Performance Testing NGINX Ingress Controllers in a Dynamic Kubernetes Cloud Environment

We compare the performance of the community, NGINX Open Source, and NGINX Plus Ingress Controllers in a dynamic Kubernetes cloud environment. As the number of Pod replicas scales up and down, only the NGINX Plus Ingress Controller doesn't incur high latencies.

Deploying Application Services in Kubernetes

We provide guidance on where to deploy application services in a Kubernetes environment, using WAF as an example. Depending on your needs, it can make sense to deploy your WAF at the "front door" of the environment, on the Ingress Controller, per-service, or per-Pod.

Add a Node to Runtime Fabric (Linux 7.8 localhost)

In this article, see how to add a node to Runtime Fabric. Add Node in the specific controller in MuleSoft Runtime Fabric. Here are subsequent steps to add worker (MuleSoft runtime) once the controller is ready to operate...

Seeing 5XXs When Configuring a Kubernetes API Gateway for the First Time

Here are some work we've been doing to create the K8s Initializer tool, which automatically generates Kubernetes Ingress configuration that follows best practices and integrates correctly cloud networking and security config.