AlphaFold Puts DeepMind On The Map Again With A Breakthrough That Was 50 Years

Celebrating the breakthrough, Nobel Laureate Venki Ramakrishnan said that DeepMind's work represents a stunning advance on protein folding...

Top AI-based Initiatives Of 2020 By NITI Aayog Policy Think Tank

NITI Aayog has taken several AI-related initiatives with an aim to ensure that the growth in this field is responsible and inclusive

Top 15 AI Acquisitions Of 2020

This year was no exception to the trend of bigger companies' acquisitions of promising smaller startups to add to their AI prowess.

China’s Latest Launches, AWS Hit With Outage & More In This Week’s Top News

Download our Mobile App This week, the internet was taken for a ride as Amazon’s Web Services were hit due to a glitch. AWS is one of the largest cloud service providers in the world. Its customers include Netflix and many more. There were even complaints of vacuum cleaners and showers not working due to…

AI Firm Is Helping Radiologists Detect 20-different Pathologies Accurately

DeepTek has created an AI-based platform that assists radiologists to make accurate diagnoses through X-rays for 20 different pathologies.

Inside Genpact’s Analytics And AI Unit: In Conversation With Sanjay Srivastava

To get an insight into Genpact’s analytics and AI initiatives, we got in touch with Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Digital Officer, Genpact, who spoke in lengths about it.

Hits & Misses Of GPT-3: The Most Talked About Innovation Of 2020

Since the time of GPT-3 release in June this year, along with appreciation, this model has also received a few brickbats along the way.

This New AI Model Can Convert Silent Words Into Audible Speech

UC Berkeley introduced a new AI model that can convert silently mouthed words to audible speech known as digitally voicing silent speech.

Biggest AI Goof-Ups That Made Headlines In 2020

Here are curated eight biggest AI goof-ups and blunders of 2020 that made the front page, in no particular order.

Top Milestones On Explainable AI In 2020

Explainable artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging method for boosting reliability, accountability, and dependence in critical areas.

When Should Newsrooms Use Artificial Intelligence?

A clear distinction of what in a newsroom should be automated and what should be carried out by humans is a must.

Hum to Search: The ML Behind Google’s New Feature

Last month Google rolled out this feature on their search engine where people can hum and find the relevant song. So, how does Google do it?

Lack Of Transparency & Replicability Is Harming Research In AI

Researchers from around the world have voiced their concerns about lack of transparency & replicability of AI code and research.

Hyperloop’s First Ride, Apple Chips In M1 & More: This Week’s Top News

Virgin Hyperloop announced that they have successfully tested their hyperloop pods on a 500-meter test track in the desert of Las Vegas.

How Can India Trump China In Higher Education Reforms For AI

comparative analysis between the two in terms of higher education reforms for the development of artificial intelligence and its research

Use Of Algorithmic Decision Making & AI in Public Organisations

A number of public organisations in several countries across sectors are now using data, AI and algorithms for decision-making processes.

Paradox Of AI Helping Brick And Mortar Retail 

The boom of e-commerce caused brick and mortar stores to struggle for survival, leading many to shut down shops completely.

How This Health-Tech Startup Is Digitising Patient Management With AI

In order to improve patient and doctors engagements over digital platforms, Navia Life Care digitising healthcare by using of AI/ML to help us scale.

Google’s URL2Video Converts Web Pages Into Short Videos In Seconds

Google researchers introduced a new AI system that converts a web page into a short video, known as URL2Video.

AI That Mistook Referee For A Ball & The Self Driving Car That Hit The Wall

The live stream of the event captures Acronis’ vehicle driving straight into a wall surprising its engineers.