Common Shortcuts in IntelliJ IDEA

This article looks at the keyboard shortcuts that we need to edit, build, and run Java applications in JetBrains' Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA. Keyboard shortcuts save us time because we can keep our hands on the keyboard and get things done faster.

What Developers Say About IntelliJ IDEA

Developers love to work with IntelliJ IDEA. Let's find out why from Nikhil Nanivadekar.

Creating a Simple Jakarta Persistence/JPA Application in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate (2021)

In this video, we'll create a simple Jakarta Persistence application in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate. Jakarta Persistence is the new name for the Java Persistence APIs, also known as JPA. These APIs allow you to store, access, and manage Java objects in a relational database.

Create and Setup Spring Boot Project Directly in IntelliJ using Plugin

In this video, we will learn how to create and set up the Spring Boot project directly in Intellij community free edition using the plugin. We will also create a simple REST API to test our Spring boot set up in IntelliJ IDEA.

How to Create Spring Boot Project in IntelliJ | Community FREE Edition

In this video, we will learn how to create a Spring boot project in IntelliJ Community FREE Edition. First, we will create and generate a Spring boot project using spring initialize then we will import in IntelliJ IDEA. We will also create a simple REST API to test the Spring boot project set up in IntelliJ IDEA.

What Developers Say About IntelliJ IDEA. Iván López (2021)

What Developers Say About IntelliJ IDEA? Developers love to work with IntelliJ IDEA. Let's find out why from Iván López.

Creating a New Project in IntelliJ IDEA (2020)

In this screencast, we're going to take a look at a new project wizard. You can use this wizard to create new IntelliJ IDEA projects from scratch.

生産性を爆上げするショートカット集 【MacからIntelliJ IDEAまで】【完全保存版】

生産性を爆上げするショートカット集 【MacからIntelliJ IDEAまで】【完全保存版】

The Top 12 IntelliJ Plugins for 2021

The Top 12 IntelliJ Plugins for 2021: IDE Features Trainer; Material Theme UI; Codota; Comments Highlighter; Return Highlighter; GitHub Actions; Key Promoter X; String Manipulation; Atom Material Icons; .ignore; Code With Me; Yet Another Emoji Support

Why IntelliJ IDEA is the Best for Java Development

Take a look at why the IntelliJ IDEA is good for Java development. While IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE for Java, it also understands and provides intelligent coding assistance for a large variety of other languages such as SQL, JPQL, ... In 2002, I moved more into web development and found that IDEA had great HTML, JavaScript, and CSS support, and haven’t looked back since.

Jetbrains IDE IntelliJ and WebStorm Running On Apple Silicon MAC ?

let's find out if Jetbrains IDE like IntelliJ, PyCharm and WebStorm are running under rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon MAC.

Tips to increase coding speed in any IDE

In this article, we will show you a few tips and tricks that I use to increase my productivity when working with an IDE. Every software developer has his/her own favorite IDE. IDEs provide us all the tooling needed to write clean, readable code faster and with fewer errors.

How to Make IntelliJ IDEA Look Amazing | Styling Jetbrains IDEs

Learn how to apply plugins and my custom color scheme to IntelliJ IDEA to make it look really good. This can be applied to any or most of the Jetbrains IDE's like CLion, PyCharm, etc.

How to Make IntelliJ IDEA look Amazing!

Adding Material Theme to IntelliJ Idea: In this video we will see how to add material theme to IntelliJ Idea Java IDE.

Working with SQL and Databases in IntelliJ IDEA

We’ll show the basics of writing SQL queries and working with data in IntelliJ IDEA. From basics — how to write a simple query faster to some more complicated stuff: updating data, creating run configurations, using language injections

Space Tips & Tricks - Use IntelliJ IDEA to write Space Automation scripts

That `.space.kts` file in your repository describes automation jobs... and it's Kotlin! Install the Space plugin into your JetBrains IDE, and enjoy the power that brings.

IntelliJ IDEA. Using the Terminal (2020)

In this video we're going to take a look at IntelliJ IDEA's built in terminal.

How to Configure IntelliJ IDEA to Keep You in the Flow State

Take control of your IDE. IntelliJ IDEA is built on the principle that every minute a developer spends in the flow is a good minute, and things that break developers out of that flow are bad and should be avoided.

Юрий Артамонов — Краш-курс по IntelliJ IDEA Plugin DevKit

В жизни любого специалиста наступает момент, когда во всех существующих инструментах чего-то не хватает. То вендор IDE фичу никак не реализует, то фреймворк изобрели на свою голову, а про инструменты не подумали. Хватит это терпеть, давайте пойдём и реализуем.

IntelliJ IDEA. Migrating from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5 (2020)

JUnit has been around for a long time, and many applications will have a large number of JUnit tests written using JUnit 4. JUnit 5 was released in 2017, and provides a lot of features that weren't in the previous version. Let's look at how to migrate existing JUnit 4 tests to JUnit 5.