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Queenie Davis


Why Algorithm? Because it’s the idea!

Very important to know,

In 1936 mathematician Alan Turing proved in his famous research paper “On computable numbers” that, “If an algorithm can be written to solve a mathematical problem, then a Turing machine can execute that algorithm”.

This is a very fundamental and important theory in Computer Science and Engineering(CSE).

That means in a simpler word that :

Any project may be very complex or easy, can be done if first of all, we are able to design an algorithm (description + flowchart + pseudocode).

Though it is hard to convert a design to code, possible if there is a design/blueprint first means algorithm.

The algorithm should be the first thing to learn in the case of CSE.

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Why Algorithm? Because it’s the idea!

How to Create A Compelling Github Portfolio

Building a Github Portfolio With Github Pages

If you write code, you need a Portfolio — Simple as!

A portfolio allows you to showcase samples of work you have done which serves as a digital resume and proof you have the skills that you say you have in your resume.

If your a frontend or backend developer, there’s some merit in building your own website from scratch. But if you’re like me, a Machine Learning Engineer, then you’d ideally want to go for the simplest option possible.

In my opinion, that means using Github Pages. Github Pages is simply a free hosting service provided by Github — it can take HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files directly from a Github repo.

What can go in my Portfolio?

At some point, you’re going to want to beef up your Github Portfolio to ensure that potential clients/employers don’t just breeze over your application. However, knowing what can go in your portfolio is not a very straightforward task. Here are some ideas of things you may want to include in your portfolio;

  • Assignments & Coursework: This may not be your highest quality work, but that doesn’t mean it is not worthy to be a part of your portfolio. All of the programming assignments and coursework you received at school or through courses are still valuable projects to have included but remember if 50,000 people took the same course and share the same thing then you’re going to have to do a bit more if you want to stand out.
  • **Stand-alone Projects: **Stand-alone projects (or personal projects) are vital to the development of anyone that wants to advance their skills. Including this as part of your portfolio is a must and is most likely what is going to grab the attention of potential clients/employers.
  • **Replicating Research: **When we want to learn something on a deeper level, reinventing the wheel is always a good idea. For Data Scientists, this may mean coding a Neural Network from scratch using a research paper.
  • Competitions: If you ever decide to participate in competitions then sharing how you faired is a great step. Although many feel as though competitions do not replicate real-world scenarios, I feel as though there is still plenty of value to take from them and they should definitely be included as part of your portfolio (It’s even better if you can rank high in the competition).
  • Blogs & Vlogs: If you create content in form of a blog or vlog then it should be included too. I feel this is a great way to also demonstrate soft skills as well as displaying your technical knowledge.

Ideally, anything that is going to give you an edge, highlights your strengths, and show the recruiter/potential client that you are capable of adding value with your ability to program is good enough to go in your portfolio.

Creating the Portfolio

As previously stated, I am a Machine Learning Engineer and do not have much prior knowledge of web development — although, I have worked at a digital marketing agency that specialized in web development so I’ve had some exposure field and do know some small details about it.

Therefore, instead of stressing myself out to learn how to create a website, I am merely going to use a portfolio boilerplate, refactor it to suit my needs, and make it my own; Once I’m satisfied with how it looks, I’ll host it on Github.

Step 1 — Selecting a Portfolio Template

Step 2 — Refactoring the Boilerplate

Step 3 — Hosting on Github

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How to Create A Compelling Github Portfolio

John Abraham


How to brainstorm business ideas for your online startup?

Brainstorming is the process of identifying/gathering potential ideas for business or any problem in a short period.

Entrepreneurs always brainstorm business ideas when they are about to start their online business.

But some fumble around. Hence in this post, we’re gonna provide some tricks and tips to get you going.

Tips to use while brainstorming business ideas:

  • Always start with a question
  • Do research
  • Don’t judge the idea
  • Develop an overview of the ideas before you share it with others
  • Understand your business’ potential customers
  • Connect with similar business owners
  • Conduct SWOT analysis

Wanna learn more about the points in detail? Then, check out this article on brainstorming business ideas in 2021.

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How to brainstorm business ideas for your online startup?
Joe Brian

Joe Brian


6 Best App-Based Transportation Business Ideas in 2021

Want to know the business opportunities in the app-based transportation sector?

Here’re some of the potential transportation business ideas that you can try in 2021.

  1. App-based taxi business
  2. Logistic services
  3. Tow truck services
  4. Courier delivery
  5. Food and grocery delivery
  6. App-based limousine business, etc.

Watch the entire video to learn more about starting an app-based transportation business in 2021.

And how our product Wooberly can help you create your transportation app much faster.

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6 Best App-Based Transportation Business Ideas in 2021
Joe Brian

Joe Brian


App-based Transportation Business Ideas 2021

Want to know the business opportunities in the app-based transportation sector?

Here’re some of the potential transportation business ideas that you can try in 2021.

  1. App-based taxi business
  2. Logistic services
  3. Tow truck services
  4. Courier delivery
  5. Food and grocery delivery
  6. App-based limo business, etc.

Read more on the blog linked below to learn more about starting an app-based transportation business in 2021.

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 App-based Transportation Business Ideas 2021

Max Weber


12 Ideas to improve as a Software Engineer

As a software engineer, I collected 12 ideas on how everyone can improve as a developer. In this video, I want to share these twelve ideas with you and advise on how to improve in general.

#improvement #softwareengineer #tutorial

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Thank you for supporting Flutter Explained
02:10 Idea #1 - Learn to scan StackOverflow
03:45 Idea #2 - Learn from Errors and Mistakes
05:40 Idea #3 - Ask as many questions as possible
07:15 Idea #4 - There is no shortcut
08:55 Idea #5 - Learn to write with 10 fingers
10:15 Idea #6 - Understand and know your tools
11:55 Idea #7 - Join a Community
13:25 Idea #8 - Find a mentor
14:40 Idea #9 - Teach others
16:15 Idea #10 - Learn from multiple companies and teams
17:55 Idea #11 - Do not focus on programming
20:10 Idea #12 - In a healthy body life’s a healthy mind

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12 Ideas to improve as a Software Engineer

Tim Rhodes


Quick and Easy Ways To Make your Office Walls Look Beautiful

Are you fed up with looking at the same old computer desk and wondering how to make the office look better? If so then you will really want to take a good look at one of the computer desks that are now available, not only will you find a great looking product but you will also find it to be very practical. Now when we think about computer desks, the first thing that comes into our minds is whether they will fit in the corner of the room or not, I am sure that many of us have done that! The fact of the matter is that there are now lots of great looking desks that can be placed in different corner areas and this means that not only can you change your desk to suit the decor of any room but you can also sit at it without having to worry about other furniture.

Another factor to consider when you are looking for a computer desk is how much space you have available. If you only have a small area available and need something compact then you may well need to go for a smaller computer desk. Now there are plenty of computer desks available that are actually smaller than the usual ones we have at home and some of them can even come with fold out chairs! These types of computer desks are ideal if you don’t actually have a large amount of space to place in but would still like to be able to get your computer on the table. If you already have a small room but would like to make it more spacious, you could opt for a corner computer desk, which would allow you to make the most out of the available space.

Whatever type of computer desk that you choose, one of the things that you will want to bear in mind is that it should be ergonomic. This means that it will be easy for you to sit at and that your arms and shoulders are comfortable. If you do not consider ergonomics and if you purchase a poorly designed computer desk then you may find that you end up spending all your time standing up because your spine cannot adjust to the way it needs to be to sit comfortably at the desk.

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Quick and Easy Ways To Make your Office Walls Look Beautiful
Ved Raj

Ved Raj


Top eCommerce Business Ideas for 2021 | eCommerce Startups Ideas

Thinking about launching an #ecommerce business, but don’t know where to start? Well, an eCommerce business idea would be helpful.

No Doubt, E-Commerce is a multibillion-dollar industry and it’s only rising more and more!

But before starting investing, it is critical to understand what line of ideas can follow to establish a successful business.

To help save you time and energy, we have compiled the top 8 eCommerce business opportunities holding huge growth potential.

Dive in!


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#developer #web-development #mobile-apps #ecommerce #business #ideas

Top eCommerce Business Ideas for 2021 | eCommerce Startups Ideas

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Top most Cryptocurrency Business Ideas 2021

With the great hope that the end of this Pandemic is nearer and the new year 2021 will be a year out of this crisis and will be the year loaded with positivity to start your own cryptocurrency business & make you a millionaire, we are here to discuss some of the topmost trending cryptocurrency business ideas for 2021. You can choose the one from the list that suits you the best and start enjoying the huge revenue with less capital investment.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The Cryptocurrency Exchange business will never fade away from the crypto industry until the cryptocurrency exists. Since Cryptocurrency exchanges are mediums through which this digital currency transaction occurs. Already there are 18,998+ markets through which we can trade cryptocurrencies. Starting a cryptocurrency exchange business will always be the best choice if you are clear in your business plans and metrics. As per the technology evolution, the types of cryptocurrency exchanges increase at times, and choosing the best one from the list of crypto exchanges would give you huge revenue with less capital investment.

Some of the cryptocurrency exchange types you can choose for a profitable business are as follows:

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange

Peer to Peer Crypto Exchanges

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange is one in which the trading occurs instantly between buyer and seller directly through the involvement of Escrow-protected mechanism, which is not present in the DEX platform. Thus, this Escrow-based P2P crypto exchanges provide more safer and secured crypto trading than the DEX platform and so people in larger amounts prefer P2P Crypto Exchanges. You can start your own P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange platform with P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script instantly.

Paxful, Remitano, Wazirx, and more are some famous P2P Crypto exchanges.

DeFi based DEX Platform

DeFi based DEX platforms are now ruling the crypto globe. As we are all in the place where DeFi sounds louder and it will not be a new term to us anymore, Right? If you are unaware of DeFi,read our article What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

As discussed above DEX platforms face Liquidity Issues and there comes DeFi in DEX Space which eliminates the problem of liquidity in decentralized exchanges.

There are many DeFi based DEX platforms with liquidity pools that provide a seamless trading platform for all the users.
You can contact DeFi Development Company, who can assist you with the best DeFi based DEX platform development services.

Uniswap, Bancor, Ddex, and more are the most popular DeFi based Decentralized Exchange Platforms.

You can also launch your own cryptocurrency exchanges in which the trading is carried out by placing ads or through order books. It is your own choice to choose which suits the best crypto exchange type for your business requirements.

Smarter People Choose Smart Ways! Here is a simple way to start your own successful crypto exchange business.

It is nothing but Cryptocurrency Exchange Clones !!

Some of our top selling crypto exchange clone scripts are as follows:

Binance Clone Script
Paxful Clone Script
LocalBitcoins Clone Script
Uniswap Clone Script
Coinbase Clone Script and more
Crypto Lending and Borrowing Business
The process of lending or borrowing crypto assets through any online medium is known as cryptocurrency lending and borrowing. There are many popular crypto lending and borrowing platforms available in the market which differ from the interest rate they set for lenders and borrowers on each platforms.P2P crypto lending is the most commonly preferred technique by all cryptocurrency users. The new decentralized finance, called DeFi has uplifted crypto lending and borrowing to the next level.

DeFi lending and borrowing platform provide an easy way to lend and borrow cryptos without the involvement of third parties. Thus this financial transaction occurs within fractions of a second,
thus all the processes are automated by blockchain smart contracts.

Aave, Maker, Compound, InstaDApp, and more DeFi Lending and borrowing platforms are making benchmarks in the recent cryptocurrency globe.

It is the right time for you to develop and launch your own DeFi Lending platform with user-centric features and plugins to grab the market’s attention.

Cryptocurrency / Smart Contract MLM

Cryptocurrency MLM business occurs over years in the crypto industry, but it attracted heavy attention among the people during this COVID’19 pandemic. We all know that MLM business is the easiest way to earn more money. The crypto lovers preferred smart contract-based MLM platforms such as Forsage, Million Money, TRONex, and more to earn passive income.

Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM platforms allow users to earn ETH while TRON Smart Contract based MLM platforms allows for earning of TRX. The cryptocurrency Investment platforms have seen major revenue hype in this world’s biggest pandemic. Since smart contract-based MLM platforms provide high-end security for investors. This MLM business can come down when all this crisis has come to an end. But it will never fade out from the cryptocurrency industry. This cryptocurrency or Smart Contract MLM business is a riskless and huge revenue-generating business model. Start your own Smart Contract based MLM business now and see yourself placed on the top of the billionaire list soon.

Crypto Banking Platform

As this digital world moves in closely adopting the open-source finance DeFi, sooner the traditional finance and banking process will turn to cryptocurrency banking and decentralized finance can hold the complete Financial processes of all the nations.

Crypto banks are Banking institutes that involve financial activities such as saving, depositing, lending, borrowing, and more using cryptocurrencies. This crypto banking can eliminate the large queue process for all money-related activities.

Crypto Crowdfunding

Crypto Crowdfunding is a way by which one can collect cryptos as funds to make their dream business into reality. Through crypto crowdfunding, investors can donate their funds for the project and claim for the share or benefits in the future. ICO, STO, IEO are the different types of crypto crowdfunding available in the crypto market. This is the easiest crypto business idea you can choose to make your long term business ideas into reality. You can develop crypto tokens, distribute them among investors, and collect funds from them to start your own business. With these crypto tokens, the investors can claim for profit or share in the future.

Explore more Profitable Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Ideas 2021 Here !!

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Brain  Crist

Brain Crist


How I Prove My Ideas Before Implementing Them

Time is the most valuable asset, use it wisely. That is why you should prove your ideas before implementing them. Programming is time consuming, I love programming but I avoid writing code whenever it is possible. A perfect written software, that nobody wants, is just a waste. To identify if an idea worth implementing, I use these tactics.

Describe Idea On Paper

Write your idea down. Define what you want to do. Then Split your idea in feasible tasks. Draw mind maps, diagrams and user interfaces for your future product. Write down

  • problem you solve
  • how does your product solve it
  • which value does your solution provide
  • perfect product user
  • how you want to sell it
  • how you will be paid
  • features/benefits for user (identify essential features)

Find a product similar to yours

Look at the market. Is there a similar product that solves the similar problem? If yes, what are your product advantages over other products? Can you really create a better product at the same pricing? How long will it take, to clone a competitors product? What is a killer feature compared to competitors product?

Cold Call

Cold calling is a nightmare for a software developer. You should try it anyway. Characterize corporate customer for your product, find him in the phone book and call him. You will not close any sale, I guarantee it but you will learn a lot about your market and your product.

Create Google Ads Campaign

How would you google your product? Which keywords would you use? Write these keywords down, create default website “Under Construction, we are back soon” and start Google Ads campaign. Adjust your campaign. Try to generate traffic on your website and analyse keywords. Does somebody really need your solution? Should you really implement it.


Find out what works for you. Try to sell before you build. Get customer feedback early. Do not rush to write code.

#ideas #idea-validation #validation #product-development #project-management #programming #coding #latest-tech-stories

How I Prove My Ideas Before Implementing Them
Brain  Crist

Brain Crist


It All Begins With a Side Project

I grew up building all sorts of things. Simply because I couldn’t find a single class at school challenging enough to keep me engaged.

Every day after school (sometimes during school — don’t tell mom), I looked to build something new and exciting. Ranging from wooden swords and tree-houses at 10 years old; to websites and computer viruses (apologise to those affected) at 14; and to construction industry ERP systems at 16.

For all that I’ve created, I had no prior knowledge of how it should be done. It usually started with me confidently responding to someone “Yes, this can be done.” My curiosity and positive attitude propelled me to learn what was required on the spot, making my building experience interesting and fun.

Learning by building

I gravitated towards projects that were more challenging and meaningful, which kept me engaged and motivated to passionately keep building. With every new project, not only did I find my knowledge growing, but the projects were also growing in both scale and impact.

In the age-of-information we now live in, I find learning by building more relevant and important than ever before. Action-driven learning is more effective than abstract learning, especially now given the information overload we all experience online. This learning method focuses your attention on what is immediately required to solve the problem, while also physically showing you the impact of your actions. This drastically improves the brain’s ability to understand and absorb the new information.

Thinking about how learning can be optimized for effectiveness takes me to another important experience that really helped me learn and grow. It is a discovery that stacks up to project building and unlocks 10x personal growth; it’s something I’m still working on at this very moment…

Building with others

With my project ideas now growing in scale, I realized that I could only do so much alone. A strong need to connect with like-minded individuals started rapidly growing in me and I immediately recognized that this wasn’t a new feeling. I had felt this a couple of times in the past and it had been fulfilled by the connections I made during my military service and university studies.

I realized that the only way forward was to find my tribe; to connect with like-minded people who also love building and working together. It is what I call the “ultimate learning method”, connecting with people who have similar interests and are equally passionate about learning, collaborating and creating new fun experiences.

And that’s how my current journey started. I was 25 and at the highest steps of the corporate ladder, but felt no real sense of purpose and fulfilment. I just knew that I had to take action quickly and that’s exactly what I did.

Finding like-minded people is not an easy task. Especially when living on a small island nation with a population of 600,000 and in a pre-social media era. There’s a small chance you find interesting connections in smaller communities, such as through schools and universities. But this wasn’t really all that helpful for me given the old fashioned schooling system and also that I had already graduated at this point.

#side-project #ideas #self-improvement #programming #coding #latest-tech-stories #startup #personal-growth

It All Begins With a Side Project

Todays 5 Ideas: 29.08.2020

  1. A recycling bin that compresses my trash allowing me more space to fill.
  2. Instagram feature to blacklist posts that use certain words or hashtags.
  3. An app that would allow you to sell multiple items on multiple platforms. Create one listing for each item and the app would post the item to ALL platforms (eBay, Amazon, Facebook groups etc).
  4. Tinder for actors. Where fellow actors can meet and go over their lines together.
  5. An app where you can exchange unwanted Christmas presents.

#ideas #apps #startup #technology #mobile app

Todays 5 Ideas: 29.08.2020

Web App Ideas for Your Startup Business in 2020

We are in the early half of the 21st century and the world has seen the startup culture boom rapidly. Youngsters have one goal these days and that is to create a “startup” business.

They have seen  Google, Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Swiggy,  Coursera start from scratch and become multibillion-dollar companies. You might be amongst those minds who constantly research for new startup business ideas that can serve the customers and earn some cash, in fact, a lot of them for you.

#startup-ideas #business #startup #ideas #web-app-development

Web App Ideas for Your Startup Business in 2020
Mariya James

Mariya James


Top 7 Blockchain App Ideas 2020 | Blockchain Business & Start-up Ideas

Do you aree on this: Blockchain is the fututre for all technologies. Know about the trending blockchain app ideas that can add security and advancements in your business.

#blockchain #ideas #business #technology #startup #bitcoin

Top 7 Blockchain App Ideas 2020 | Blockchain Business & Start-up Ideas
Maud  Rosenbaum

Maud Rosenbaum


The State of Digital Tech and Innovation Opportunities

Our digitized world accelerates innovation in many ways. The unprecedented pace of innovation we experience is powered by a massive digital ecosystem of resources, tools, infrastructure, and advanced capabilities that a few years ago would have been classified as ‘science fiction’. Our _social structures _and work models are impacted by recent innovations leading to new forms of communication and collaboration. Movements such as the _open-source _and _open collaboration _both _drive _innovation and _benefit _from it. The following summarizes the state of digital technologies, the _things to come, _and opportunities for innovation.

We Generate an Astronomical, Rapidly Growing Amount of Data

The world’s network of humans and machines generates astronomical volumes of data. It is estimated that our digital universe will size about 175 zettabytes by 2025[i]. And this volume is growing exponentially. Of course, a significant percentage of this is just noise or even fakelow-quality, and _unreliable _data. But subsets of this data describe most types of human activity at a global scale, and at the same time, at an amazing level of detail.

Along with the events coming from connected devices and the measurements from billions of sensors — this massive, growing data set forms a new type of global memory: a vast amount of time-series of events and signals, machine states, news, opinions, research findings, discoveries, social interactions, decisions, environmental measurements and more.

The historians of the future will be able to look back and reproduce the planet’s activity with a granularity of seconds.

The machines of the future will be able to consume and make sense of our reality in ways we cannot even imagine. Of course, there are substantial ethical questions and concerns regarding ownership and usage of this data: _how might we use, protect and leverage humanities’ accumulated data in an ethical way and for the greater good? _This question could be an excellent theme for innovation on its own as we should not rely on the political will and corporate social responsibility; regulation is only a part of the solution. Technology itself can provide excellent ways of data ownership and ethical use.

Our Data Processing Capability is Impressive but still, Rather Limited

Current data processing technologies are capable of making sense of the vast amounts of content we produce. Sophisticated algorithms can identify _non-obvious patterns _in the data and generate insights that make applications and devices smart.

Statistical and machine learning algorithms allow optimal, _real-time decision-making _in complex situations — for example, powering autonomous cars to react in optimal ways, enabling systems to identify cyberattacks or controlling the traffic load of a smart city.

Artificial Intelligence empowers computers to seeto listento smell[ii], and soon _to infer _— to deduce new information from existing knowledge. Machines can already recognize human emotions, and they can communicate verbally at an impressive level.

But still, there is massive untapped value in the immense volumes of data and content we produce. The amount, the breadth, and _depth _of the world’s accumulated data create the need for new ways to summarizevisualize, and _present _information and insights.

To deal with the potential of information overload, companies will soon feel the need to move from regular reports and _dashboards, _to automatically synthesized _data stories _and smart insights. Corporate executives will soon interact with Business Intelligence agents providing instant answers to business questions instead of multi-page reports and worksheets.

The world needs novel methods to experience and make sense of the massive data we generate.

Intelligent content synopsis, personalized insights, ‘data navigation’ systems, VR and AR experiences to visualize complex ‘data worlds’, voice-driven insights are just some examples of potential innovations in the data space.

#innovation #technology #artificial-intelligence #ideas #digital

The State of Digital Tech and Innovation Opportunities