40+ Awesome Illustrations Resources For Your Web Projects

Here is a list of 40+ website that will provide you with free illustrations. In web design images are...

10 Free Illustration Resources for Developers and Designers

These are the top 10 illustration websites every developer and designer should bookmark.🖥️Websites:1- https://lottiefiles.com/animation/illustration2- https...

Create An SVG Animation — Illustration with CSS using Figma.

I am going to create an illustration in SVG using HTML and CSS.

3D Illustrations Pack Free - UI Freebies

Collection of high-quality 3D illustrations, hand-crafted and full of personalities. FREE to use for your exploration or personal project.

Why Top Machine Learning Conferences Should Promote Art & Creativity

NeurIPS, now in its 34th year, has been encouraging machine learning in creativity and design for the past four years

8 Illustration Trends to Keep Your Eye On in 2020

We love creating artworks. We've been doing it since the early ages be it the cave paintings in Altamira or Ajanta, we have an innate desire to express and depict the world as we see it. Illustrations, on the other hand, are more than just expressions, they serve as a way to communicate to a much larger audience using a familiar visual language. In a digital age, illustrations are a powerful tool to visually express a piece of text, to empathize with the user, to simplify complex processes and even to bring delight.

A simple solution to revert a git commit that has been pushed to master branch

Today I will tell you a different git story.Committing mistakes are far better than committing suicide. Is not it? There’s a girl named Silvia, she was brilliant but sometimes she made silly mistakes while committing her files. She always used to face challenges while committing. One day she made a huge mistake on a production ready branch. She committed her recent changes into a master branch instead of dev branch, the branch where all the developments occurs.

A Real time Example of JavaScript closure

We all know in JavaScript it's a very common question asked several times , what is closure? can you give a real time example of that?