Flutter - How to Use Font Awesome Icons in App

Flutter gives inbuilt icon pack to use in your app, but it has very few icon sets, so you have to depend on another icon packs. Font Awesome is one of the best icon pack for flutter or web applications.

Flavors in Flutter - Multiple apps from one source code - Icon Generation

We want to take a look at how #Flavors work in #Flutter and Dart. In this video, you will see how we create two completely different apps from one source cod...

Top 5 Icon Packs for Web Apps in 2021

5 Different Icon Packs for Web Development

Accessible expression with Material Icons and Flutter

Material Design and Flutter both help developers build experiences that are flexible, accessible, and expressive, while delivering great performance and efficiency

Adding Favicons to Websites

This tutorial explains how the browser loads favicons to display in tabs, as well as, how to add launcher icons for Android, iOS, and Windows 10. Brief discu...

Icon Styles for Every Taste

Some ideas for your next collection of interface icons. The icons are, without a doubt, one of the most used graphic elements today in the interface design of digital products.

Why Users Hate Redesign

It's easy to think that users hate redesigns because they don't like how the new design looks like. While users can actually have some preferences for the visual design style, the problem lays deeper, in the human psychology. Redesigns are changes and people don't like changes.

Free User Experience Icon Set in 3 Styles

You hear everyone’s talking about user experience and how important it is for the company. Is it though, really?Yes, yes it is. Yet building great user experience is not that easy. You have to follow your company’s core values, provide the best for t

Web Development Iconset (SVG,PNG)

Creating a website involves many parts and specific knowledge, it requires effort and dedication. To be different from the rest, web developers make unique and fresh web sites. To help professionals in their daily routines, in this case, the Flatico

React Icon System

Icons play a crucial role in interface design. They can certainly be used as visual embellishments, but they are quite often able to convey their meaning without additional text, making them a handy tool for designers & developers.