $3,000,000, the agency can help bring selected projects to Asia Top 100 investors in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore. Applicature has successfully raised over 330 million in coin offerings for 15 clients. Their notable clients include SLOGN, Orocrpyt, and DarICO.

Company Size : 11 – 50   Employees Founded :2010 Country : United States

Associated with ICOs : Acorn Collective, Budbo, Clout, Codex, CrowdWiz, DreamTeam, Mosaic, Terawatt, VARcrypt

2.10. AmaZix – World’s Leading Community Management and Engagement Firm

Founded in Hong Kong in 2013, AmaZix is one of the world’s leading token marketing agencies and advisory firms. For blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, AmaZix offers a variety of blockchain services, including branding, public relations, community management, legal advice, and human resources. Their primary focus is community management. With over five years’ experience in nurturing relationships, AmaZix is an expert in building confidence within communities and ensuring loyalty among followers.

Furthermore, they boast an influencer reach of 291 million, as well as 1500+ blockchain professionals. Over 530 clients have entrusted them with their blockchain projects. The company’s most prominent clients include Ambrosus, Arcona, and BitNation.

Company Size : 51 – 200   Employees Founded :2017 Country : Hong Kong

Associated with ICOs : WePower, Ambrosus, Arcona, Attrace, BABB, Banca, Bancor, BANKEX, bitJob, Bitnation, Blockshipping GSCP, Bloom, BotChain, Cardstack, ClinTex, Codex, CoinMetro, Cool Cousin, Countinghouse Fund,, Current, CyberTrust, DatabrokerDAO, Dataeum, Datawallet, DAV, DREAM, ELIGMA, EQUI, EtherSportz, Evident Proof, Fan Controlled Football League, Flixxo, FortKnoxster, Giftcoin,, Global REIT, GoChain, Havven, HDAC, Helbiz, Indorse, JoyToken, KickCity, Maecenas, Multiversum, On.Live, Pareto, PayPro, Personal Data Democracy,, Project Shivom, Restart Energy, Smart Containers, Stox, XYO Network, Zap Store

2.11. KEY Difference Media – 360° Approach to ICO Marketing

KEY Difference Media is a full suite ICO marketing agency with a track record of 15 years in content marketing. Since 2013, the agency has been a major player in the blockchain space and has worked with the earliest gaming companies that incorporated bitcoin.

They have assisted in the sale of more than 550 million tokens. The company, led by CEO Karnika E. Yashwant, offers core blockchain services such as content marketing, influencer marketing, public relations, advisory, and media buying. All the KDM clients can get media placements in premium crypto media outlets without waiting long. Their top partners include CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin Talk, listings, etc.

Company Size : 250 – 500 Employees Founded : 2007 Country : USA

Associated with ICOs : Auditchain, EarthCycle, etherecash, Healthureum, Ink Protocol, MetaHash, Neurogress, PolySwarm, QuickX Protocol, TravelBlock, TrustLogics

2.12. Lunar Strategy – A marketing agency specialized in crypto & nft

 Crypto is currently one of the hottest markets today. However, with this comes a challenging part which is high competition. Due to this, most crypto brands often find it challenging to stand apart from their competitors without paying arm and a leg. But the good news is, Lunar Strategy can help! The crypto marketing agency is helping crypto brands market their crypto services through unparalleled digital marketing strategies, which help brands dominate the Google SERP and take a front seat in the audience’s minds.

One of the best perks of working with the Lunar Strategy team is their fixed budget services. This means crypto brands do not have to worry about fluctuating budgets and marketing costs. Some of its prominent crypto services include Google, Instagram, FB paid ads, social media management, PR and influencer marketing, and so much. Overall, Lunar Strategy is an excellent place to get crypto marketing services.

Company Size : 11 – 50   Employees Founded : 2019 Country : Portugal

Associated with ICOs : Gamestarter, Dark Frontiers and Oasis Network


2.13. Coinbound – The Crypto Marketing Agency

With a successful track record of crypto and ICO marketing campaigns, Coinbound is a leading crypto marketing agency established in 2018. As the agency’s leader, Tyler Daniel Smith is a well-known crypto marketer known for his podcasts about crypto marketing.

Coinbound provides crypto marketing services, including social media management, PPC campaigns, influencer marketing, SEO, and SEM. Clients of the agency have seen a 60 percent increase in organic traffic after successful SEO campaigns and social media campaigns. Furthermore, it is home to the largest network of content creators, news sites, and influencers in the crypto and blockchain industries. A few of the prominent clients include eToro, ShapeShift, etc.

Company Size : 2 – 10 Employees Founded : 2018 Country: United States

Associated with ICOs: eToro, OKEx, Coinmine, ShapeShift, Apollo, CoinStats

2.14. AroundB – Leading PR, marketing and events agency in blockchain, crypto and fintech industry.

Since its founding in 2016, AroundB has organized major events around the world to promote the growth and development of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and innovative technologies. With 9+ years of experience, they have launched several projects from conception through maturity. Furthermore, more than 50 events have been successfully organized by the agency in more than 15 countries.

You can leverage their expertise in the cryptocurrency and fintech industries to find the right audience and wealthy investors. Their crypto marketing services include PR, marketing, consulting, and organizing events such as VIP meetings with investors, product presentations, etc. Among AroundB’s prominent clients are Nafter, Bonuz, and Space Seven.

Company Size : 2 – 10   Employees Founded :2016 Country : Ukraine

2.15. daPixel – We will help you scale your Crypto Project

Whether it’s developing connections, running a specialized paid ad campaign or developing a content strategy, daPixel has made its name in crypto marketing. The agency deals with various layers of crypto arens, including metaverse, cryptocoins, and NFTs and has considerable experience in leading the crypto brands on the right path.

Currently, they provide a wide range of crypto marketing services such as paid ads like Google, Instagram, Twitter, FB ads, social media management, and community building and so on. One of the best perks of working with daPixel is that all of their services start with a 30-minute free consultation call. This call is a crucial point because it helps crypto brands decide their priorities and also understand whether daPixel is the right match for their brand.

Company Size : 2 – 10   Employees Founded : 2019 Country : Portugal

2.17. – Crypto Marketing & PR

Based in Moscow, Russia, is a leading bitcoin marketing agency. The agency’s core mission is to provide blockchain and Fintech start-ups with quality marketing services in a cost-effective and cost-efficient manner. In addition to having access to more than 150 media partners, including top publications like Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Entrepreneur, it is miles ahead of any other crypto marketing agency. The company’s core crypto marketing services include airdrop marketing, influencer marketing, Google Ads, PR, and IEC marketing, among others. has helped over 50 cryptos and, fintech brands generate millions of dollars through successful campaigns, with over three years of experience and 35 crypto enthusiasts on staff. RAMP DeFi, EdgeCoin, ApeSwap, and ApeSwap are among some prominent clients.

Company Size : 11 – 50   Employees Founded :2018 Country : Russian Federation

Associated with ICOs :, Nucleus Vision, Pascal, Bytenext, Bonfi, 8PAY, MOSS, DEXFIN, BONFI, Holder Finance, DEFIQA, VEROX, YFDFI.FINANCE, BANKAERO, Monart, MEGATECH, Impulse Ven, INFINITY YIELD, Blox STAKING, RAMP DEFI, Yield Bank, CAIZCOIN, COOK, Ecocelium, BTCRUBY, DAILYCOIN, Plethori, AlgoVest, Koinal, Cops Finance, QoinIQ, CoinMarketManager, DeFiScale, DAN, ENVFinance, DRAGONBITE, DOGEMOON, AnRKey, BitcoLoan, BondAppetit, Landshare, Prodexp, SafeSpace, StarterPad, Blocklabs Capital Management, Earniom, ILUS Coin, NTFhistory, PolkaSyndicate, WaterDeFi, Passive Income, Tupan, Xbtc, Cumrocketcrypto, Starky finance, Panther-token, Spacegrime, 100xCoin, Burency Global, Mute, Savetheworld Health, xxxNifty, Bonfiretoken, Deswap, Portus Network, Ulti Arena, Livemoment, Dogeback, Tem Coin, Moonrise Coin

2.18. Priority Token – Your gateway to a successful ICO

Priority Token is a UK-based ICO marketing agency of its kind. Unlike other ICO marketing companies, Priority Token focuses on uniform solutions. Although the agency is headquartered in London, it also has branches in Singapore, Moscow, and Dubai. Their tailor-made community management makes it easy to access markets like Korea, Japan, and China that are otherwise hard to target due to local languages. The company has also gained attention for its roadshows, which are prominently based in the Middle East, Asia, and the UK.

In contrast, Priority Token falls short in one of the most important markets for blockchain, the United States. The agency has a limited amount of operations in the US market and has little understanding of the market. If you wish to reach most of the US audience, it is best to choose another ICO marketing agency from this list.

Company Size : 11 – 50   Employees Founded :2017 Country : Singapore

Associated with ICOs : BehaviourExchange, Bitminer Factory, BitRewards, DiscoveryIoT, Eternal Trusts, Faceter, IPStock, Loyakk, METOKEN, ModulTrade,, Playkey, Saifu, SKYFchain, TraXion, Triggmine


Crowdcreate is an NFT and crypto marketing agency founded in 2017. Crowdcreate has one of the largest communities of crypto influencers and thought leaders. Furthermore, they have several industry connections that allow them to help you appear on many competitive sites like CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph without requiring a lot of waiting time.

Apart from Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, and Solana, Crowdcreate frequently strategizes and supports many additional cryptocurrencies as well. Some of the popular brands they have grown are Valora, The Sandbox, and The Pastel Network.

Company Size : 11 – 50   Employees Founded :2014 Country : United States

Associated with ICOs : Acebusters, BaaSid, Bancor, Bezant, BGX, BitClave, CGCX, EOS, Further Network, Galaxy eSolutions, Lendingblock, Loopring, Open Platform, Pally, PopChest, Profede, RewardMob, Status, Tap Project, TenX, Vantage Token, ZILLA

2.20. crynet – Data Driven Full-Service ICO Marketing

Founded in 2016 and based in the Czech Republic, crynet is a popular crypto marketing agency in Europe. Their core services include media buying, investor relations, strategy, and production. Moreover, crynet has access to over 100 reliable media buying suppliers with negotiated prices for advertising and PR.

crynet has managed to help clients raise over $350 million in token offerings. In 2017, crynet helped SwissBorg’s ICO raise $10 million on the first day itself. Their other client, HOQU which is the first decentralized marketing platform that brings merchants and buyers together without brokers. Overall, blockchain brands requiring help with ICO marketing, post-ICO assistance, and STO marketing can work with crynet for successful campaigns.

Company Size : 11 – 50 Employees Founded : 2016 Country : Prague

Associated with ICOs : Arcona, ATFS Project, BetterBetting, DUCATUR, Earth Token. Energi Token, Fabric Token, HOQU, Loci Coin, Patron, Playkey, Raison, SophiaTX, Sp8de, Spectre, SwissBorg, SwissRealCoin, The Divi Project, Tradingene, Ubcoin Market


Headquartered in San Francisco, Sparkpr was founded in the year 1999 by Donna Burke and Chris Hempet. For the past 20 years, the agency has worked with major Silicon Valley and tech brands. Their team was instrumental in managing the VA Linux IPO in 1999.

Their core crypto marketing services include crisis management, customer acquisition, brand awareness, thought leadership, and product launch support. Sparkpr has launched over 1000 tech brands and achieved more than $17B in exits with a variety of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Among their well-known clients is Simple Token, where Sparkpr worked with the brand to create an online social community from the ground up and take brand awareness to a new level.

Company Size : 51 – 200 Employees Founded : 1999 Country : United States

Associated with ICOs : Blockchain Capital, BLOCKv, Civic, CoinDash, Compcoin, FunFair, SENSE, Simple Token

2.22. MarketAcross – Connecting Brands With People

 Established in 2014, MarketAcross is one of the leading ICO marketing firms based in Ramat Gan, Israel. The company specializes in driving traffic through content marketing. They handle a wide range of content marketing campaigns, including content creation and amplification.

MarketAcross is a performance-based agency. This makes it one of the rare ICO marketing firms to operate this way. Therefore, the payment will be determined by results, not by a fixed amount. That’s why it’s one of the best ICO marketing agencies to work with. You won’t pay them if they don’t deliver results! By leveraging their extensive network of industry influencers, they help blockchain companies stand out from the competition through ghostwriting, video production, and interviews. DreamTeam, Vertex, and Papyrus are among their notable clients.

Company Size : 11 – 50 Employees Founded : 2013 Country : Israel

Associated with ICOs : Agrello, Attrace, BlockEx, blockhive, Cardstack, CEEK, Confideal, Cool Cousin, COTI, CPROP, DAOstack, Datum, Decentraland, DMarket,, DreamTeam, Endor, Everex, Firmo, Flixxo, Fusion, Game Protocol, Gimli, Gladius, Hacken, Homelend, Horizon State, Indorse, Invox Finance, IOTW, Jincor, JUR, Kind Ads System, LAToken, Legolas Exchange, Matchpool, MEDIA Protocol, modum, NEO, Ponder, qiibee, Qtum, REMME, Sandblock, Senno, ShareRing, Sharpe Capital, Shping, Signals, Skycoin, Soma, ThinkCoin, Wings, Zeex

2.23. Ambisafe – ICO solutions provider and global blockchain services company

Ambisafe is a leading ICO marketing agency that specializes in Ethereum-based financial instruments. In addition, Ambisafe offers white-label software products for the blockchain industry. The core blockchain services include core banking, blockchain software, and Ethereum technology.

During the Parity Wallet hack, they helped to save money and identified issues with top exchanges. Ambisafe’s 40 years of experience in blockchain and 50 years in the US financial market make it a goldmine of knowledge. They have helped blockchain brands raise more than $100 million through initial coin offerings., Polybius, and Propy are among the most prominent clients.

Company Size : 51 – 200 Employees Founded : 2015 Country : USA

Associated with ICOs : Armor Ceramics, Astronaut, BitBoost, ChronoBank, Cryptaur, ESR Wallet, FLUX Token Sale, Hacken, iBuildApp, Inspeer, MARK.SPACE, MicroMoney, Polybius, Propy, Raison, Refereum, REMME, SRG, SwissBorg, TaaS, Unibright, WorldCore

These are the world-class ICO marketing agencies and they are very much popular in the ICO industry and you can easily make your ICO successful with the help of them.

Read more: Top Crypto and NFT Marketing Agencies

Thank you for reading!

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Top ICO and Crypto Marketing Agencies | ICO Marketing Services
Alex Rock

Alex Rock


Checklist for Selecting an ICO Development Company

There are numerous reasons to hire a business expert if you need to establish an ICO. We should presume that if you're running a firm whose approaches have failed and you don't have enough ideas on what to do and what not to do, now is the time to recognize that you need to consult a business professional. Is it correct to claim you're looking for innovative productive advice to start your own ICO stage and work for yourself? If this is the case, you have arrived at your destination!

The global market's interest in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) is growing at a steady pace. ICO allows new firms to raise funding. We can shorten the process by seeking advice. The ICO company is extremely common in the cryptocurrency sector.

An ICO (Initial Coin Giving) development is a technopreneur offering a newly created cryptocurrency as a token to investors who have a different sort of cryptocurrency with a larger incentive on the market, such as bitcoin. These technopreneurs are using ICO Developments as a fundraising technique to avoid losing possession of made-up "Alt-coins." Individuals from the nontechnical sector of the economy who want to raise money sometimes fail to find the best ICO developers. The following advice may save a person from all problems:


The involvement of any organization in its own field indicates its knowledge. ICO development companies, regardless of how fresh they are, almost always have a previous customer whose duty can mirror the company. ICO consultancy services win by creating cryptographic money for you based on your requirements. Because they charge more, their rising abilities can show out in either challenges or gains. This advancement is decentralized, which results in a variety of con developers. To think about them, ask for their portfolio and previous client encounters, as well as reasons of curiosity. Past customer white papers and ICO development are freely available.


Blockchain developers' abilities lay the groundwork for ICO development. These developers, for the most part, run their own businesses or are protected by large corporations. The talents of blockchain developers can be demonstrated in a critical component of your decision to hire ICO development consultancy services. Aside from ICO development, the nature of its smart contract and wallet development is required, as the sections will be done solely through those smart contracts and digital wallets.


The marketing team of the ICO development company is next in line. This experienced crew is in charge of elevating generated cryptocurrencies in a competitive market for such digital money. The reason for this is that investors' interest grows only when a developed cryptocurrency has a strong market presence. Making a social market position is a devoted task that necessitates a method in accordance with the altering condition of computerized money exchange.


The ICO development company approaches you with a proposed plan of action to begin the development of your ICO. Many people are unaware that ICO development necessitates substantial code and specialized marketing methods. As a result, establishing a solid game plan at the outset is unlikely, as financial circumstances and cryptocurrency may result in massive losses or surprise significant profits. For a clear image, the ICO development specialists give this type of information in advance.


Distinct countries have different rules regarding blockchain development. For example, India has prohibited cryptocurrency exchange but permits the use of blockchain technology for data storage. However, ICO development service providers are rapidly expanding in India, and they also provide blockchain services in other countries such as Dubai and Alabama. The appropriate authorities will emphasize such a legitimate framework, and if the ICO turns out to be very profitable, it may raise the suspicions of that country's administration.


If you want to send your ICO to a small group of investors before the general public token sale, you should set up a genuine foundation with whitelist powers. Furthermore, prizes and limited-time offers will necessitate a change in the offering's terms and conditions, which handle by the firm without the need for you to hire new people. Referral schemes follow a similar pattern, particularly when ordered under the showcase umbrella. The consultant firm you hire should offer computerization of the entire transaction, regardless of who the investor is.

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#GameInfinity #Airdrop and #Privatesale Is Live!
Crypto Noyan

Crypto Noyan


#Gameinfinity #Privatesale Is Live!

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Moon to 72X🚀 #web3gaming #NFT

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#Gameinfinity #Privatesale Is Live!
Callum  Owen

Callum Owen


What is an ICO and How risky is it?

If you're searching for an explanation of an ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, this video is your solution. An ICO is a a way for a developer to mint and sell a bunch of initial tokens to set the price and allow users to start holding and doing things with them. It also gives the developer any proceeds from the sale to continue further development on the project.

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What is an ICO and How risky is it?
Crypto Noyan

Crypto Noyan


#GameInfinity #Airdrop & #Presale Is Live!

Have you bought $GAMEIN In Presale?

Go get it now at $0.005/ token

#PancakeSwap listing at $0.015/token.

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Moon to 72X🚀 #web3gaming #NFT

#binance  #ico  #gaming  #nfts  #web3  #metaverse  #nftcommunity  #playtoearn 

#GameInfinity #Airdrop & #Presale Is Live!
Crypto Noyan

Crypto Noyan


#GameInfinity #Airdrop & #Privatesale Is Live!

Have you bought $GAMEIN In Presale?

Go get it now at $0.005/ token

#PancakeSwap listing at $0.015/token.

Connect #BSC wallet on #Metamask & #Trustwallet

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Moon to 72X🚀 #web3gaming #NFT

#binance  #ico  #gaming  #nfts  #web3  #metaverse  #nftcommunity  #playtoearn 

#GameInfinity #Airdrop & #Privatesale Is Live!

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ICO Development - Unique method of raising funds:

 ICO development is more like a process in which certain companies raise capital by creating tokens or coins and sell them in exchange for investment. Infinite Block Tech has a team of skilled ICO developers with experience in the field who guide their clients in all aspects by providing the best solutions during the entire process.

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ICO Development - Unique method of raising funds:
John Negoita

John Negoita


Create Stars in CSS

CSS star shapes can be made using very basic CSS code. Making a CSS star shape is very useful for a number of purposes from making a CSS star rating system, to paragraph dividers, bullet list decorators, star icons and more.

In this short article I will show you give you all the tools and code for your own CSS star shape generator.

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Create Stars in CSS

What Is BMBCoin BMB

What Is BMB
BMB is the core token of BMBCoin Ecosystem . It is used in governance of the protocol and in various Features

BMB is an up and coming popular method for cryptocurrency owners to gain passive income. It involves taking advantage of various incentives rewards for locking up (or staking) different cryptocurrencies. This whitepaper focuses on the BMBCoin Finance farming mechanism for the BMB token which we hope will become one of the highest performing yield farming pools

Official email:
official website:
White paper documentation:

Official Channel Telegram:
Official Group Telegram:
Official Twitter account:

1.3 How to Join airdrop ( BMB )

To be a Join you only need register an ETH address and hold the BMB tokens in one of the liquidity Form we will be setting up.

1.4 What About Lock Periods In Stacking Pool

Lock periods will be short durations for maximising of market activity. We will Create 120 hour lock pool, 7 day lock pool and 30 day lock pool with differing yield values for each. You will generate income from day one and you will be able to trade or sell your tokens without any limitation against all BMB/ETH Pool Pairs

Airdrop BMB

What is the Airdrop Reward?

For each user who joins airdrop BMB, 1500 BMB is awarded for each equivalent of $ 150


BMBCoin Information

BMB Coin Details About Contract And Token Details 
• BMB Information 
• Name: BMBCoin 
• Symbol: BMB
• Decimals:18 
• Total Supply: 10,000,000,000.00 BMB 
• 1 BMB = $0.1
BMB based on the Ethereum ERC20 network and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

BMB based on the Ethereum ERC20 network

Explorer Smart contract Address:

BMBCoin: Deployer Pre sale contract Address:

BMBCoin based on the binance smart chain BSC network

Contract information BMBCoin Smart Contract

Deployer address for Pre sale BMBCoin.

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What Is BMBCoin BMB