Top 5 Best Practices of Golang Implementations

Complete Guide to Best Practices of Golang to simplify the process of software development, for complex Architecture and Processes.

What is Big Data? What is Big Data used for and Why it is Important?

“Big data is high-volume, high-velocity and/or high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing that enable enhanced insight, decision making, and process automation.”

3 Simple Steps to Communicating Data Insights

Sign up and get an extra one for free. 3 Simple Steps to Communicating Data Insights. An easy framework for making data actionable. Choose a Benchmark. Let's start with choosing a benchmark. Contextual Performance. Once we have selected our benchmark, we can then contextualize our performance.

Ai in Enterprise: Redefining Data-Driven Enterprises

Ai in Enterprise: Redefining Data-Driven Enterprises. The rise of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Enterprise did many things: the facility to interpret, to predict to rework.

Everything You Need to Know about Naïve Bayes

Everything You Need to Know about Naïve Bayes. Clearly Explained in 30 Minutes

Traditional vs Cloud Native Applications

In this page, we will show you the real difference between Traditional vs Cloud Native Applications to scale up your business. So, let’s get started with a quick introduction to both of the terms.

How to Set up Jenkins on Kubernetes [Issue Resolved]

The IT industry is now quickly moving towards using containers in software development. The reason behind is that the containers are a very cost-effective solution, and also they decrease the time needed for the development.

Amazing! Now You Can Adopt Pragmatic DevOps in a Few Simple Steps

Pragmatic DevOps encourages collaboration, development, operations, testing IT teams. Here are pragmatic tips, tools to adopt it. DevOps is a buzz today in the IT industry. It is about delivering value to the customer faster and safer. Many companies, including startups, are adopting DevOps so that they can grow faster, this sounds good. Still, DevOps requires fierce commitment and intent, so it is not easy to adopt DevOps.

What is Adaptive Security? Adaptive Security Architecture

Adaptive Security is a real-time security model or approach that continuously investigates behaviors and events to protect against the threat and adapt to the threats accordingly before they happen.

Complete Guide to Application Security - Vulnerabilities Checklist

Application security describes the security measures at the application level that secures the data or the code from being stolen. Most of this happens at the time of application development and design after the application is deployed.

What is Learning Analytics Platform and Best Tools

Learning Analytics Platform and models helps to predict learners’ performance, personalized eLearning experience. Explore best Learning Tools. Data is new the fuel.” This sentence influences every field. Not even the area of learning and teaching is untouched. Nowadays every field is coming on the digital platform which means the rise of the generation of data is here. But it is also true that data never lie, the practice of analyzing data comes into existence to predict and prescribe the future. The integration of this technique with the field of Education and learning give rise to “Learning Analytics” defined as –

Cognitive Analytics Services and Solutions

Understanding how Cognitive Analytics applies intelligent technologies in changing society and Improving Productivity and Efficiency. Cognitive Analytics simulate the human thought process to learn from the data and extract the hidden patterns from data.

ITIL 4 and DevOps: Difference to Integration

ITIL 4 and DevOps are the two most popular stages of software development and nowing their difference and integration is crucial. Guide | 2020

Predictive Analytics Services and Solutions

While working on Advanced Analytics Use Cases ,Predictive Analytics provide prediction of Events to be Happened and Pattern Prediction. It is not only based on statistical terms but also a combination of Data mining that provides Knowledge Discovery and Data-Driven features related to the prediction.

Managed Analytics Services and Solutions Company

Managed Analytics Services Company offering solutions for Building Artificial Intelligence Driven Analytics, Data Discovery and MetaData Platform.

GitHub Action Hero: Eddie Jaoude

GitHub Actions gives you the power to automate your workflow. Connect with the tools you know and love. Have more freedom to innovate and be creative. Deploy to any cloud, build containers, automate messages, and lots more. It’s time to take control.

Modern Data Warehouse Architecture and Solutions

Guide to Modern Data Warehouse Architecture and Working, Benefits and Best Practices for Adopting and Implementation on AWS and Azure

Supply Chain Security Best Practices and Management

Solutions for Enabling Supply Chain Security (SCS) Best Practices and Secure Supply Chain Security Management Systems (SCSM).

Real Time Data Streaming Tools and Platform - XenonStack

Real-time data streaming and analytics is the process that is used for analyzing the huge amount of data at the moment it is used or produced. In this, we extract valuable information for the organization as soon as it’s created or stored.

What is Software Defined Data Center

Understanding What is Software-Defined Data Center, Components, Best Practices for Enabling Software-Defined Data Center. Guide to SDDC Architecture.