Big Data in Energy: Possibilities and Limitations

Big Data in Energy: Possibilities and Limitations. As big data continues to disrupt almost every imaginable industry, the energy sector has finally started to catch up. With the recent…

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most interesting business innovations. Many companies are turning to artificial intelligence…

Identity Theft Frauds - How to Stay a Step Ahead in 2021

Media industry, just like any other industry can leverage identity management to enhance business growth, increase subscribers, and improve overall security.

Data Security in the Hospitality Industry: Post-COVID Era

Learn why data security in hospitality is so important in the post-COVID world. Also, explore the vulnerabilities witnessed in the sector.

Fitness industry trends by Nick Webdev

Hybrid classes intensive training active aging programs advanced technologies and DNA Testing You can feel these trends in the walls of own gym but wh... - by Nick Webdev | in Tech News

IoT authentication in the airline industry | LoginRadius

Learn how IoT authentication in the airline industry is set to change travel. Find about smart airport technologies, security, and how facial recognition fits into the picture.

How Industry Uses Azure Kubernetes Services: 5 Companies Use Cases

How DevOps industry uses kubernetes? I have collected and summarized promising cases which are available here as well in greater detail.

Digital Transformation in Retail and Ecommerce | LoginRadius

LoginRadius Customer Identity Platform offers centralized support for retail commerce and mitigates the underlying security challenges.

Upcoming Changes in Education Industry During COVID-19

The perspective of learning and the entire education system has been changed due to the COVID-19. By now, most of them have entered into their “new normal life”.The impact on the educational system due to COVID-19 is not something that can be ignored.

70+ Image Classification Datasets from different industry domains

A list of single and multi-class Image Classification datasets (With colab notebooks for training and inference) to explore and experiment with different algorithms on!

Top 7 Food Industries Technology Advance in 2020-21

BR Softech is leading food ordering & delivery app development company In India, USA. Hire Expert Developers to create or buy on demand Zomato, Swiggy clone script at low price.

Here is my List of the best Robotic Companies in 2020

AI and ML in Robotic Companies. Robotics is growing every year as artificial intelligence and machine learning power this industry forward.

Myricom, An HPC Story and Lessons Learned from the Fall of an Industry

For nearly a decade and a half, Myricom, a hot tech startup at the turn of the Millenium, measured success not by profitability, but by the percentage of the Top500 running its flagship Myrinet interconnect. Sure, we had to be profitable, but the CEO/founder was laser-focused on the penetration of his network into the fabric of supercomputing.

Outputs vs. the Machine

We must change the conversation about the tech giants’ problems if we want solutions. When a Facebook video of doctors sharing bad coronavirus information reached 20 million people last week, you could almost predict the reaction.

Apply VECM to see how changes in Commodity Price drive Industrial Production

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused unprecedentedly negative impacts across all industries, with manufacturing among the most suffered. At the second quarter of 2020, the US Industrial Production Index falls by 14.4% year-on-year.

The most significant change since the Industrial Revolution

An overview of how Artificial Intelligence is being used in Industry today. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Industry 4.0 has been baking for quite a while.

4 Key Conversations to Kickstart Successful AI Projects

4 Key Conversations to Kickstart Successful AI Projects. Data Scientists Are Responsible To Set Reasonable Expectations Of Machine Learning And AI Projects

About the *most important* tag above Graph Theory?!

We do often see the most important tag next to Algorithms with Graphs on almost every video or articles for cracking coding interviews.

Importance of Digital marketing services for online educational institutions

Digital media is the new kid in town within educational institutions. Why wait? Choose the best digital marketing company for online educational institutions to win the digital race.

Guide To AI Jobs at Amazon

Learn about the different AI roles at Amazon to jumpstart your career in the hot field of AI. With the advent of AI, the number of AI related jobs has increased drastically.