The image topic is for questions related to the loading, formatting, saving, compression, and display of images in the context of source code.

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OpenCV-Python: Reading and Writing Images and Videos

Step-by-step guide to capture live stream with camera.In addition, this tutorial will cover saving a frame as an image as well as saving it as a video in your machine. We are going to use the built-in VideoCapture and VideoWriter classes that comes with OpenCV.

All about images -Types of Images:

Everything we see around its nothing but an Image. we capture them using our mobile camera. Image is nothing but a signal which conveys.

Creating memes in excel, using python

A cool python script to draw memes (or any other image) in excel!Yep, you saw it right! It's an actual meme drawn on excel. Each of the cells in the excel sheet are color-formatted as per the original image, ...

Build an Event Keeper App with Ionic and AWS to Save Our Images

We’ll build an event keeper app using Ionic and AWS service called S3 to save our images. All images uploaded to our platform will be stored in the AWS S3 bucket and the URL of our image will be returned.

How To Remotely Access GUI Applications Using Docker and Caddy on Debian 9

Even with the growing popularity of cloud services, the need for running native applications still exists. In this tutorial, you'll containerize Mozilla Thunderbird, an email client, using Docker. Afterwards, you'll secure it and provide remote access

Find and Draw Contours using Python OpenCV | Image Segmentation OpenCV

This video explains how to find and draw image contours using Python's Opencv. It will also explain the concept of image segmentation in opencv, a technique

Creating a custom Docker image to run your CI builds

CircleCI recently released a new fleet of Docker images, which we call convenience images. These images were built with fewer layers making them more efficient.

Spring Boot 2.3.0.M1 | Create & Run Docker Image | JavaTechie

This tutorial will help you to understand latest feature of spring boot 2.3.0 to dockerize your spring boot application in that version a new feature was add that enables you to create Docker Images from your application using Cloud Native Buildpacks.

In Depth gatsby-image Tutorial

In this video from my Gatsby Basics course I walk through how to use the Gatsby Image component in a number of different ways.

Docker Playing with Dokcer Containers #05

Welcome to my channel Code Labs Javascript. Learn Geek stuff [Angular, React, Redux, Nodejs, Web development, Docker, AWS, Vue JS, All about Javascript]...

Parts-based learning by Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation

Why we can’t relate to eigenfaces. Traditional methods like Principal Component Analysis (PCA) would decompose a dataset into some form of latent representation e.g. eigenvectors.

Introduction to OpenCV

OpenCV is a python library, that is very useful in Visualization and Analyzing purposes.

Gatsby-image w/ Support for PWA and Dark Mode

Add dark mode to a gallery site with Chakra UI and convert the site to a progressive web app (PWA). Building responsive web apps involves the cumbersome task of adding media queries in CSS.

Serving Remote Optimized Images w/ gatsby-image

Build an optimized webpage with the gatsby-transformer-cloudinary plugin and gatsby-image, transforming responsive remote images in a GatsbyJS project

Building a Content-based Image Search Engine (Part 1)

Finding the right image similarity algorithm

Docker creating an image | Build and run your image | Docker Fundamentals

Docker create an image from a container | Creating your own image | How to create Docker Image from a Container and Dockerfile

Color Quantization for Image Reduction using K-Means Clustering Algorithm

Each cluster is uniquely identified by the centroid of the cluster. This algorithm groups similar colour values into K clusters and each pixel value ( ...

Image Processing Fundamentals

Wonders of Image processing have no limits things have gone so far from Agriculture to Cosmos with application of Machine learning. Checkout this amazing video from Katie Bouman

Using PIL’s Image for image transformation

I was recently working on a project that involved manipulating images so we could run an unsupervised machine learning algorithm on it. Being a Python fanboy, rather than going the Photoshop route.

How to Resize (Scale) an Image using Java

In this Java tutorial, we're going to learn how to resize (scale) an image using Java. We'll explore both core Java and open-source third-party libraries that offer the image resize feature.