Readable code understand Cognitive Complexity

Hello programmers, Cognitive Complexity is a measure of how difficult a unit of code is to intuitively understand. Unlike Cyclomatic Complexity, which determines how difficult your code will be to test, Cognitive Complexity tells you how difficult your code will be to read and understand.

Deeply nested If-Else statements are the problem, not If-Else per se

If you are a sophisticated programmer, then you never use If-Else statements, else you’re a hack. At least that’s what I’ve been reading. Maybe those articles do have a point and maybe I would not have read them if their wording was not so extreme.

Avoid cascading if-else in Kotlin

Kotlin coding conventions denotes that we should prefer if for binary and when for three or more options.

C++ If-else Statements Example

If-else Statements in C++ Example Tutorial. When we need to execute a particular block of code only when a condition is met we use if-else statements.

Switch case in C++ Program | C++ Switch Example

C++ switch is an inbuilt statement that uses a case which is prolonged if-else conditions like we have many conditions, and perform different actions based on the condition.

Python If-Else Condition - The Code Learners

In this tutorial, You'll learn about Python Conditional Statements such as IF, IF-ELSE, IF-ELIF, Nested IF, and Switch Statements.

Learn If Else in Python

On this Tutorial you're going to learn out about if else conditional statement in Python through detailed explanation and working examples