Create a Landing page with Less than 100 lines

Recently I bought a [personal domain]( and decided to build a quick landing page to not leave it empty while I work on my portfolio. I thought some of you might find it useful, so I decided to make a tutorial on it. ##...

Just one Index in Django makes your App 15x faster!

How much faster is your app with indexes?

Python: Check Index of an Item in a List

Python: Check Index of an Item in a List. In this article we'll take a look at one of the most common operations with lists - finding the index of an element.

Data Structures and Indexing for Operations on Deeply Nested Comments

Here, I demonstrate a schema, an entity, a DTO, and a continuous fraction index, for JPQL-only CRUD operations on deeply nested comments in relational databases.

MongoDB Indexes: Deep Dive, Understanding Indexes.

Getting a performance boost with the best usage of indexes, by understanding what’s the data structure, how it works’s/stored, how is it loaded into memory. How Query optimization make’s decision to select indexes.

How Indexes Work in Nebula Graph - DZone Database

In this article, take a look at how indexes work in Nebula Graph and see core concepts to understand them.

Arrays in JSON: Modeling, Querying and Indexing Performance

JSON array gives you flexibility in the type, number, size, and depth of the elements. This adds to the flexibility of operational JSON databases.

MongoDB Index Builds - Preventing Users From Triggering New Builds

How to prevent your users from accidentally triggering MongoDB index builds from the MongoDB CLI to stop them from bringing your cluster down.