Insurance for pensioners and senior citizens when traveling abroad

**What are the features of life insurance for retirees, is it possible to save money on health insurance, how to choose an insurance program and what to look for.** What are the features of life insurance for retirees, is it possible to save...

DeFi Insurance Platform Development Services

**DeFi insurance platform development safeguards you against unexpected contingencies** [Defi insurance platform development]( "Defi insurance platform development") ensures...

Payment Protection Insurance

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Modeling Crop Insurance Claims

This article provides an overview of the crop insurance program in the US provided by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation via a network of private firms. We show that the Weibull distribution provides a reasonable option to model the loss payments between 0% and 100% of the liability levels, a finding consistent with prior research on insurance claims modeling.

12 Years of Blockchain: Where Are The Applications?

There were a lot of talking about where and how blockchain is suitable. Attempting to stick the blockchain everywhere and to everything is a parody.

Machine Learning and Insurance Claim Forecasts

Machine Learning and Insurance Claim Forecasts. This article provides an introduction to the forecasting methodology for insurance claims payouts and then discuss potential use of machine learning techniques to enhance the forecasting process.

How Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Uses Artificial Intelligence

AI-based Video KYC solution enabled remote customer onboarding, along with verification and fraud detection for Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC.

Key Essentials To Find The Right Life Insurance Agent

Get the personal health insurance plan in Bracebridge that works for you and your family. Call a reputed life insurance agent in Ontario Stewart Ranft today.

Stochastic Weather Generator using Generative Adversarial Networks

In this article, let us explore how we can use GANs to model discrete-time stochastic processes, and on-demand create plausible samples to construct synthetic time series of weather data. Brief Review of GAN’s:

Machine Learning Model For Predicting Insurance Claim Charge.

In this blog, I’m going to create a few ML models using Scikit-learn library and we’ll compare the accuracy for each of them.

AI and General Insurance

AI and General Insurance. Overview of Artificial Intelligence in P&C Insurance

Want a Free Amazon Halo Wearable?

Life insurer John Hancock says it will use Halo data to track plan holders. Yesterday, Amazon unveiled a new health and fitness tracking wristband called Halo, along with a subscription service and app, to rival existing wearables like the Apple Watch and Fitbit.

Climate Change and the Most Widely Grown Staple Crop in the World

Climate Change and the Most Widely Grown Staple Crop in the World: An actuarial approach to forecasting farm production and investigating agricultural insurance loss ratios over time.

Predictive Analytics with Python: Case Study of the Insurance Industry

Python as a programming language has numerous uses such as web development, AI, operating systems, web and mobile applications, game development, etc

Basics of Insurance Pricing

with a quick intro to GLM models. In this article the basics of insurance pricing will be explained: Why pricing is so important, what happens if the pricing strategy is out of line.

How Insurance Algorithm Was Analyzed

State regulators and consumer advocacy groups have scrutinized Allstate Corporation’s use of big data and personalized pricing in the way it calculates how much the company charges.

Covid-19 will Increase AI Adoption in Insurance

Insurers will turn to artificial intelligence to cut costs, reduce risks and generate customer insights. Mike Tyson famously said that “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

Why buying a new car may not be the best idea?

An example of how web scraping and data visualization can help you make smarter decisions. Cars: A means of commuting, travelling, shopping and according to the Department.

How ICICI Lombard Leverages AI and Analytics For Automated Processing Of Insurance Claims

In the last decade, insurance providers have had to move away from their traditional core systems towards more flexible, cloud-based applications that have auto-scaling capabilities. This has been done to help consumers have a seamless insurance purchase and a faster and better consumer experience. In this context, the insurance industry is leveraging several technologies, including…

Machine Learning at Insurance Companies

Insights into the slow adoption of machine learning in Insurance. These insurtech companies use technology to develop a more analytics-based approach to improve existing processes, therefore gaining competitive advantages, compared to the traditional insurance business model. Insurers are warned to keep up or perish …